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SOLARWINDS CZECH Den s průmyslovými partnery FI MUNI, SolarWinds Overview Provide enterprise-class network, application, virtualization, and storage resource management software that is powerful,

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SOLARWINDS CZECH Den s průmyslovými partnery FI MUNI, SolarWinds Overview Provide enterprise-class network, application, virtualization, and storage resource management software that is powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable Rapidly Growing & Highly Profitable IT Company» We sell to business of all sizes from SMB to Large Enterprise» Over 100,000 customers in 170 countries» More than 425 of the Fortune 500 are customers» 2010 revenue of $152 million (+31% year-over-year)» Named by Forbes as the 10 th fastest growing U.S. tech company in 2010» 2 nd most recognized name in networking (behind #1 Cisco)» More than one million registered end-users have downloaded our free tools - Slide 2 - SolarWinds Worldwide Austin, Texas/US (SolarWinds HQ) Cork, Ireland (EMEA HQ) Brno, Czech Republic (Development) Chennai, India (Development) Other offices: Brisbane (AU); Singapore; Napier (NZ); Dallas (US), Post Falls (US) SolarWinds IT Product Portfolio Log & Event Virtualization Systems & App Storage Resource Network 2009 and Prior January 2010 January 2011 July Slide 4 - Expanding Product Portfolio Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) Global Summary View NPM Fault & Perf Monitoring NTA NetFlow Monitoring NCM Network Configuration IPAM IP Address IP IP SLA & Network VoIP Network Quality Analysis Quality Analysis UDT Network Port Tracking APM Servers & App SEUM Web Experience Monitoring SCM Server Configuration Shared Data Collection, Database, Alerting, and Reporting VirtMan Virtualization STM Storage LEM Log & Event TBD New Product Transactional Products Toolset, ipmonitor, LanSurveyor, Kiwi New Stand-alone Products in 2011 New or significantly enhanced products in Slide 5 - 2011: A Year of New Products Stand-alone Application Performance Monitor Storage Manager & Virtualization Manager Synthetic End User Monitor First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter Stand-alone Orion Network Configuration Manager Stand-alone Orion IP Address Manager User Device Tracker - Slide 6 - Log & Event Manager SolarWinds Strategy We develop user-centric enterprise software that is: Simple to Use and Maintain Windows-based Intuitive user interface Built-in real-world workflows Easy to customize Easy to Deploy Downloadable Self-install and configure in minutes Powerful and Practical Solves real-world user problems Scalable from one to 100,000 devices No shelf-ware software User-Centric and Community Guided developer community Direct interaction Responsive to customer/ community feedback Free Tools Need some help defeating the forces of evil on your network? These free tools give you the super powers you need to save the day. Grab a few trusty sidekicks & get to work! Free Tools for IT Professionals» Meet our superheroes» Frequent updates of the Free Tools portfolio» 20+ free tools to get you started in IT management» Real-time Bandwidth Monitor, SNMP Enabler, Web Transaction Watcher, SAN Monitor, Network Device Monitor, Network Config Generator, WMI Monitor, IP Address Tracker, IP SLA Monitor, Realtime NetFlow Analyzer, VM Console, Kiwi Syslog Server, Kiwi CatTools, Exchange Monitor, TFTP Server, and others Online Community Growing Online Community» More than 100,000+ members» Troubleshooting forums» Feature requests» Content sharing zone» Educational materials» Templates» Technical tools and scripts» Geek Speak» Mission: Not only to provide superb support for SolarWinds products but also educate the public about networking and network management» More on Ultimate Fan Culture SolarWinds Czech Biggest Engineering Team at SolarWinds» 2 ND BIGGEST Office» 3+ years in Brno» Established in April 2008» Over 100 employees and growing» Technologies used» C#/ASP.NET, C++, Java, MS SQL» Developing Network, Application & Systems, Storage & Virtualization monitoring and management SW» Agile software development process» Daily use of English» Innovative environment» Friendly and informal atmosphere Open Positions & Contact Open Positions» C# / ASP.NET / Java Developers» Web administrators / PHP / MySQL / LAMP Developers» Product Testers / QA Engineers» Associate Product Managers» UI Designers and Usability Experts» Current Openings: Corporate Website Contact Information Tereza Běhunčíková HR Coordinator Thank You
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