Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm NEW. Alles im grünen Bereich in Küche und Bad! The smooth board for uneven substrates. Extremely hard and only 6,5mm thick! - PDF

Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm NEW Rigips System Sanierboard Grün Alles im grünen Bereich in Küche und Bad! The smooth board for uneven substrates Extremely hard and only 6,5mm thick! Rigips Sanierboard 6,5

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Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm NEW Rigips System Sanierboard Grün Alles im grünen Bereich in Küche und Bad! The smooth board for uneven substrates Extremely hard and only 6,5mm thick! Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm the smooth renovation board for uneven substrates Beautiful living in next to no time Produce level, smooth walls without much effort to turn living dreams into reality? No problem! The Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm is the perfect solution and the ideal background for subsequent painting, wallpapering or tiling. The tiled section in your bathroom forms an unpleasant edge? You would like to swiftly and easily produce a level surface on walls requiring refurbishment and having numerous drilled holes? You find wall areas where tiles were glued on tiles and want to offset the step of the tiled section? The wall in your workroom is already past its prime and you wish to have a clean, level and undamaged surface? Your walls are still unplastered and you look for a simple solution for smooth walls? Then simply refurbish your home yourself! Everything you need is described in this brochure. With the Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm in the handy size of 80 x 120 cm you can easily level all uneven background surfaces. You don't even have to build a complex substructure, you simply fix the tiles on the existing wall with adhesive binder Rigips- Ansetzbinder or joint filler VARIO Unifüll. 2 erigidur H Auch für häusliche F The advantages of the renovation board Rigips Sanierboard: Fix, even out and breathe freely The Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm offers all the relevant advantages when you intend to turn uneven into smooth walls quickly and easily. From the handy size to the primer coat for the decorative finish coating. Plus natural ingredients for a healthy room climate. Weitere Informationen unter Healthy with natural air cleaning effect: Removes up to 98 % of formaldehyde from room air Removes or reduces pollutants almost completely Diminishes unpleasant odours such as tobacco smoke Extremely hard and only 6,5mm thick! uchträume! Safe Classified as non-combustible as per DIN EN Versatile Also suitable for application in damp rooms. Certified By the Institute for Building Biology certified as an IBR tested and recommended building material. The Multi-Comfort* benefits of the Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm: Time saving Simply fix on existing uneven substrates, without any complex substructure Easy to transport thanks to car trunk size Design freedom The hard and smooth surface is ideal for decorative finish coatings No unnecessary loss of space due to only 6,5 mm board thickness Sustainability Made from natural ingredients, a proven building product Rigips system solutions for high-quality and durable constructions Room climate Tested under the building biological aspect and free from adhesives and binding agents With proven air cleaning effect based on a mineral active agent * Multi-Comfort solutions are characterised by their special features and advantages and surpass the applicable minimum standards. For more information please refer to 3 Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm for smooth results of your work Preparatory work Substrates: For fixing the Rigips Sanierboard renovation boards on the wall, the substrate to be processed must be clean, dry, free from grease and feature an adequate bearing capacity. In any case check for probable moisture damage in the masonry such as ascending moisture. On plaster and old wallpaper substrates which do not adhere firmly, the board is additionally fixed on the wall with screws. Completely remove all parts which do not adhere tightly such as faulty old coats of paint, loose wallpapers, dust and soiling. 1. Apply a primer bond coat of Rigips Haftbrücke (see 1.) on non- or poorly absorbent substrates (e.g. tiles, concrete and bearing old paint coats), and a safety primer coat of VARIO Sicherheitsgrundierung (see 2.) on highly absorbent substrates (e.g. wallpapers, porous concrete etc.). Rigips Haftbrücke 2. Rigips VARIO Sicherheitsgrundierung 4 Recommended processing techniques for wall unevenness Processing to offset wall unevenness up to approx. 20 mm: Stir Rigips Ansetzbinder according to the instructions on the sack and apply in lumps (photo). The lump size is approx. 10 cm, the lump spacing approx. 30 cm. In areas of window reveals, sinks, consoles etc. all-over placement is required. Rigips Ansetzbinder Processing for minor wall unevenness: Stir Rigips VARIO Unifüll or joint filler VARIO Rigidur Fugenspachtel according to the instructions on the sack and distribute it all-over with a serrated trowel of size 8 or 10 just like for tiles. Rigips VARIO Unifüll and Rigips VARIO Rigidur Fugenspachtel Tip For perfect adhesion: Strew powder into a clean vessel with water until islands of powder are formed at the surface. After 5 minutes thoroughly agitate the substance. The substance shall thicken to such extent that it adheres to the trowel. For further details please see the following website: or our brochure VARIO Eine glatte Sache 5 Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm for smooth results of your work Basic processing steps Fixing of the Rigips Sanierboard Fix the boards as a unit (offset joints) and align them with water level and floating rule. Keep joints of approx. 5 mm between the boards.y Tip The best approach to produce accurate joints between the individual boards is to use cross spacers or matchsticks of 5 mm width. Bolting of the Rigips Sanierboard On substrates which do not allow a sufficiently stable joining on the wall as e.g. in case of extensive wallpaper remnants, the boards are additionally bolted to the masonry. To do so, drill a hole of 6 mm diameter at approx. 20 cm distance from the board edge through the board into the loadbearing substrate. Insert a 6 mm standard dowel and use a screw of type Rigips Schnellbauschraube 35 mm for fixing. 6 Connections to walls, ceilings etc. in corners Keep a distance of approx. 5 mm at all edges of the wall lined with the Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm. Filling When joining a gypsum board on plaster or concrete, fix a self-adhesive painter's tape (masking tape) between board edge and wall to separate the different materials. Remove the visible part of the tape after the filling. After the joining material has dried, fill the board joints and the edge joints with joint filler VARIO Unifüll or VARIO Rigidur Fugenspachtel. After the filling has fully dried grind the filler burs to produce level surfaces. 7 Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm for smooth results of your work Application of the Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm to even out a tiled section With the Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm you rapidly get a grip on all situations in the bathroom where you would like to even out the tiled section or produce smooth transitions from the tiles to the wall. Clean and measure the transition from the old tiled section to the wall. Provide the Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm with adhesive binder on its rear side (also see p. 5), place it directly above the tiled section and match the board by pressing it correspondingly. Check the surface evenness with a water level. Apply Rigips Haftbrücke with a paint brush or a paint roller on the old tiles (also see p. 4). Then place the new tiles on the level wall surfaces and fix them. Finally, fill the joints neatly. Finished! 8 9 Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm for smooth results of your work Application of the Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm as dry plaster on old masonry Even in case of buildings with old masonry, the Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm, as a clean and quick alternative to dry plaster, is the ideal solution to even out any unevenness of walls. Initial condition of the old brick wall: clean, dry and capable of bearing loads. Apply Rigips Sicherheitsgrundierung for highly ab sorbent substrates (p. 4). Attach the Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm with lumps of filler applied uniformly on the rear side. Fix the boards as a unit (offset joints) and align them with water level and floating rule. Keep joints of approx. 5 mm between the boards. In case of insufficiently absorbent substrates, drill holes through the boards, insert 6 mm dowels into the masonry and bolt the boards to the masonry (p. 6). 10 11 Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm decorate just as you wish Decorative design of the completed wall Now you can turn your decoration ideas into reality and fix e.g. tiles, wallpapers or apply paints on the newly produced wall surface. For further details please refer to our information on surface treatment: Please observe: Thoroughly eliminate grinding dust before applying the final coat on the wall. Apply VARIO Sicherheitsgrundierung as primer coat. This allows you to offset different absorption characteristics of spots treated with joint filler and board. After this preparatory work your renovated walls are now ready for all coatings. For coating the Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm we commend the application of latex paints. For tiles exceeding 15 kg/m 2 surface weight, the board must additionally be bolted on. (p. 6.) Heavy loads such as shelves or wall cupboards are anchored directly with dowels in the masonry. 12 13 Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm Overview of products and accessories Everything for the wall from just one source When processing the Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm, you can rely on a proven Rigips system of products matched to each other. To make sure that everything goes well in your refurbishment project. Rigips Sanierboard 6,5 mm Usuable size in cm 120 x 80 m 2 per element 0,96 Total thickness in mm 6,5 Surface weight in kg/m 2 approx. 7,8 Number per pallet 100 m 2 per pallet 96 Weight per pallet in kg approx. 780 Rigips Haftbrücke Rigips VARIO Sicherheitsgrundierung Rigips Ansetzbinder Rigips VARIO Unifüll Fugenspachtel Rigips VARIO Rigidur Fugenspachtel Rigips Schnellbauschraube Product specification Primer bond coat for concrete, tiles and other poorly absorbent substrates prior to fixing the renovation board. For pretreatment of the masonry and the substrate prior to the bonding. For priming the board surface after application of filler before attaching further surface coats (tiles, plaster, wallpaper etc.). For fixing Rigips boards, Rigitherm composite boards and Rigidur gypsum fibre boards on solid walls. For filling butt joints without reinforcing strips, for all-over fixing on smooth surfaces with serrated trowel size 8 or 10, depending on the evenness of surface. For filling butt joints without reinforcing strips, for all-over fixing on smooth surfaces with serrated trowel size 8 or 10, depending on the evenness of surface. 35 mm length to anchor the renovation board in the masonry with dowels. Consumption approx. 2,5 3 kg/m² approx. 0,1 0,2 ltr./m² approx. 5 kg/m² approx. 0,3 kg/m² as joint filler; approx. 2,5 3 kg/m² for fixing 4/board Dimensions/Content 6 kg/bucket 2,5/5 ltr. tin box 10/20 kg sack 2,5 kg/5 kg bag 25 kg/sack 5 kg/bag 150 pcs/package 14 People just love to build. Clear and simple. Rigips. The construction professional Innovation & sustainability Today s building methods convince through an utmost degree of functionality and economic efficiency. Just like dry interior con struction which Rigips has established as the pioneer and forerunner in Germany. Today the name of Rigips is synonymous with modern dry construction and the high quality of the brand. Based on manifold inno vations we have further developed this build ing method and offer high-quality system solutions plus all necessary components to the pro fessional user. What guides us in our activities is the responsible managing of natural, human and economic assets and resources. For us, the production ofespecially eco-compatible building materials from the natural raw material gypsum has a long tradition. This is the reason, why we feel particularly committed to sustainable building. Simple and future-oriented solutions The focus of our developments is placed on reliable, safe systems which satisfy the constantly increasing requirements of all those involved in building. It is our aim not only to respond to the varied demands of our customers regarding current requirements but also to consider tomorrow s challenges already today. We develop solutions which aim to offer the highest comfort for the user in order to enable a future-orientated design of buildings and rooms. This is what Multi-Comfort stands for. Rigips. Sustainably good. Generate sustainable values with Multi-Comfort With our Multi-Comfort solutions which exceed the applicable minimum standards and our certi fied systems we make an important contribution to enhance planning and processing security and to increase the added value in dry construction. This is closely linked to the sustainable improvement of living comfort and the quality of life for people as well as the intrinsic value of their habitats. From one generation to the next. Experience comfort with all your senses: the six Multi-Comfort dimensions Room climate Quiet Design freedom Safety Time saving Sustainability For further information please visit: 15 Saint-Gobain Rigips GmbH 1 st edition, August 2013 Rigips is a registered trade name of Saint-Gobain. Rigips reserves the right to revise product specifications without notice. The information in this document was correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. It is the user s responsibility to ensure that it remains current prior to use. The information of this brochure was translated from the German original. Therefore we cannot exclude translation errors. The information of this publication does not relieve the users of our products from their checking of the German brochure. We do not assume any liability for translation errors. EN/08.13/online/nz/Rev.0 Saint-Gobain Rigips GmbH Head office Schanzenstraße 84 D Düsseldorf Phone +49 (0) Fax +49 (0)
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