ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION GROUP PROFILE ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION GROUP Škoda Transportation is one of Europe s foremost manufacturers of transportation machinery. The company continues a famous line of machine

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ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION GROUP PROFILE ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION GROUP Škoda Transportation is one of Europe s foremost manufacturers of transportation machinery. The company continues a famous line of machine industry tradition in Pilsen that extends back over 150 years. Škoda Transportation s product line includes low-floor trams, electric locomotives, suburban train units, metro trains, trolleybuses, as well as traction engines and complete drives for transport systems. Škoda Transportation has several subsidiaries in the Czech Republic including Škoda Electric, Škoda Vagonka or Pars nova., Other companies are also located in Finland, Germany, Hungary and Russia. Škoda Transportation employs more than five thousand people. Thanks to the exceptional work of more than seven hundred designers, engineers and an annual investment in research and development of hundreds of millions of Czech crowns, Škoda Transportation successfully launches new and modern products on a regular basis onto world markets. The company has allocated four billion crowns for research and development over the past four years. 1 2 ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION Škoda Transportation offers state of the art solutions for the production and development of low-floor trams, metro trains and other vehicles used for highly efficient and environmentally friendly public transport in European cities. The company also focuses on the production of a variety of trains and locomotives. The unique know-how of Škoda Transportation is based upon strong traditions stemming from a rich past when the company was a world-renowned supplier of electric locomotives of which it produced over five thousand. PRODUCTION PROGRAM: Electric locomotives and their modernization Low-floor trams Electric units Metro trains and their modernization Important components for rail vehicles Full service 3 ŠKODA VAGONKA Škoda Vagonka, founded in 1900, maintains the manufacturing tradition of railway vehicles in Studénka. In the course of its operations, the company has produced more than passenger railway cars and trains and nearly freight and special vehicles. Škoda Vagonka s main focus is the market for long-distance electric trains and regional and suburban transport. The company supplies electric units to Lithuania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany and of course within the Czech Republic. As an example, lowfloor RegioPanter and InterPanter electric units are designed for Czech Railways. Its production program also includes passenger cars for push-pull sets, complete vehicle servicing, repairs and modernization, and of course the sale of spare parts. PRODUCTION PROGRAM: Double-deck electric units Single-deck electric units Passenger cars for push-pull type trains Full service 4 5 6 ŠKODA ELECTRIC Škoda Electric is a world leading manufacturer of trolleybuses which are currently used in many European cities and around the world. Škoda Electric has long been a prominent manufacturer of trolleybuses, electric drives and traction engines; especially for rail and mining vehicles. In addition to these products, the company has developed hybrid vehicles and two types of electric buses. The Škoda Electric company maintains the manufacturing traditions of railway vehicles at the Studénka Škoda plants which commenced in Thanks to intensive technical development and the use of new knowledge within the field as well as collaboration with local and foreign universities, the company ensures the high technical standards of its products. PRODUCTION PROGRAM: Trolleybuses Electric equipment for trolleybuses Electric and hybrid buses Traction drives Traction engines 7 PARS NOVA The Pars nova company is a stable and experienced partner in the modernization, reconstruction, repair and manufacturing of rail vehicles. In the course of its operations, several thousand vehicles, which have been modernized and repaired there, have passed through the production hall. The modernization of rail vehicles creates an economical alternative to buying new vehicles. PRODUCTION PROGRAM: Manufacturing of rail vehicles Modernization of rail vehicles Service of rail vehicles Repairs of rail vehicles 8 9 10 TRANSTECH The Finnish company Transtech is a European producer of doubledeck railway units and low-floor trams which are mainly designed for the demanding weather conditions in Scandinavia. It is also a major manufacturer of medium/heavy workshop engineering products. The company is based in Oulu, Finland, with production at Otanmäki. Through the acquisition of the Finnish company, Škoda Transportation has consolidated their position within Western Europe. PRODUCTION PROGRAM: Low-floor trams Double-deck passenger cars Double-deck control cars 11 ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION DEUTSCHLAND Škoda Transportation Deutschland was founded in Munich as a subsidiary of the Škoda Transportation Group. The German Škoda Transportation company is a commercial/technical service unit responsible for the business development of Škoda Transportation on the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. GANZ-ŠKODA ELECTRIC Ganz-Škoda Electric supplies electric drives and trolleybuses to the Hungarian market. The history of Ganz dates back to The success of this company is built upon the background of Škoda Transportation as a financially stable and technologically advanced company with extensive experience, technological heritage and the know-how and professionalism of Ganz and its employees. SIBELELEKTROPRIVOD The company supplies electric drives for rail vehicles and trolleybuses to the Russian market. The company headquarters is in Novosibirsk. VAGONMASH The company Vagonmash is involved in the manufacturing and servicing of subway cars and the supply of spare parts within Russia. ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION USA The company was founded in 2016 with the aim of completing the foundations of the company with business development, a technical department, sales and project management, all in addition to actual production. 12 13 14 ŠKODA CITY SERVICE Škoda City Service is a provider of complete customer services, including collision repairs for all public transport vehicles owned by the Pilsen municipal transport company. ŠKODA TVC Škoda TVC is one of the largest customized machine shops in the country. The company offers services in the field of metal machining using the chip machining method, primarily concerned with steel components for rail vehicles, machine tools, traction engines, steam turbines and other industries. LOKEL The company LOKEL is a design and manufacturing organization focusing on electrical equipment for rail vehicles. POLL The main activities of the Poll company are the development and manufacturing of electronic systems for applications in power electronics and other areas of electrical engineering. TRADING RS The company was founded in 2010 and represents the interests of all companies in Poland that come under the the Škoda Transportation group umbrella. 15 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Corporate social responsibility is a main priority for the Škoda Transportation company. The company mission is to provide high-tech solutions for transport which promote sustainable development. Due to innovations and its own research, Škoda Transportation designs and manufactures products that can both be adapted to fit customer requirements while at the same time complying with the strict standards of social responsibility. CARE OF EMPLOYEES In addition to modern facilities, stability and a wide range of benefits, more than five thousand employees of the Škoda Transportation company also have many opportunities to work on their personal development. Thanks to this support, an innovative approach to problem solving and new projects, Škoda Transportation can compete with the strongest players on the global market. SUPPORT OF SCIENCE AND INNOVATIONS Škoda Transportation collaborates on research projects with students and academics of universities. One such program, within which students work on specific projects together with experts from Škoda Transportation, has shown itself to be extremely beneficial to all involved. Every year the company registers its own new solutions in the form of patents. Škoda Transportation has also been organizing the prestigious the Emil Škoda Award competition for many years. 16 COMMUNITY CARE Škoda sponsors the Czech national mens, womens and junior Ice Hockey teams and the Ice Hockey Extra League as well as being the general partner of the hockey club HC Škoda Plzeň. In addition to elite athletes, Škoda Transportation also sponsors two large public halls with a variety of sport venues where people can spend their free time. The company takes contributions to the needy to be a natural activity which it does with pleasure. REVITALIZATION OF THE ŠKODA PREMISES The premises in Pilsen have undergone a major revitalization since 2004 with the aim of reviving the traditional industrial zone of the city. In recent years, Škoda Transportation has built three new production halls and a base for research and development. Revitalization of the Škoda premises includes a modern depot with an area of 11.6 hectares. Part of the area is currently used by the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. TECHMANIA Škoda Transportation runs the Science Centre Techmania in conjunction with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Its aim is to restore the declining interest among young people around the world in science and technology. It also includes a unique 3D planetarium equipped with a device that is capable of large-format three-dimensional projection on a spherical surface. 17 ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION Emila Škody 2922/ Pilsen Czech Republic T E ŠKODA VAGONKA a.s. 1 st May 3176/ Ostrava Czech Republic T E TRANSTECH Ltd. Elekroniikkatie 2 FI Oulu Finland T E SIBELEKTROPRIVOD Petuchova Novosibirsk Russia T E ŠKODA TVC s.r.o. Tylova 1/ Pilsen Czech Republic T LOKEL s.r.o. Moravská 797/ Ostrava-Hrabůvka Czech Republic T E ŠKODA ELECTRIC a.s. Tylova 1/ Pilsen Czech Republic T E PARS NOVA a.s. Žerotínova 1833/ Šumperk Czech Republic T E ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION DEUTSCHLAND GmbH Leopoldstrasse Munich Germany T +49 (0) GANZ-ŠKODA ELECTRIC Zrt. Horváth utca H-1027 Budapest Hungary T E TRADING RS Sp.z o.o. Złote Tarasy building LUMEN Złota Varsaw Poland T E ŠKODA CITY SERVICE s.r.o. Emila Škoda 2922/ Pilsen Czech Republic T VÚKV a.s. Bucharova 1314/ Prague 5 Czech Republic T POLL, s.r.o. Křížová 3/ Prague 5 Czech Republic T E OOO VAGONMASH Stachek St Petersburg Russia T ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION USA, LLC. 100 International Drive - 23 rd Floor Baltimore MD, USA T EN
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