STS. PETER AND PAUL ΠΕΤΡΟΥ ΚΑΙ ΠΑΥΛΟΥ ΤΩΝ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΩΝ. Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Bulletin - PDF

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 457 Oak Street Brockton, MA Tel: (508) and (508) Reverend Presbyter Anthony Evangelatos The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Bulletin Bulletin

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Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 457 Oak Street Brockton, MA Tel: (508) and (508) Reverend Presbyter Anthony Evangelatos The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Bulletin Bulletin Issue 97 June 2010 ΠΕΤΡΟΥ ΚΑΙ ΠΑΥΛΟΥ ΤΩΝ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΩΝ STS. PETER AND PAUL ANNUNCIATION GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF BROCKTON DIRECTORY 2010 Priest: Reverend Presbyter Anthony Evangelatos PARISH COUNCIL OFFICERS AND MEMBERS President: George Alexis 1st Vice President (Administration): Stephen Passias 2nd Vice President (Maintenance): John Papadopoulos Treasurer: John Kolentsas Asst. Treasurer: Tulla Giannaros Secretary: Christine Karavites Arthur Adamopoulos, William Alexopoulos, Nicholas Babanikas, Konstantina Boutas, Ted Ntakoulas Nicholas Palantzas, George Panagoulopoulos, Ilias Potsis, William Theos Chanter: George Stavropoulos Choir Director: Heidi Mason Organist: Ona Calogrias PHILOPTOCHOS OFFICERS President: Despina Papadopoulos 1st Vice President: Heido Barbas 2nd Vice President: Penny Kazis Recording Secretary: Ethel Savas Corresponding Secretary: Tina Boutas Treasurer: Kathy Malone Asst. Treasurer: Lori Stasiewski Advisior: Tina Boutas SUNDAY SCHOOL COMMITTEE Alexandra Alexopoulos, Tina Boutas, Dina Coon, Rhoda Economos GREEK SCHOOL TEACHERS Konstantina Boutas, Konstantinia (Dina) Gountana, Vicky Papaioannou YOUTH MINISTRY TEAM GOYA Advisors: Katherine Angelis, Jon Buterbaugh, Victoria St. Martin JOY / HOPE Advisors: Barbara Mantalos, Paula Tsitsopoulos Adult Greek Classes: Arthur Krikis Koliva for Memorial Services: Ladies Philoptochos Coffee Hour: Bertha Weinberg Office Administration: Venice Mazarakis Custodian: Jim DiMarco Church addresses: Fr. Anthony ~ Church Office ~ Church Web-site address: ΠΡΟΓΡΑΜΜΑ ΙΕΡΩΝ ΑΚΟΛΟΥΘΙΩΝ/CHURCH SERVICES ~ IOYNIOY / JUNE 2010 ΚΥΡΙΑΚΗ ΔΕΥΤΕΡΑ ΤΡΙΤΗ ΤΕΤΑΡΤΗ ΠΕΜΠΤΗ ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ ΣΑΒΒΑΤΟΝ SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY (Fast of the Holy Apostles through 6/28 -fish, wine & olive oil permitted daily, except Wed. & Fri.) 1 2 SMALL VESPERS 7PM followed by Adult Religious Education GREAT VESPERS 6PM 6 2ND SUNDAY OF MATTHEW ORTHROS 8:45 AM DIVINE LITURGY 10:00 AM 7 GOYA MEETING 6:30 PM 8 PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 7 PM 9 SMALL VESPERS 7PM followed by Adult Religious Education GREAT VESPERS 6PM (HOPE & JOY) ALOHA LUAU DANCE 13 3RD SUNDAY OF MATTHEW ORTHROS 8:45 AM DIVINE LITURGY 10:00 AM SMALL VESPERS 7PM followed by Adult Religious Education GREAT VESPERS 6PM 20 4TH SUNDAY OF MATTHEW ORTHROS 8:45 AM DIVINE LITURGY 10:00 AM (Fr. Anthony on vacation through 7/3) (NO VESPERS) (FATHERS DAY) 27 5TH SUNDAY OF MATTHEW ORTHROS 8:30 AM DIVINE LITURGY 9:45 AM SUMMER HOURS BEGIN 28 (last day of the Fast of the Holy Apostles) 29 HOLY APOSTLES PETER & PAUL (no services today or tomorrow; check neighboring churches) 30 SYNAXIS OF THE HOLY APOSTLES (fast day-wine & olive oil permitted) (VISITING PRIEST) From Father Anthony Many of us have heard, from time to time, about the Jesus prayer. Then again, many of us are completely unaware of this theologically rich but simple prayer. So, what is this prayer and how can it be of help to us? Let us explore what the Church has to say about this deeply spiritual prayer. First of all, we should know the text of this prayer before we say another word: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner! What simple words! Who would ever think that such an important prayer could have so few words? In his book, The Jesus Prayer, by a Monk of the Eastern Church (St. Vladimir s Seminary Press, 1995), the author says the following in the introduction to the book: A Romanian writer, N. Crainic, has written that the Jesus Prayer is the heart of Orthodoxy More than a private devotion, it borders on the realm of liturgy and even penetrates it. Its implications and possibilities deserve careful attention The Jesus prayer has been the central prayer of Orthodox monastics throughout the ages, as well as a central prayer for countless of the pious laity. If one were to visit an Orthodox monastery today, one would encounter both monks and nuns continually whispering this holy prayer on their lips, as they go about their daily chores. Those monastics who are quite spiritually advanced, would not be uttering the prayer at all, but would be praying it from the heart, where the name of Jesus resides in all of us. The prayer actually has scriptural roots in both the Old and New Testaments. In the Old we have clear indications of the extreme holiness, and divine presence surrounding the name of God: You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain. (Exodus 20:7). In the New, we have very clear directives regarding the veneration of the name of Jesus: Most assuredly I say to you, whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you. Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full. (Jn. 16:23-24); there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12); Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. (Phil 2:9-10). In the book, The Jesus Prayer (cited above), the monastic author also says the following: To pronounce the name of Jesus in a holy way is an all-sufficient and surpassing aim for any human life We are to call to mind Jesus Christ until the name of the Lord penetrates our heart, descends to its very depths The name of Jesus, once it has become the center of our life, brings everything together. The premise for using the Jesus prayer, therefore, should be clear to us if we truly understand Christ as the very center of our lives. If we live our lives in such a manner, then we should feel the need to call upon Him throughout the day, and even as we lie down to sleep. Many of the Church Fathers speak of unceasing prayer and the prayer of the heart. The Jesus prayer is precisely that to which they are referring. It is a prayer that we can all offer to God consistently, effortlessly, and straight from the heart. It is a prayer that chases away the Evil One at the time of temptation. It breaks the distraction that we are all subject to during prayer time. It is the prayer par excellence that brings us immediate peace of mind and spirit. Currently, there are more and more pious laymen who practice the frequent repetition of the Jesus prayer. We must not mistakenly believe that this prayer, as well as many other pious practices, are meant only for monastics. We that live in the world need to have spiritual weapons at our disposal, if we are at all serious about living the life in Christ. I wish to close with some thoughts of a great spiritual leader and theologian of the Church of Greece His Eminence the Metropolitan of Nafpaktos, Hierotheos (Vlahos). The following comes from his book, A Night in the Desert of the Holy Mountain, (Birth of the Theotokos Monastery, 1991): It is necessary that we live in Christ, the Word of God, and become Christ and the Word of God by grace. This is achieved when we live in the Church and participate in its holy mysteries, for the Church is manifested in the holy mysteries, not as symbols, but rather as the Lord said, like the vine branches in the vineyard (Nicholas Kavasilas). This is achieved with the invocation of the name of Jesus and the reciting of the Jesus prayer All of the theology of our holy Orthodox Church is hidden in this small prayer. That is why we should always meditate on the sweetest and most joy-producing name of Jesus In Christ s love, +Fr. Anthony From Father Anthony CONSECRATION DONATIONS As we prepare for the consecration of our beloved church, we need to purchase new items that are either needed for the event, or are replacing items that have deteriorated. As of now, here are the items needed for which we seek donors (please note that actual prices are not yet available): new altar coverings new altar boy robes (approx. $375 each) new processional lanterns (for altar) If you are interested in donating toward any of these items, please contact Fr. Anthony directly. Perhaps each family of our altar servers would consider donating a robe. In all cases, your generous gift will be a great blessing for you! I thank all of our donors in advance for their anticipated generosity. VOLUNTEER TO WASH COMMUNION CLOTHS I would like to request a pious volunteer to periodically wash the communion cloths used at every Divine Liturgy. Since the cloths contain remnants of Holy Communion, they obviously need to be hand-washing and not laundered by machine. If someone is interested in this ministry, please contact Fr. Anthony who will provide you with detailed instructions. FROM THE HOLY FATHERS The following is a short Christian moral teaching by St. Tikhon of Zadonsk Christians, remember what God is, and that He looks not only on your works, but also on your very thoughts and intentions, and that you are not able to hide anywhere or anything from Him. Remember, that he preserves your life, health, and strength, and that whatever good you have in life, He has bestowed it all on you. And so thank Him with all your heart, revere Him, obey Him in all things, and call on Him for help in your every endeavor. Remember, that the Heavenly Father sent our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into the world. Believe in Him, and submit to His Divine teaching which is revealed to you in the Gospel, and portrayed here in brief, so that you may fulfill the vows that you made to God at Baptism, and inherit eternal life, and not be called a Christian in vain. On Sundays and feast days come to church, and falling down with reverence before God, be mindful of all the mercies you may ever have received from Him. Thank Him for them with all your heart, and as a sign of your thankfulness, promise to live as He has commanded you. This is a sacrifice most pleasing to God. Honor your spiritual pastors, your father and mother, and all the elders and virtuous people, and obey their useful counsels. Try to be virtuous not only in your person, but counsel your wife and children in every good and God-pleasing deed. Avoid not only doing what is bad before them, but even saying it, lest you accustom them to evil. Thus God s blessings shall rest on your house. Always remember that you were born into this world so that you may do good to all insofar as possible on every occasion. Love not only those close to you and your benefactors, but even your enemies, so that you might thereby pacify them, correct them, and make them good people. And so do not fight with anyone, and do not curse; and though someone may have offended you, try to endure it as far as possible, and at the appropriate time do him good. Do not steal anything from anyone, and take nothing, and be content with what you earn by your own labors. Be diligent and avoid idleness. For as diligence is pleasing to God, so idleness on the contrary, as a source of every evil, is a sin very offensive to God. Never lie, but always tell the truth. For all falsehood and deceit is the most harmful of all vices, and the customary work only of the devil. Do not become drunk, for God turns all the more away from a drunkard, since a drunkard is more quickly able to do every bad deed than a sober man. When you observe all these things, then God Who is compassionate will be merciful to you not only in this life, but He shall glorify you in the next with the glory with which the Saints are glorified. From Father Anthony QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (the following is taken from The Orthodox Church: 455 Questions & Answers, by Fr. Stanley Harakas, Light & Life Publishing Co., 1987) Q. What happens to someone s soul after death according to the Orthodox Church, since we don t believe in purgatory? A. The Orthodox Church explains the events following death in this manner. Theologically, death is the separation of the spiritual dimension of the human being (the soul or spirit), from the physical (the body). When we die, we begin immediately to experience a fore-taste of heaven or hell. That is, our spirits are either in communion with God, or they are not. This fore-taste experience, based on the general character of our lives regarding our behavior, character and communion with God, is known as the partial judgment. At some unknown time in the future, the Church teaches that Jesus Christ will return. Each Sunday we repeat our belief in the return of Christ when we say in the Creed: And He shall come again in glory We also say in the Creed that when He returns, he will come to judge the living and the dead. The creed also indicates what else will occur when Christ returns: I expect the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come. Christ will bring an end to this world as we know it, and He will inaugurate a new era, establishing His kingdom, which shall have no end. This final judgment is known as the general judgment. Our resurrected existence will then live eternally in heaven in communion with God, or eternally in hell, out of communion with God. Q. If an Orthodox person marries outside our Church, is it true that he or she cannot receive Holy Communion for six years in the Orthodox Church? A. I don t know where you received this idea, but it is only partially correct. An Orthodox Christian lives his or her life sacramentally united with the Church. One of the sacraments is holy matrimony. If an Orthodox Christian marries outside the Church (civilly or in another religious service), then he or she in effect causes a break between him-or herself and the Orthodox Church. As a result, such persons are no longer in full communion with the Church. The result is that they may not exercise the functions and full privileges of membership until the marriage is blessed with the Orthodox sacrament, not just for a period of six years. This means that, though still members of the Church, they are not in good order. Thus, they cannot properly receive Holy Communion, may not be sponsors at a wedding or baptism, or be elected to and serve as members or officers of the Church council. $10 PER MONTH TO SUPPORT METROPOLIS RETREAT HOUSE We would like to remind everyone of the Metropolis Ministry Partner appeal for an automatic credit card payment of only $10 per month to support the new Retreat House at the St. Methodios Faith & Heritage Center in New Hampshire. The annual camp program and the new retreat house benefit the entire Greek Orthodox family of the Metropolis of Boston young and old. Let us show our support and gratitude to His Eminence and all the great benefactors who have brought these venues to existence, by our own small monthly contribution. You may do this on-line on the Metropolis website: Church News CALENDAR OF EVENTS GOLF TOURNAMENT ANNUAL FOOD FESTIVAL FALL GENERAL ASSEMBLY PARISH COUNCIL ELECTIONS PARISH COUNCIL OATH OF OFFICE AND ELECTION OF OFFICERS MONDAY, JULY 19TH THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH THRU SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH SUNDAY, DECEMBER 5TH SUNDAY, DECEMBER 19TH 2010 PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS JUNE 8, 2010 OCTOBER 12, 2010 JULY 13, 2010 NOVEMBER 9, 2010 AUGUST 10, 2010 SEPTEMBER 14, 2010 DECEMBER 14, 2010 SUNDAY SCHOOL & GREEK SCHOOL On Sunday, May 16th we held the end-of-year and graduation ceremonies of both the Sunday and Greek School programs. We would like to thank our Sunday School committee and all the volunteer teachers and substitutes for their generous contribution to this program. We also congratulate all our students, especially our high school graduates. In the ceremony, Tina Boutas was also acknowledged for 50 years of continued service to our Sunday School program. Congratulations, Tina! Congratulations to the kids of the Greek School for the excellent job that they did in the graduation ceremony, and to the 6 th grade graduates. Συνχαρητηρια and continued success with learning Greek. We also express our gratitude to our two teachers on staff, Dina Gountana and Vicky Papaioannou, and our volunteer teacher for the kindergarten class, Tina Boutas, and her assistant Susan Mathers. ANNUNCIATION CHOIR As part of the preparations for our church s consecration in October, the choir has started rehearsals to learn an entirely new Liturgical setting. The music has been arranged by Dean Limberakis, professor of music at Hellenic College and Choir director at the Annunciation Cathedral in Boston, and is traditional and very beautiful. Rehearsals will be held on most Sundays at the church from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. If you ve ever thought about joining the choir, this is the perfect opportunity. We are learning the music slowly over the course of the summer, and you will be able to raise your voices and join in celebration during this once-in-a-lifetime event at our church. Everyone is invited to join, regardless of your musical background or ability. We hope to see you there! If interested, please see Heidi Mason, Choir Director at church or call her at (781) Church News Annunciation Brockton Parish Selects Soultana Kotsiopoulos For Ministry Award The Annunciation parish will join with the Metropolis of Boston to gather as a family at the Twenty-Fourth Annual Ministry Awards Banquet on Sunday, June 13, 2010 at Lombardo s in Randolph, MA. The Ministry Awards Banquet offers the faithful of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston the opportunity to recognize the dedicated men and women who faithfully serve the communities. His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios extends special gratitude to each recipient on behalf of the entire Metropolis. Soultana Kotsiopoulos, will be recognized at the Ministry Awards Banquet for her untiring devotion to her Church, her family, her community and to those who are most in need. Parishioners who wish to attend the Ministry Awards Banquet may contact the church office at THE CHURCH NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT. REMEMBER TO SEND IN YOUR PLEDGE. PLEDGES ARE THE GREATEST SOURCE OF INCOME FOR OUR CHURCH BULLETIN DEADLINE All Submissions for the Bulletin are due on 15th. COFFEE HOUR If you are interested in sponsoring a coffee hour, please call Bertha Weinberg at (508) , or the Church Office at (508) HALL RENTAL Do not forget that our church gymnasium and / or lounge area are available for your special functions. Please call the church office for details. ΤΑ ΣΑΒΒΑΤΑ ~ ΜΕΓΑΣ ΕΣΠΕΡΙΝΟΣ: 6:00 ΜΜ ΤΙΣ ΚΥΡΙΑΚΕΣ ~ ΟΡΘΡΟΣ: 8:45 ΠΜ ΘΕΙΑ ΛΕΙΤΟΥΡΓΙΑ: 10:00 ΠΜ ADDRESS CHANGES Please notify the church office if you are moving, so we may update our database in order to serve you better. CHURCH SERVICES WINTER HOURS SATURDAYS GREAT VESPERS 6:00 PM SUNDAYS ORTHROS: 8:45 AM DIVINE LITURGY: 10:00 AM WEEKDAYS ORTHROS: 9:00 AM DIVINE LITURGY: 10:00 AM Church News SACRAMENTS AND HOLY SERVICES BAPTISMS May 2 Alanna Grace (Maria) Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Palaiologos Sponsor: Mr. Kostas Palaiologos May 2 George James (George Constantine) Son of Mr. & Mrs. George Palaiologos Sponsor: Mr. Kostas Palaiologos May 16 Sophia Grace Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Brian Forrester Sponsor: Mr. & Mrs. Albert Scappaticci DONATIONS In Memory of George Marathas Mrs. Joan Marathas - $500 In Memory of George Marathas Barbara Davison - $50 In Memory of George Marathas Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Krowski - $100 Flower arrangement of the icon of the Holy Ascension Mr. Constantine Savas - $60 Flower arrangement of the icon of the Holy Pentecost Mr. & Mrs. Ilias Potsis - $60 In Memory of Arthur Tsarhas Pan Macedonian Association Daughters of Olympias - $25 In Memory of Aglaia Tzikas Pan Macedonian Association Daughters of Olympias - $25 DONA
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