Title & Abstract Los Aportes Del Hip Hop A la Construcción De Paz en Colombia, Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin, PDF

Name Carrillo Peñaranda Héctor Title & Abstract Los Aportes Del Hip Hop A la Construcción De Paz en Colombia, Alice Salomon El objetivo de este estudio es investigar algunos proyectos que, desde el Hip

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Name Carrillo Peñaranda Héctor Title & Abstract Los Aportes Del Hip Hop A la Construcción De Paz en Colombia, Alice Salomon El objetivo de este estudio es investigar algunos proyectos que, desde el Hip Hop, aportan a la construcción de paz en Colombia. Además, identificar diferentes enfoques, de este campo emergente de las ciencias sociales y políticas, en los cuales estas propuestas intervienen, ofreciendo nuevas inquietudes para futuras investigaciones que relacionen los temas: artes y Construcción de Paz. Durante la investigación, la ciudad de Medellín y estos procesos identificados, se referenciaron como estudio de caso. El ámbito socio-político de la ciudad, se reseña como principal problema que limita la reducción de las dinámicas de violencia. Entrevistas, conversaciones, observaciones, participación activa en diferentes actividades y la revisión documental, permitieron el acercamiento a la información durante el proceso. Aunque normalmente se referencia al Hip Hop como una herramienta de denuncia social, se pueden encontrar elementos metodológicos y prácticos los cuales dinamizan su papel, en el proceso de construcción de paz duradera. Con la identificación de algunas categorías que emergen de los datos obtenidos, se aborda el enfoque de la construcción de capacidades desde la alternativas incluyentes de formacion, la formación de estilos de vida noviolentos y la materialización y multiplicación de capacidades. Con el restablecimiento, la construcción y la reconciliación de las relaciones se abordara el enfoque de transformación de relaciones, uno de los enfoques principales de la construcción de paz, que por medio del Hip Hop, se intervienen en Medellin. Más allá del efecto transformador inherente de las expresiones artísticas que lo componen, su configuración organizativa como movimiento, constituye un factor potencial en la transformación del conflicto y la transición hacia el pos-conflicto. Alford, Marlene Denise The Social Role of Football in Naples Italy, Alice Salomon Football fans share a sense of community that bridges geographical distances as well as cultural differences. The emotional aspect of football is recognized on the international as a positive factor in creating a sense of community. Organizations that utilize sports with the intent of addressing social issues have become increasingly popular. There is an abundance of literature and reports that demonstrate the success of these programs but little information is provided that addresses the actual realization of these programs at the community level. Every community is different, and in order to successfully implement a sustainable program locally each community must be understood in it s specific cultural context, to better understand the issues affecting the community as well as understanding the community members and their cultural norms and habits. Akaou Jonas An Alternative Approach towards Addressing the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict in Groups of Young Muslim Students in Germany- Providing Opportunities to Process the Past and Decrease Stereotypes., Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin, The aim of this thesis is to better understand young Muslim student s perspectives on the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict in Berlin, Germany. In order to find out how an appropriate and needs-based curriculum on the topic can be designed, a qualitative research process inspired by grounded theory was conducted. For this purpose, a seminar was designed in order to test the effectiveness of methods of the anti bias and peace building education approaches. Building on insights gained from the literature, these methods were directed at the objectives of reducing stereotypes within the group and providing means to process the past and present manifestations of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. The result of the study suggests that the overall feeling of powerlessness is characteristic for the student s perceptions of the conflict and their position in German society in general. Experiences of being discriminated as Muslims feed into the perception, that schools, media, politicians and society in general are withholding the true facts of the conflict. Stereotypical images of the Israeli Jewish Population vary severely, so that a context specific assessment is proposed in every case. Aligny d Aglaia Third Culture Kids: Sense of Identity, Feelings of Belonging & Perceptions of Home, Alice Salomon The focus of this study is Third Culture Kids (TCKs): individuals who spend a significant amount of time during their developmental years in a, or several, countries different to that of their parents home country. It investigated their sense of identity, feelings of belonging and perceptions of home. This study drew on a qualitative research method called phenomenology and included 19 participants. Phenomenology aims to explore and interpret lived phenomena; in this case, the experience of being a TCK. The results firstly showed how complicated it is for a TCK to respond to the question where are you from?. This is linked to the following findings. A TCKs sense of identity is strongly influenced by family, as well as by the various countries lived in. In terms of belonging, TCKs strongest feeling of belonging is towards others with a similar cross cultural and mobile background. Home for a TCK takes of various meanings: these perceptions are influenced by family as well as geographical locations. Boedler Puig Analy Un-Building Tibet: China s Minority Policies, the Crux of Cultural Genocide and the Self- Determination of People, Alice Salomon In this thesis I conduct a theoretical analysis of the claims, policies and discourses of each side of the Sino-Tibetan conflict and the international and national legal instruments currently framing the situation. I take a particular look at the minority policies of China and its assimilationist and liberationist stance towards Tibetans, driven by the overarching imperative of development. I analyze the current positions and aims of the Central Tibetan Administration as put forth in the call for genuine autonomy under the policies of the Middle Way Approach. On a legal and discursive level, I question whether arguing to view the Sino-Tibetan conflict under the flag of cultural genocide is productive and conducive to the stated aims and wishes of the Tibetan people. Concluding finally, that the Tibetan people have a right, under the universally acknowledged principle of self-determination to full independence from the illegitimate appropriation of Tibet by the People s Republic of China. Adhikari, Arun Dynamics of Transnational Marriages: A Study of Nepalese Transmigrants in Germany. Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin, This qualitative ethnography research paper investigates the dynamic issues related with cross-cultural adjustment within transnational marriages between Nepalese and German individuals living in Germany. Cultural differences were found to affect the spouses expectations, decision-making, communication, and marital satisfaction. However, both partners use various ways of adaptation. Most often, power imbalance was due to dependence of the foreign spouse on the German spouse for residence permit. Thus, the economic pursuit of non-native spouse is a strong characteristic of these marriages from the beginning. The main factors affecting marital satisfaction were concern for economic security, loosening of home country ties, feeling of isolation in the German social network and language barriers. It was found that most of the marriage migrants were actively maintaining their ties with their native communities through various ways like remittance, social remittance, and integration of native culture in the new household and so on. Degeneh, Hana M The Expulsion of Ethiopian Labour Migrants from Saudi Arabia & their Challenges, Alice Salomon Labour migration is one possible solution to the high youth unemployment in Ethiopia. The purpose of this paper is to explore the factors that contributed to the challenges faced by expelled migrants resulting in mass deportation from Saudi Arabia between November 2013 and February. The paper explores this phenomenon across a migration timeline. In depth interviews were conducted with sixteen expelled migrant workers who migrated from Ethiopia using the legal channel into Saudi Arabia, relevant government bodies and NGOs. The primary findings are twofold. First, workers were deceived by legal agents in the arrangement and processing of migration; second, the stakeholders were unable to regulate the agents, implement and reinforce the existing country s labour laws. This paper recommends that Ethiopia develop a sound migration system by learning from the mistakes done from recent labour migration practices and making the legal migration system engaging, so to discourage human trafficking and smuggling. Dolet, Manon The Roma communities within the European Union Nation- States The special case of Spain, Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin, This study explores why Spain s model for Roma integration within its borders is known as an example for the rest of Europe. Through an empirical qualitative research conducted in and focused on Seville, this thesis aims to confirm or refute the previous statement. Put into perspective with a theoretical analysis in academic, press and political discourses on the Spanish techniques of integration, the gathered data is analyzed in two branches: the obvious reality and the hidden realities of Gypsies integration. The research findings suggest that Spanish Gypsies appear to be better integrated to the mainstream society than in the rest of Europe, however, only on an institutional level. Dillon-Hagen Augusta Corporations as Agents for Social Change, New Actors for Women s Rights in International Development, Alice Salomon This thesis examines the current shift towards corporate investment in women s empowerment. In analyzing the production and communication of the theory of change, driving corporate programs for women s empowerment, this paper deconstructs the motivations, and potential consequences of an increasing role for the corporate sector in the context of development. Corporate investment in women s empowerment is at least partially driven by business interests, but motivation extends beyond explicit profit maximization to longer-term aims of reputation and market expansion. While the impact of these efforts has great potential, I argue that in its current model, does not present a sustainable solution for women s empowerment or social change. Gallia Angelo, Mario, Marco Sexual minorities in Uganda: the Kuchu movement, Alice Salomon Despite of being persecuted, Sexual minorities in Uganda have managed to gather in a movement and form a subculture. They call themselves kuchus, a word which remains unknown to most of the Ugandan population. The research aims at finding out if the label Kuchu can be an epistemological reconciliation of the apparent opposition between the idea of sexual diversity and Africanness. Using the ethnographic research method, the study combines field observations, interviews, a survey, and extensive reading. The findings are divided in 3 parts: the Kuchus, the Pride events, and an African perspective on the subject of sexual minorities. These results suggest that the word Kuchu is not different from LGBTI or sexual minorities in terms of meanings. However, it triggers a discourse whereby sexual minorities claim their Africanness, therefore a cultural translation of queerness in Uganda. The irrational perception of theissue calls for a work of demystification. Key words: LGBTI, sexual minorities, sexual diversity, Uganda,persecution,scapegoating, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Intersex, Africa, Kuchu, Gerecke Juliane Confronting human trafficking: the influence of nongovernmental organisations(ngo s) on public policies in Mexico, Alice Salomon This MA research project addresses the fight against human trafficking in Mexico, grounded in insights into the work of three non-governmental organizations active in the field. Out ofthe diverse functions that those organizations perform, particular reference is made to the activities and strategies developed and implemented to influence Mexican anti-trafficking policies. Through a grounded theory approach, using three semi-structured interviews, I aim providing an in-depth exploration of the perspectives and experiences of three executive members of the NGOs selected. The main conceptualizations of human trafficking, central aspects of the international and national legal framework on trafficking, features of ant trafficking policies as well as the specifics of the NGOs work in the Mexican context will be addressed. In conclusion, I underline the influential position of Mexican NGOs in the field, embracing diverse approaches and multiple strategies in the fight against human trafficking. Harfst, Michaela Social Media in Humanitarian Aid, Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin, The aim of this thesis is to analyze why humanitarian relief organizations use social media and which benefits or risks arise. Experiences of staff members and independent experts gathered through qualitative interviews combined with field research and literature analysis constitute its basis. Perspectives from social sciences, humanitarian work and communication science are compared in order to create a comprehensive overview on the topic. Organizations' purposes for using social media range from marketing and communication to field assessments and volunteer work. It can be concluded that the potential of social media for relief work is not fully recognized yet. There is a severe need for intra- and inter organizational exchange in order to facilitate a shared learning process on how to use new technologies best. The data supports the view that cooperation between organizations on the local, national and international level could be enhanced by the use of those technologies. Hilven Jelle The Community, Culture and Identity of drug users as guiding concepts for a qualitative harm reduction approach. An action research to ameliorate the peer support project of Breakline.Alice Salomon Breakline strives to reduce the harm of drug use among drug users in the electronic music scene. To better reach out to the community, culture and identity of their target group they apply the methodology of peer support. They recruit drug users from these settings and send these recruits out to parties to give information about safer drug use. Although this is an extremely effective method to get in touch with the target group and transmit information, there are some downsides inherent to this methodology. Some examples of the problems that occur are that t he peers lack information concerning certain topics, they sometimes behave Irresponsibly, some of them lack certain (specific) social skills and they don't always have the right attitudes and values. Consequently I performed an action research to research these obstacles and helped Breakline develop a training program for their peers to overcome or minimize these issues. Lamprecht Hannah The Impact of Business Migration to Zambia. An Internal Perspective, Alice Salomon US and European politicians, institutions and media channels increasingly express their concern regarding China s growing economic engagement in Africa, which is popularly termed modern day exploitation. By analysing how Zambian discourses on Chinese business migrants in Zambia are formed and by voicing silenced discourses, this paper deconstructs the international discourse and identifies the problems underlying Sino-Zambian relations. Economic and political weaknesses in Zambia, resulting from internationally imposed economic liberalisation policies, are commonly cited as the main cause of investor malpractices and unprofitable terms for Zambia. A subsequently growing dependency on China furthermore signifies new emerging power relations, whereby China supersedes a US dominatedhegemony, increasingly determining Zambian economic structures from afar. Guided by vested interests to regain influence, the international discourse purports an image of Chinese investors as exploitative. Zambian discourses conversely emphasise the necessity for structural change in Zambia to establish profitable terms and prevent investor malpractices irrespective of investor origin or nationality, whilst maintaining flows of foreign investment to Zambia. Meyer,R.B.Tessa Coloured or Khoe-San? An Identity crisis in the Coloured community of South Africa, Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin, This study looks at the views of Coloured people in South Africa relating to their identity, with a specific focus on the link to Khoe- San identity. It asks to what extent Khoe-San identity is part of the current discourse on Coloured identity. This is an empirical study following the Grounded Theory approach to qualitative research, using a mixture of interviews, focus groups and analysis of social media (specifically blogs) for data collection. The thesis concludes that there is discourse on Khoe-San identity but it is only one part of a more complicated Coloured identity discourse. Colmer Matthew Ben Understanding Australian Culture in the Context of Migration to Australia, Alice Salomon Citizenship is considered one of the key nation-building methods used by liberal democracies. In Australia, citizenship uptake is strongly encouraged, and presented as the final stage of integration. The process and meaning of citizenship, is however, very complex and there is little existing research as to how citizenship processes and policies impact on integration outcomes. This phenomenological study investigated how eight Australians understand and experience citizenship and how it impacts on integration. Issues identified in this study such as experiences of racism; overly anglo-centric depictions of citizens and the homogenising of migrant groups are problematic and suggest that the Australian Government may not be achieving its aims to effectively integrate migrants and increase social cohesion. This paper recommends better management of the public s expectations in regard to migration through a realistic portrayal of the migrant cohort, acknowledging practical integration timeframes, and acknowledging and tackling racism. Cook Lynn Janel White Privilege and the School Discipline Gap in Central Wisconsin: More then Statistics, Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin, White privilege does seem to be manifested through school discipline statistics in The City 1, Wisconsin but are not the result of strict disciplinary measures such as Zero Tolerance policies. Five other areas of institutionally racist practices promoting White privilege have been found in the school district: Invisibility, Storytelling and Narratives, Curriculum, Desegregation and Interest Convergence. These aspects were ascertained by utilizing the combined lenses of Critical Race Theory and Critical Race Theory combined with education. Multicultural education and anti-racist trainings should be normalized aspects of university curriculum in the education of future teachers in order to discontinue the perpetuation of institutional racism in schools not only in The City, Wisconsin but across the USA. Wagner, Maria Intercultural Conflict Management enriched with social neuroscience- Why cultural sensitivity matters striving towards statebuilding, Alice Salomon Since 1991, the number of international peace operations has increased, thus state building has become a significant component of global politics. While in former times state building was about the formation of a state, it has now become a matter of internal shaping and transition of statehood. Thereby the statehoods enforced by means of the international operations are highly impacted by Western and European understandings of a state
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