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Gallium–Hydrogen Bond Formation on Gallium and Gallium–Palladium Silica-Supported Catalysts

Methanol Adsorption on the β-Ga 2 O 3 Surface with Oxygen Vacancies: Theoretical and Experimental Approach

Hydrogen Spillover in Ga 2 O 3 –Pd/SiO 2 Catalysts for Methanol Synthesis from CO 2 /H 2

Gold Catalysts Supported on Cerium–Gallium Mixed Oxide for the Carbon Monoxide Oxidation and Water Gas Shift Reaction

An infrared study of the intermediates of methanol synthesis from carbon dioxide over Pd/ β-Ga 2O 3

Methanol synthesis from CO 2/H 2 using Ga 2O 3–Pd/silica catalysts: Kinetic modeling

Effect of gallia doping on the acid–base and redox properties of ceria

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