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The Hofbräuhaus News FREIEXEMPLAR Serving Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and West Quebec, Canada Website: FREE ISSUE Max Bork, Publisher Focus: Cultural Social Historical Sports Humour July / August / September / 2014 German Unity Day President s Ball High Falls Germans Remembered German Unity Day On October 2nd the day of German Unity was celebrated in Ambassador Werner Wnendt s residence. This year, 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Ambassador Wnendt welcomed a special guest, Bavaria s Minister of European Affairs and International Relations, Dr. Beate Merk. Taste and sounds of Bavaria were the theme for 500 enthusiastic guests. Bavarian beer was enjoyed late into the balmy fall evening. Photo from the left: German Ambassador Werner Wnendt, Bavaria s Minister of European Affairs and International Relations, Dr. Beate Merk, and Canada's House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer. Sam Garcia High Falls German Settlement Plaque Dedication The Council of the Municipality of Bowman was instrumental in seeing that this plaque dedication to the German settlers become a reality. 156 farming families were flooded out in 1930 due to the construction the MacLaren Power-Dam on the Lievre River at High Falls, Quebec. Bowman councillors on the left side: Jean Dubuc, Pierre Labonté, Jacinthe Brière. On the right side: Roger Madore, Mayor Michel David and Mario Thibault. See page 3. Photo by Max Bork The Presidents! On Saturday, August 23rd, the Maple Leaf-Almrausch Club celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a President's Ball featuring a dinner-dance in the evening and the awarding of several 50-year pins to members. Above photo of past and present presidents from the left front row: Henry Keitel (1980 to 1982), Claudette Bachhuber (1983), Mary Krekler ( ), Mike Grebler (1960 to 1977). Back row: Werner Bachhuber (1984, 2009 to 2011), Walter Henn (1978, 1979, 1987 to 1996), Jana Heinze - German Embassy representative, Pat Kaefer (current President), Stephen Volkmer ( ), and Rainer Triebe 2004 to Deceased: Franz Jerabek (1985, 1986) and Elizabeth Sailer (2000 to 2003) See also page 8. Photo by Max Bork Events Update Note: To keep up-to-date with German, Austrian, & Swiss Community events, access the Events Calendar, updated weekly on The HBH News website: Contents - Übersicht Authors, Papers, Notices 2 Remembering a People High Falls Quebec 3 Janina Huhn is Germany's 66th Wine Queen! 4 Swiss National Holiday 5 Birthdays, Anniversaries, Humour 6 MLA Golf Tournament 7 President s Ball 8 Pembroke Germania Oktoberfest 9 MLA Xmas Market, German Wine Harvest 10 Lufthansa s Great Fares to Germany 11 Munich Okroberfest by Oswin Lohe 12 World s Largest Beer Festival 13 ShadePro: Euro Windows & Doors, Sunrooms 14 ShadePro: Roll Shutters, Awnings, Shades, Screens 15 Tracy Arnett from Nina Krakowsky, 16 rd Goethe Films, Saurkrautessen, 3 World Bazaar 17 Obituaries: E. Schlarb J. Taetz, K. Slominski 18 Bus. Assoc. Luncheon dates, Club notices 19 Ottawa Jägerball 20 Oktoberfest Nations Cup Soccer Tournament 21 Community Contacts Updated E/Ont - W/Que 22 Coming Events November 28 to January 1 23 Coming Events October 23 to November 22 24 European Delicatessen Fine European Cold Meats, Sausages & Groceries Gift Baskets for All Occasions Party Platters Catering Süßigkeiten - Sweets Imported & Domestic Cheeses Fresh Take Out Sandwiches Monika Profus 1580 Merivale Road, Ottawa (Nepean) Ontario K2G 4B5 (n/w corner of Meadowlands - across from Zellers) Tel: , Fax: LAVERGNE WESTERN BEEF PORK, BEEF, POULTRY & DELI PRODUCTS Government Inspected Meats André Lavergne 3971 Navan Road,Ottawa (Cumberland) Ont. Tuesday to Friday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Sunday and Monday: Closed Tel: Friday Schnitzel Nights 2015 January 16, February 27, March 20, June 19. Doors open at 6 pm at the Maple Leaf-Almrausch Club 3928 Farmers Way, Carlsbad Springs, ON (Ottawa) $20 tax included The general public is always welcome. Free parking. For more information call the MLA Club Mgr. Tel: , or AUTHORS of LOCAL GERMAN-CANADIAN HISTORY MY LITTLE LOG HOME IN THE HILLS West Prussian German Settlement of Ladysmith Quebec - Thorne County Author: Elizabeth Fierobin (deceased) 196 Fierobin Road, Ladysmith, PQ, JOX 2AO The book is available directly from Janice Fierobin Tel: TRACING THEIR FOOTSTEPS PART I: West-Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia and Saxony German Settlement of High Falls Quebec Author: Anne Schnurr Ogilvie Rd. Gloucester, ON. K1C 8V8 PART II: A chronicle of 18 High Falls Families & their descendants ( ) 2034 names and data, 274 pages. HARVEST OF STONES Renfrew County German Settlement Author: Brenda Lee-Whiting (deceased) Out of print but available through Canadian libraries (in stock or inter-library loan) ESCAPE OF THE CHRISTMAS GOOSE - DIE ENTFLOHENE WEIHNACHTSGANS Author: Dieter Kiesewalter Bilingual German-English children book 2 nd edition, for ages 4 to 12. Illustrated with over 30 colourful pictures. A story of two geese, a white domestic goose, to be slaughtered for Christmas, and her escape with the help of a wild Canadian goose. The book is available for $ incl. postage from Dieter by Tel or KANADA- GELOBTES LAND Out of print but available through Canadian libraries (in stock or inter-library loan) OTTAWA GERMANIA History of 19th century immigration and settlement of Ottawa's German community may be purchased directly from the Author: Tom Carkner (Kirchner) 33 Chester Cres. Ottawa Ont. K2J 2J or see Tom s Web Page: LUTHERAN PARISH RECORDS FROM THE UPPER OTTAWA VALLEY Information on Searching Your Family History Saddlebag Books of Rev. Ludwig H. Gerndt. Authors: Daniel J. Faber, Franz Kapeller (deceased) and Jean Ringhofer Information: Daniel J. Faber 9 Bellfield Street, Ottawa, ON, K2B 6K6 Tel: , HITLERS JUNGE - HITLER S BOY Author: Peter Hessel Mystery of Frankenberg's Canadian Airman Available from the author in German or English via Peter Hessel books still in print: The Algonkin Nation and Fathering, Mothering and Kidding Out of print but available through Canadian libraries (in stock or inter-library loan) Destination: Ottawa Valley McNab - The Township and Mighty Fine Bread and Fancy Pastry . OLDEN DAYS Author: Alice Biehler Burich A history of German settlements in the Township of Mulgrave-Derry, Québec. Out of print but available through Canadian libraries (in stock or inter-library loan) Chesley House Publications ISBN , 184 pages THE CANADIAN GRAVEMARKER GALLERY free access to over 400,000 gravemarkers! Research your ancestry s headstones at no cost! Murray Pletsch Website: Website: DO YOU KNOW OF A BOOK written on Austrian, Swiss or German Canadian History, not listed on this page? In recognition of the author s difficult and tireless research, and as a service to our community, the listing is free. Please contact this Publication. The Hofbräuhaus News Published by Max Bork Staffed by Volunteers and Published as a Not-For-Profit Publication, Serving the German, Austrian, & Swiss Canadian Communities of Ottawa, Eastern Ontario & West Quebec. Forward Your Group s Articles & Pictures (in PDF or JPEG format) via Tel/Fax: Article & Advertising Copy Deadlines th th th Feb. 15, May 15, Aug. 15, Nov. 15th Contact the publisher for support rates, or information. GERMAN-CANADIAN YEARBOOK Is a major contribution to ethnic studies with an excellent introduction to German Canadiana The German-Canadian Yearbook appeals to any student of Canadian history and culture, and any reader interested in details of the contribution of Germanspeaking explorers, settlers and immigrants towards the shaping of this country. Eighteen Hard Cover Yearbooks have been published so far. Price including postage, handling and taxes in Canada $30.00 USA and Europe $ The Yearbook is a valuable addition to any library. Order your Yearbook from: Historical Society of Mecklenburg Upper Canada P.O. Box 1251, Station K, Toronto Ontario, Canada, M4P 3E5 Please include cheque or money order CANADIANA GERMANICA A Journal for German-Canadian Studies. This quarterly journal is dedicated to the illustration of German-Canadian life past and present as well as the relations between Canada and the Germanspeaking countries. It reports on cultural and scholarly activities of German-Canadians, on the existence and achievements of groups, organizations, and individual persons, it lists relevant publications and gives bibliographical hints. Yearly subscription including postage $30.00 Order your Canadiana Germanicatoday! A joint publication with the German Canadian Historical Association. Contact: Historical Society of Mecklenburg Upper Canada P.O. Box 1251, Station K, Toronto Ontario, Canada, M4P 3E5 LUNENBURG NOVA SCOTIA Author: Betty L. Rhodenizer 1) RHODENIZER Genealogy contains approx. 280 double-sided = 560 pages of maps, history and notes by historians, stories, photo gallery, genealogy, Indexes, misc. documents, etc. (In this book are the various spellings of the name, i.e. Rodenhauser(n), Rodenheiser, Rodenizer, etc. Price $80, plus postage and packaging. 2) NOWE (NAU) Genealogy contains approx. 165 double-sided = 330 pages, in the same format as the Rhodenizer book. It, also, contains various spellings of the name. Price $50, plus postage and packaging. THE HESSIANS Author: John Merz (deceased) American Revolution Genealogy - all 3 books are $35.00 each including postage The Hessians of Quebec , The Hessians of Nova Scotia , The Hessians of Upper Canada The Guide , to find your Hessian Soldier of the American Revolution, available at $20. incl. postage to USA in US$ funds. Concerning John Merz s books above, please address your inquiries to: Seventh Town Historical Society, Att: Ian E. Reilly, 528 County Rd. 19, Box 35, Ameliasburg, ON, Canada, K0K-1A0 Tel: Mr Merz s books below are out of print but available through Canadian libraries (in stock or interlibrary loan) Er war ein Hesse , He was a Hessian , Register of German Military Men in Canada To contact the Merz family OTTAWA COMMUNITY IMMIGRANT SERVICES ORGANIZATION 959 Wellington St. Ottawa ON. K1Y 4W1 Tel: , Fax: or 2 The HBH News July / Aug / Sept / 2014 Remembering a People - High Falls Plaque Dedication The Sausage Kitchen Fine Sausages and Meats A European Deli & Speciality Grocery Store (specializing in German and Polish products) Serving a delicious hot lunch bar with Sausages, Schnitzels, Cabbage Rolls, Leberkäse, Chicken, Soups and more! Fresh & Naturally Smoked Sausages & Meats. 100% All Natural meat products (no MSG, no By-Products, no Fillers, Gluten Free) Best in Eastern Ontario Smoked Pork, Chicken and Turkey products Hunters bring your game meats! Retail and Wholesale (Restaurants & Hotels welcomed) 5 Byward Market, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 9B8 Tel: (613) Fax: (613) Author Anne Schnurr Tracing Their Footsteps In loving memory of the 96 men, women and children of the German settlement of High Falls, whose graves were swallowed by the rising waters of the Lievre River in In the early 1860 s the then Dominion Government directed 18 German families to the shores of High Falls on the banks of the Lievre River, to clear the land and build their homesteads. The first 5 German names were found in the land-grants of Bowman Township in The self-contained German settlement of High Falls was officially incorporated in the Township of Bowman in 1871, their homesteads loosely connected to its Center with their own church, cemetery, school, store and Post-office. High Falls grew and prospered from 80 members in 1871 to 141 in 1891, but developed slower in the following years due to shortage of available land for the 36 families and 171 members of St. Paul s Lutheran Church in The tireless invaluable research in Anne Schnurr s book was instrumential in the erection of this plaque! From 1860 to 1929! The above plaque lists 96 peoples by burial date (from 1860 to 1929) in the orginal High Falls Cemetery. The plaque is located in the graveyard behind St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Bowman, Quebec. Mayor Michael David stated he was not aware of this German settlement until he read Ann Schnurr s book Tracing Their Footsteps. Mayor David and his councillors of the Municipality of Bowman, were instrumental in taking action for this plaque dedication. From the left: 1st row: Stanley Cheslock, Reverend Lockstat, Dr. Somers. 2nd row: Mrs. Ann Schnurr, Mayor Michel David, Jean Dubuc. 3rd row: Jacinthe Brière, Pierre Labonté, Roger Madore, Mario Thibault After the erection of the MacLaren power dam in 1930 and in preparation of the impendent flooding of High Falls and surroundings, all residents had to leave their homesteads and relocate, while 41 of these families chose to stay in neighbouring communities. The gravestones of the higher situated High Falls cemetery emerged on a small island, later named Cemetery Island. In the late 1980 s the gravestones were re-assembled in the present St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery in Bowman. On September 28, 2014, the municipality of Bowman, in partnership with St. Paul s Lutheran Church and Brookfield Renewable Energy, erected this memorial to perpetuate the memory of the 96 people who to this day still rest in the ground of Cemetery Island. Just a few miles from the original High Falls, the families and friends of the German descendants gathered for a ceremony to erect a plaque in memory of the 96 High Falls settlers, 17 of them infants, whose graves sunk beneath the waters. In 1929, the MacLaren Power-Dam on the Lievre River was built and great parts of the farmland in the vicinity of the river flooded affecting 156 farming families of High Falls, Bowman and Val des Bois! Information Anne Schnurr Tel: , 3 The HBH News July / Aug / Sept / 2014 Janina Huhn is Germany's 66th Wine Queen! Great for Children at Christmas A German & English Book Zweisprachiges Kinderbuch Escape of the Christmas Goose Die entflohene Weihnachtsgans A book with many colourful illustrations for children ages 4 to 12 in German and English by Dieter Kiesewalter a pleasure to read with wonderful illustrations unterhaltend und lehrreich mit vielen farbigen Illustrationen The book is available for $ ($ incl. postage in Canada) by calling or ALL PROCEEDS TO CHARITIES Information Source: The German Wine Institute Germany's 66th Wine Queen is Janina Huhn from the wine growing region 'Pfalz'. She was elected September 26th, 2014 during a live TV show. Judith Dorst from 'Rheinhessen' and Kathrin Schnitzius from the 'Mosel' region were elected as Wine Princesses in the two hour c o ntest. Th e i n d ividua l performances were judged by a jury of 70 media and wine industry experts. All three winners below from the left: Judith Dorst (Rheinhessen) Janina Huhn (Pfalz), and Kathrin Schnitzius (Mosel) Janina Huhn being crowned by last years wine queen Nadine Poss. represent regions that belong to the state of Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate RLP) in the southwest of Germany. They will travel the world presenting Riesling & Co taking on hundreds of challenges on behalf of The German Wine I n s t i t u t e, a n u m b r e l l a organisation of the branch. Janina Huhn (Pfalz), Judith Dorst (Rheinhessen) and Kathrin Schnitzius (Mosel) as well as their contestants from each of the other 13 wine growing regions had to express their wine wisdom and solve given tasks spontaneously during several rounds of the competition. They also had to improvise speeches in German as well as English language. Janina Huhn, * , Bad Dürkheim Praktikantin im Weingut Pfeffingen, Bad Dürkheim Der Geruch von Weingut ist für mich ein Kindheitsgeruch , sagt Janina Huhn. Der Vater ist Weinbautechniker und arbeitet beim Winzerverein Deidesheim, Janina war von klein auf mit im Keller. Weil Kultur sie immer faszinierte, studierte Janina nach dem Abitur Geschichte in Freiburg und Heidelberg. Ihre Bachelor-Arbeit schrieb sie über das Symposion des Plato. Das war Social Drinking in der Antike , sagt Janina: Es ging darum, die Freundschaft untereinander zu stärken. Dass der Wein in ihrem Leben eine größere Rolle spielen soll merkte Janina, als sie Wein von zuhause ihren Kommilitonen anpries und als sie 2012 ihre erste Rede als Bad Dürkheimer Weinprinzessin hielt. Da habe ich entdeckt, dass ich gerne auf Bühnen stehe und mich für die Weine meiner Heimat einsetze - da war's um mich geschehen , sagt die 24-Jährige. Derzeit macht sie ein Praktikum im Weingut Pfeffingen, bei der International Wine School in London hat sie ebenfalls bereits ein Seminar besucht. Dort würde Janina gerne die Ausbildung zum Weinakademiker machen. Am liebsten würde ich das, was ich als Weinkönigin tue, zu meinem Job zu machen , sagt sie. Als Deutsche Weinkönigin würde Janina den Status des Weins als Kulturgut hervorheben - Wein hat in unserer Gesellschaft seit Jahrhunderten ein außerordentliches Ansehen, das ist heute besonders aktuell. 4 The HBH News July / Aug / Sept / 2014 and Speciality Meat Shop Catering Deli Sandwiches European Cuisine BBQ Specialities Owner: Ivan Saric We have imported European groceries, and make all kinds of deli & cheese trays. We are a full functioning butcher shop with all kinds of specialty cuts. We carry many cheeses and dry cured meats and sausages, as well as fresh sausages such as weisswurst, smoked bratwurst, andouille (spiced pork sausage), German wieners. We carry a large assortment of in store made cooked food such as paprikash, Hungarian goulash, and most famously cabbage rolls (regular and sauerkraut). Swiss National Holiday. Once again the weather forecast created suspense as the Ottawa Valley Swiss Club prepared to celebrate the 1st of August at the Billings Estate last July 27th. But the clouds dissipated and a good crowd of Swiss citizens and their friends enjoyed a successful afternoon of music, games, conversations and traditional food, followed by a much-awaited lampion parade. Thank you to all who attended and especially the many volunteers who busied themselves before, during and after the event. A big thank you also to all the generous donors for the tombola prices Stittsville Main Street, Box 1032 Stittsville, ON, K2S 1N2 Tel: Metzgete Saturday, November 8th, 2014 Ukrainian Hall, 1000 Byron Ave, Ottawa Bar opens: 6:00 pm - Dinner: 7:00 pm, Door prizes! The Metzgete Buffet Dinner Menu Prepared by Our Swiss Chefs Consists of: Smoked Pork Loin, Bacon, Wieners, Saucisson Vaudois, Blood and Liver sausages, Roast Pork with Ragout, Sauerkraut, green Beans, Potatoes and Spaetzle. Dessert buffet with Cream Caramel, assorted Pies, Pastries, Tarts and sliced Fruits, Coffee and Tea. Dance Music by the Montreal Band Edelweiss Singing & Yodelling by the Montagna Singers, Admission $40 (includes dinner) Advance Tickets & Info: Gisele Odermatt Tel: , 5 The HBH News July / Aug / Sept / 2014 MLA Club Members Birthdays-Anniversaries (B) Denotes Birthday, (A) Anniversary and (33) the year example 1933 OCTOBER (B) Bruder, Herta 01 (B) Pitts, Karin 02 (A) Sardana, Ashok & Regine 02 (B) Triebe, Mary 04 (B) Gudauner, Brigitte 06 (A) Abraham, Sonya & Andrew 07 (A) Henn, Walter & Inge 07 (B) Archer, Victor 08 (B) Rosenberg, Herbert 10 (B) Gunn, Ingrid 11 (B) Krekeler, Mary 12 (B) Radke, Gustav 14 (B) Reitenbach, Lorraine 18 (A) Probst, Carlos & Mireille 20 (B) Russell, Lorne 22 (B) Scott, Eldon 22 (B) Hillebrand, Hannelore 24 (A) Zugor, Rev Ernest & Margot 26 (A) Russell, Lorne & Scarlett 27 (B) Bachhuber, Werner 29 (B) Schroeder, Maria (Ria) 30 (B) Bork, Ilona 30 NOVEMBER (B) Bauer, Reinhard 01 (B) Rosenberg, Annelise 03 (B) McAra, Bob 04 (B) Shipman, Helga 06 (B) Wallisch, Ernst 06 (B) Profus, Christopher 10 (B) Wallisch, Anne Marie 10 (A) Profus, Christopher & Monika 11 (B) Kubicek, Marianne 16 (B) Rausch, Heidi 16 (B) Schroeder, Karlheinz 16 (B) Dunker - L'Ecuyer, Sylvia 20 (A) Jonke, Wilhemine & Walter 24 (B) Raeder, Heidelore (Heidi) 30 DECEMBER (A) Bachhuber,Wer
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