types overview FM-0132 Evolo Frank Sitzmöbel GmbH - Grafenheider Straße 20 - D Bielefeld Tel +49 (0) 521 / Fax PDF

types overview FM-0132 Evolo Frank Sitzmöbel GmbH - Grafenheider Straße 20 - D Bielefeld Tel +49 (0) 521 / Fax -19 Model description Design:

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types overview FM-0132 Evolo Frank Sitzmöbel GmbH - Grafenheider Straße 20 - D Bielefeld Tel +49 (0) 521 / Fax -19 Model description Design: Georg Appeltshauser. Frame: Seat and armrest are metal construction, moulded foam back section with metal inlay. Mechanical design: The maintenance free mechanics were designed for long life und were especially developed for this new chair. Function: Two 24-volt motors allow the footrest and back to be adjusted independently of one another, and stopped in any desired position. Seat height and depth can be adjusted by using the footrest. The headrest is manually adjustable. Motors: There are two 24-volt power linear motors with overload protection and limit switches. Power: Two -volt accumulator batteries (Sealed Lead Acid Battery) with an external charging unit with 230/24 volts. Operation: The operating element is integrated on the front left side in the seat. Seat springs: Tough elastic straps. Upholstery: Seat: The seat is made up of multilayer Bultex with elastic and comfort layers. The back has additional comfort padding and a built in lumbar support. Padded armrests. Cover processing: Soft fabric and leather processing. The covers are replaceable at the factory. Edges have decorative fell seams. Seating comfort: Ergonomically designed for an optimum seat-back profile, includes additional soft padding. Feet: Solid base with chrome or aluminium cover. Maintenance-free bearings. 360 swivel. Safety: please avoid applying too much weight to the footrest or backrest while the chair is in the relax position. Otherwise it could tip over forwards or backwards. The footrest is designed for supporting the feet and is suitable for weights of up to 30 kg. Please note that the armchair is designed to bear a maximum weight of 0 kg. 11 MODEL FM-0132/11 Reclining armchair with high back and high seating height FM-0132/21 Reclining armless chair with high back and high seating height with armrest w/o armrest SIZES IN CM Width Depth Height Special height Seating depth Seating height Special Seating height Armrest height 79 94/ / / / FABRIC/LEATHER Front raw edge, rm/140 Front selvedge, rm/140 Leather sqm 4,00 4,00 6,60 3,50 3,50 5,70 Customer s own fabric* Customer s own leather* (*See page 6)* Fabric Price Group Microsede Col Cht Leather Price Group F A/O K N Requested Leather col. W*** *** Description p. 95 ORDER INFORMATION Rotating base: Standard: aluminium Special design: polished chrome special design: coated according to RAL (See page 6) All legs come with slot-in glides for carpet and parquet floors. FM-0132/31 Reclining armchair with low back and low seating height FM-0132/41 Reclining armless chair with low back and low seating height FM-0132/97 Neck cushion with strap and balancing weight with armrest w/o armrest 79 88/ / / / / (Strap 39) 3,70 3,70 6,20 3,30 3,30 5,40 0,60 0,60 0, F A/O K N W*** 13 Seam designs for armchairs AUDIOLUCE FILOU GABO JUST MATE PAVO SMILE STAND UP With fell seam: Cover Omamental seam Closing seam SLIM Decorative fell seams: Cover Closing seam Environmental balance Frame: The steel construction is untreated and fully recyclable. Padding: The polyurethane foam moulded is produced with water vapour and is CFC-free. Adhesives: Most adhesives are water-based products. For complex bonds, we now use adhesives containing reduced amounts of solvent. Mechanical design: All moving parts are screwed together and are easily replaceable. f Mechanical design: All wear parts (e.g. gas-filled springs) are easily replaceable. Leather covers: The dyes in our shagreen are free from solvent on completion of the production process. Since 1985, FSM has processed leather with reduced chrome content and free from solvents. This exceeds German environmental standards. 30
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