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Šiller s Památník and What We Learn about the First Czech Protestants in the USA What Should I Expect? This presentation will give you an introduction into Šiller s Památník. It will tell you about its

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Šiller s Památník and What We Learn about the First Czech Protestants in the USA What Should I Expect? This presentation will give you an introduction into Šiller s Památník. It will tell you about its style, content, and authors. Hopefully it will encourage you to read it. It will look at some other sources and compare those with the information that Památník gives us. The First Glimpse Památník Českých Evanjelických Církví ve Spojených státech obsahující popsání všech českých sborů presbyterních, neodvislých, reformovaných, congregačních, methodistických a baptistických roku 1900 stávajících. Memorial of Czech Protestant Congregations in the United States including descriptions of all Czech Presbyterian, Independent, Reformed, Congregational, Methodist, and Baptist congregations existing in 1900 Compiled by: VILÉM ŠILLER, VÁCLAV PRŮCHA and R. M. De CASTELLO published by Křesťanský posel Chicago, Illinois 1900 Not an average book But why? Why would anyone write a book about Czech Protestant congregations? listen to the editor What does he mean by that? We went from our old country of oppression into this new country of freedom. One would expect that people would use the new freedom for the good. They do not Památník written about (and by) a minority within a minority Covering not only Czech, but partially also Slovak, and even Polish congregations A little bit of statistics of 1900 Czechs in the USA: 531,193 Roman Catholics: 40% Freethinkers: 55% Protestants: 4-5% Form of the Book The Structure of Pamatnik 288 pages (translation: 282) Brief Prologue Foreword on Cz Prot. history by Josef Břeň Congregations Sorted by denominations Always starts with a brief introduction of a particular denomination Followed by individual congregations A congregation would often have several preaching stations = places of worship; missions List of congregations Presbyterian Congregations Introduction New York, N. Y. Baltimore, Md Racine, Wis. Caledonia, Wis. Mělník, Wis. Muscoda, Wis Cobb, Wis. Cedar Rapids and Walker, Ia. Saratoga, Ia and Chatfield Hopkins, New Prague and Montgomery, Minn. Tábor, Minn. Eagle, So. Dak. Tyndall, So. Dak. Sion, Neb. Clarkson and Burwell, Neb. Wahoo and Weston, Neb. Omaha, Neb. Table Rock, Neb. Cleburne and St. Mary s, Kas Cuba, Kas. Fayetteville, Tex. Presbyterian Work among Slovaks Independent congregations Ely, Ia. Silver Lake, Minn. Prague, Neb. Wesley, Tex. Fayetteville, Tex. Industry, Tex. Shiner, Tex. West, Tex. Ocker, Tex. Vsetin, Tex. Nelsonville, Tex. Caldwell, Tex. Granger, Tex. Smithville, Tex Taylor, Tex. and stations Reformed dependent congregat. Chicago, Ill. Cleveland, Ohio. Congregational congregations Introduction Cleveland, Ohio. Bethlehem Biblical School, Cleveland, Ohio. Slavic Seminary in Oberlin, Ohio Chicago, Ill. Milwaukee, Wis. St. Luis, Mo. Iowa City, Ia. Vining and Luzerne, Ia. St. Paul, Minn. Wilber and Crete, Neb. Begonia, Va. Slovak congregational work Braddock, Pa. Elmdale, Minn. Polish congregational work Detroit, Mich. Cleveland, Ohio. Bay City, Mich. Ware, Mass. Methodist-Episcopal congregat. Introduction Chicago, Ill, First congregation Chicago, Ill, Second mission Chicago, Ill, Third congregation Chicago, Ill, Fourth congregation Baltimore, Md. Cedar Rapids, Ia. Cleveland, Ohio. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Muscoda, Wis. Baptist congregations Language of Památník Very elaborate Old-style vocabulary Long sentences At times not fully understandable in Czech Lost in the translation How to translate old-fashioned language? Czech supports longer sentences than English Authors loved very loooong sentences Authors Vilém Šiller, Václav Průcha and R.M. DeCastello call themselves compilers Work of many pastors Writing contributions Revising texts of others Šiller, Průcha, and DeCastello Wrote big portions of Památník Redaction of the whole text Rev. Vilém Šiller Author or compiler of most of the book Born 1872 in Blučina, Moravia Studied high-schools in Brno and Kolín Studied theology in New York Pastor in Saratoga, IA (1898) and Hokins, MN (1900) Rev. Václav Průcha Author or compiler of the part on Independent congregations Studied in Minneapolis and Oberlin, OH Associate pastor in Chicago (1896) Talks more of his brother, Rev. Jan Průcha, than of himself
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