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FAUBAI Session Running a Liaison Office Overseas: Models, Goals, and Challenges Thomas J. Trebat, Columbia University in the City of New York, Rio de Janeiro Sören Metz, Technische Universität München,

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FAUBAI Session Running a Liaison Office Overseas: Models, Goals, and Challenges Thomas J. Trebat, Columbia University in the City of New York, Rio de Janeiro Sören Metz, Technische Universität München, São Paulo Christina Peters, Freie Universität Berlin, São Paulo Outline Introduction to presenters' universities Discussion of topics Office types in Brazil: Models and Differences Strategic Goals Challenges Human Resources Communication Summary / Advice Introduction to Universities Columbia University in the City of New York: Who we are Founded in 1754 in New York 2 campi: Morningside Heights and Washington Heights Ivy League University students (17% international) faculty (full time) 21 colleges (undergraduate and graduate) 97 departments 227 research centers and institutes 454 areas of study 100 Different study programs that range from Environmental Engineering to Creative Writing and Urban Studies Institutes and Research Centers. Columbia has more than 1,000 Active Patents. 34 Presidents and Prime Ministers studied at Columbia. Technische Universität München: Who we are 13 Faculties (STEM) 411 Buildings 154 Degree Courses Students, 33% female, 20% internat l Freshman Students Graduates per year PhD Theses per year Publications, peer-reviewed per year 510 Professors (incl. hospital) Scientific Staff (incl. hospital) Non-Scientific Staff (not incl. hospital) 34 ERC Grants ( ) 50 Humboldt Senior Research Fellows Nobel Prize Laureates 16 Leibniz Laureates (DFG) 5 Humboldt Professors Research Agreements with industry p. a Founded by King Ludwig II Freie Universität Berlin: Who we are founded in 1948 with major support from the USA full-scale university with over 100 fields of study around 500 professors & 4,000 academic staff one of eleven German Universities of Excellence with students (60% women and 18% international) and PhD students (25% international); outstanding research in 11 departments, 3 central institutes and 1 medical school; well-targeted sponsorship of young academics in graduate programs with a strong international focus 100+ university and 300+ Erasmus partnerships Extensive summer school programme (FUBIS) Budget: around 400 Mill FAUBAI Session Running a Liaison Office Location and Office Types FAUBAI Session Running a Liaison Office Freie Universität Berlin São Paulo Office TUM Latin America Office Columbia Global Center São Paulo Rio de Janeiro FAUBAI Session Running a Liaison Office Strategic Goals and Activities Columbia Global Center Strategic Goals Columbia Global Centers Promote and facilitate the collaborative and impactful engagement of the University s faculty, students, and alumni with the world to enhance understanding, address global challenges and advance knowledge and its exchange Columbia Global Center Strategic Goals Launched in March 2013 Serves as a hub for Columbia programs and initiatives throughout Brazil Works closely with its sister Center in Santiago, Chile. Initial explorations into collaboration with Brazilian universities have pointed to the fields of education, public health, journalism, and sustainability as among the many promising of partnership. Promotes partnerships and teaching programs in Brazil; Offers institutional support to CU professor and students; Aims at enhancing the presence of Brazilian and Latin American students and researchers in Columbia. Columbia Global Center Activities Organization of events in collaboration with CU schools; Organization of official visits of CU delegates to Brazil; Development of projects involving a variety of schools, departments, and research centers at Columbia; Management and offering of courses at the CGC Rio office (Global EMPA and others) Regular personal contact with partner universities and institutions and potential partners to develop new collaborations, programs and activities. The Columbia Alumni Associations in Rio and in São Paulo support CGC Rıo by promoting our events and programs. Technische Universität München Strategic Goals TUM.São Paulo Vision Established in 2012 based on a solid basis of existing research and exchange activities in the region TUM.Sao Paulo Vision: Building a long term and successful relation between TUM and Latin America. Technology and knowledge transfer to jointly solve the challenges of the future Technische Universität München Strategic Goals Academic and Research cooperation Increase cooperation TUM - Latin America Universities / Research Institutes / Industry Recruiting: High potential researchers for TUM (PhD and Post-Doc) Excellent BSc and MSc Students Network & Information: Identify new potential in TUM relevant areas Spread TUM in the region Strengthen the network of TUM-Alumni in Latin America Technische Universität München Activities Academic and Research cooperation Support TUM faculties and departments Funding opportunities Analyzing potentials and focus areas Direct contact to scientific/industry partners in Latin America Recruiting: Student Fairs / Congresses / Workshops in Latin America Visits to German Schools and International Schools in Latin America Organization: Organizing Visits of TUM Professors into the region Own events (PhD / Postdoc Events / Expositions) Alumni workshops and meetings in the region Freie Universität Berlin São Paulo Office Strategic Goals Offices planned as part of the university's internationalization strategy (Global outreach and responsibility): Identifying Brazil as a key country Identifying regional key activities Securing financial means Setting up office according to individual country concepts: development with directors, reflecting university goals & opportunities, individual target agreements Freie Universität Berlin São Paulo Office Strategic Goals increase inbound and outbound mobility among students and researchers (target group: PhD students and Postdocs) increase the visibility of Freie Universität in Brazil and the region information on funding opportunities identify suitable partners for cooperation in Brazil and Latin America promote and facilitate new research cooperation strengthen already existing bonds to research institutions in the region contribute to sustained academic exchange through alumni seminars and lectures. Freie Universität Berlin São Paulo Office Activities Organization of scientific conferences / alumni workshops to stimulate cooperation Appointment of FU-scientists as speakers to regional congresses Regular participation in student fairs and recruitment events Organization of visits / fact-finding missions from FU-scientists to Brazil Organization of tailor-made events for target groups (PhD-workshop; Postdoc-event) Regular personal contact to partner universities Information platform: trilingual webpage, bilingual newsletter. FAUBAI Session Running a Liaison Office Human Resources and Legal Matters Columbia Global Center HR and Legal Matters The Global Centers Latin America (Rio de Janeiro) works under the supervision of the Global Centers in New York 5 full-time staff and 1 part-time staff The Team: Thomas Trebat, Director Bruna Santos, Program Officer Fabiano Jácome, Finance Manager Maria Luiza Paranhos, Project Coordinator Juliana Coelho Neto, Administrative Officer Bruno Pantaleão, Intern Technische Universität München HR and Legal Matters Close links to DAAD Brazil via German House of Science and Innovation (contracting the Liaison Officer and providing office space) Staff: Liaison Officer (full time and also head of the office) Intern (on project basis) Specifically chose to employ Liaison Officer with Experience within the German and Latin American university system Strong regional experience TUM.Sao Paulo is directly supervised and embedded in the International Center of TUM (strategy unit) Freie Universität Berlin HR and Legal Matters Close links to DAAD via German House of Science Specifically chose to employ managers with Experience within the German university system and at FU Berlin Strong regional experience Employees are directly supervised by the Center for International Cooperation (Embassy Model) Research unit (Berlin) vs. Advising unit (São Paulo) FAUBAI Session Running a Liaison Office Communication and Tie-Ins Columbia Global Centers Communication and Tie-Ins Contacts with the Global Centers and the university by and conference calls Two Director s Convening per year Annual training for Finance Managers Monthly reports are prepared for discussions on the Director s call organized once a month Monthly conference calls with the Programing and Communication teams from 8 Global Centers Self sustainable office (endowments from AB Members) Working under the supervision of the Global Centers in New York Technische Universität München Communication and Tie-Ins Dedicated International Officer for every Liaison Office (direct contact on a almost daily basis via telephone, mail or skype) Annual Liaison Officer Meeting and joint exchange with all faculty international officers / Meeting with the President and other Members of the Executive Board Reports to the head of the International Center Contact to other TUM divisions via dedicated International Officer or individually Freie Universität Berlin Communication and Tie-Ins Day-to-day involvement & contact via calls/mails, annual meetings of all directors, regular home stays, annual reports Reporting to direct supervisor at Center for International Cooperation CIC supports offices administratively, connects them to other university units Own budget for offices Working independently vs. having to be supervised FAUBAI Session Running a Liaison Office Challenges Columbia Global Center Challenges Inside Optimizing CGC Rio fundraising capacity to develop a higher number of projects, courses and activities Hiring new personnel to allow the increase in the number of projects and activities Limited space for events at the Office Recognition within the university Outside Bureaucratic challenges Funding for research and academic projects Technische Universität München Challenges Inside Success Indicators Measuring Long term effectiveness Working in a diverse and multifaceted university (look from the outside vs. knowing the inside) Status of overseas officers (German House as an independent legal unit) Outside Different goals of TUM Faculties and partner universities (ex. Double Degrees) Relation to industry and benefitting from this (Contract Research) State funding vs. national funding in Brazil Freie Universität Berlin Challenges Inside Measuring effectiveness Communication (units CIC offices) Planning Status of overseas officers (German House as an independent legal unit) Communicating the values within the university Outside Deepening partnerships vs. more partnerships German brand (DWIH) vs. creating distinctiveness Bureaucratic challenges vs. dynamic system Research funding for social sciences (CsF) Image change FAUBAI Session Running a Liaison Office Summary and Advice FAUBAI Session Running a Liaison Office Thank you and enjoy setting up your own liaison offices!
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