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Rabén & Sjögren Rights catalog Spring-Summer 2014 Rabén & Sjögren is Sweden s largest publisher of books for children and young adults and has had an impact on Swedish children s literature since 1942.

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Rabén & Sjögren Rights catalog Spring-Summer 2014 Rabén & Sjögren is Sweden s largest publisher of books for children and young adults and has had an impact on Swedish children s literature since The publication is characterized by its interesting and cutting-edge selection of books from both well-known and brand new authors and illustrators as well as backlist favorites. We are proud to be the publisher of authors such as Astrid Lindgren, J K Rowlings, Gunilla Bergström and Kitty Crowther. At Rabén & Sjögren Agency we manage the rights of the classical picture books about Pippi Longstocking and Emil, as well as modern classics like Pija Lindenbaum s Gittan and Emma Adbåge s Leni. We also represent a wide range of juvenile and young adult fiction, with award-winning authors such as Katarina Kieri, Katarina von Bredow and Mårten Melin. Lillevi Kerstin Cover illustration from Månkan och jag har en hemlighet by Katarina Kieri and Emma Virke. Rabén & Sjögren Agency P.O Box 2052 SE Stockholm, Sweden Visitors: Tryckerigatan 4 Phone: rabensjogren.se/agency Lillevi Cederin Kerstin Öberg Rabén & Sjögren Agency is the rights division of Rabén & Sjögren, Norstedts Publishing Group. The first secret and the very first best friend Picture books Katarina Kieri & Emma Virke Månkan och jag har en hemlighet Månkan and I Have a Secret In Katarina Kieri s first picture book a girl talks about her secret in first-person. The tone is intimate and dramatic, and we sense something larger than the actual secret the fact that she shares it with her friend Månkan. Emma Virke s illustrations are imaginative and expressive collages where many little secrets can be seen if you look carefully. Katarina Kieri writes prose, poetry and drama for children, young adults and adults. She has received many award, among them the Astrid Lindgren Prize in 2012, and the August Prize in 2004 for her young adult novel, Does Elias Dance? No. Emma Virke is an artist and illustrator who debuted as a picture book illustrator 2009 with Mops, written by Eva Lindström. 215x280 mm, 32 pp 3 6 years Press voices: The very best and finest children s book so far this year. Magnus Utvik Captures in perfect tone the very own world of two little girls, a world where only they can go. Ingalill Mosander, Aftonbladet Vår hemlighets-pumla är den vackraste som finns. Och den hemligaste. För nu har vi hittat ett nytt gömställe, ett attans bra gömställe. Picture books Siblings and dinosaurs Åsa Lind & Emelie Östergren Hemligheten The Secret At home, it feels mysterious and exciting. Mom and Dad walk around waiting for a baby to come out of Mom s tummy. The little boy walks around carrying a dinosaur egg that will hatch someday. A perfect topic for 3 5 years-olds! Åsa Lind s text closely matches children s fantasies. Emelie Östergren, young cartoon artist, skillfully captures the different emotions of children 195x254mm, 32 pp 3 6 years Welcome to the world of little creepy-crawlies John & Hanna Hallmén Minimonster i naturen Mini Monsters in Nature You ve never seen insects like this before! An exciting and unforgettable journey in the world of mini monsters! A world that s invisible to us, but that s still there, right next to us. Admired photographer John Hallmén now captures the attention of the children s books audience. John Hallmén, born in 1978, is a dedicated and innovative insect photographer who, with the help of digital camera technology, shows us the world of these bugs in a way that we ve never seen before. Hanna Hallmén, born in 1976, is a language reader pedagogue. This is her debut as an author. 190x254mm, 32 pp 3 6 years About play, friendship and love Picture books Foto: Magnus Liam Karlsson Jujja Wieslander & Lotta Geffenblad Vina Vinas vän Vina Vina s Friend Vina Vinas Friend is the second book about Vina Vina, for the very youngest. Jujja Wieslander is one of our most loved children s books creators. She is a master at turning the very simplest of everyday events into grand adventures in the world of young children. A dirty, broken and seemingly uninteresting stick turns into a crossbar in Vina Vina s hands, or a lawnmower. A wolf becomes a best friend to share your pillow with. Everybody knows Jujja Wieslander s world-famous picture book characters Mamma Moo and Crow. Vina Vina is a new exciting acquaintance for the younger children. 210x210mm, 32 pp 0 3 years About the body for the youngest Emma Adbåge Lilla magen Lilla näsan Little Tummy Little Nose With passion and intimate knowledge of the young child Emma Adbåge has created a board book series for the very youngest discoverers. A first introduction to the different body parts in miniature format and sturdy cardboard. 160x160mm, 18 pp 0 3 years Pippi 70 years Pippi Longstocking 70 years Pippi will never grow old, but in 2015 it will be 70 years since Astrid Lindgren s first book about Pippi Longstocking was published. This calls for a celebration! Astrid s daughter Karin was sick in bed and wanted her mum to tell her a story. Tell me about Pippi Longstocking, she pleaded, and in that instant she had invented what was to become one of the world s most famous children s book characters. Since the name was remarkable, it had to be a remarkable girl, said Astrid Lindgren. For years she was making up new stories for Karin and her friends. AtidLid Astrid Lindgren &I Ingrid Vang Nyman Vejenkunstmeseum.dk A miniature Villa Villekulla with three classic picture books in miniformat, a play section and Pippi and her friends to play with. To be published in spring 2015 Restored and revised editions of Pippi Långstrump i Humlegården Pippi in the Park Pippi Långstrump på Kurrekurreduttön Pippi on Canny Canny Island To be published autumn 2014 Wonderful, classic Pippi-pictures! Pippi 70 years What is Pippi doing in the pictures? Here are some fun scenes from Pippi s world to point at and talk about. A fun wordless board book in sturdy cardboard for the very youngest, illustrated with Ingrid Van Nyman s classic pictures. Vad gör Pippi? What is Pippi doing? Titta Pippi Look Pippi 160x160mm, 16 pp 0 3 years Pippi Games & activitybooks Picture books Modern Classics The ten books about Max are modern classics and are now published as board books in a new design accompanied by a new edition of the charming book to collect baby s memories. Barbro Lindgren & Eva Eriksson Max nalle Max teddy Max blöja Max nappy Max boll Max ball Max potta Max potty The other five titles will follow 2014/ x160mm, 16 pp. Min egen bok My own book 215x233mm, 48 pages, spiral binding mina första ord jag jollrade första gången mina första ord var första gången jag sa mamma första gången jag sa pappa andra intressanta saker jag har sagt mina tänder första gången jag vinkade min första tand klappade händerna min andra tand satt min tredje tand kröp min fjärde tand stod gick Humor and excitement in perfect combination 6 9 years Åsa Rosén Cirkus Caramba Vampyr mysteriet Circus Caramba The Vampire Mystery When it comes to solving mysteries, circus director Caramba sure had his appetite whet. So when he reads in the paper about a circus thief in Transylvania he packs up Circus Caramba and heads over there. But not only circus thieves wreak havoc in Transylvania, also vampires! Fanged creatures that will go to any length in order to sink their teeth into a yummy human throat. The Vampire Mystery is a stand-alone continuation of The Fire Eating Mystery. 96 pp, 6 9 years A powerful book about self-confidence Emma Adbåge Jag är jag I Am Me Emma Adbåge hits a bull s eye when she has Mickan revolt against everybody who views her as a quiet girl who needs to be more assertive. She is assertive, but in her own way. Press voices: Emma Adbåge portrays, with a warm sense of humor, funny things, difficult things, embarrassing things and terrible things. With the lovely point of view of a child, and with a sense of humor that even grownups laugh at. Anna Nygren, Folkbladet 128 pp, 6 9 years Published 2011 9 12 years Katarina von Bredow Hon & Han Him & Her Hierarchies and power games in middle school Him & Her is the second stand-alone book in Katarina von Bredow s trilogy about life in middle school. With a page-turning frenzy, she portrays the social games of twelve-year-olds so we feel it in our bones. Media voices about You & I, the first book in the trilogy: Brilliant about the life changes of twelve-year-olds. Dagens Nyheter Katarina von Bredow has once again given us an incredibly important novel for young readers. Bibliotekstjänst 228 pp, 9 12 years A fine portrayal of an important topic Lina Stoltz I morgon är allt som vanligt Tomorrow Everything Is back to Normal Lilian has a mother who sometimes drinks too much. Soon they will be celebrating St. Lucia s Day at school, but does Lilian really want to be there if her mom can t come and watch? Her teacher, Krister, bugs her about parent-teacher conferences and asks a bunch of difficult questions that Lilian doesn t want to answer. Tomorrow Everything Is back to Normal is a loving and heart-felt story about a family like so many others, about difficulties and sorrow and about an important topic, unusual in children s books. 160 pp, 9 12 years New fantasy trilogy! 9 12 years Pascale Vallin Johansson Dömd Convicted Life isn t fair. Amir, Lo and Vidar realize this as soon as they arrive as foster children at Heavenly Peace. The estate is anything but heavenly; the children are supervised at all times and punished if they make the tiniest mistake. Gunvor, or Foster Mother as she wants to be called, rules here. Her task is to make decent folk out of children of convicted murderers. Amir, Lo and Vidar believe that their mothers are innocent and they aim to learn the truth. The question is, how will they get over the wall with the electric fence that surrounds Heavenly Peace? Might they get help from hidden powers? And do they really dare trust each other? Convicted is the first part in The Amargi Trilogy, an exciting and magic story about the fight for freedom. 176 pp, 9 12 years Upcoming titles: Escape Fight 9 12 years David Lynch meets Swedish small town Moa Eriksson Sandberg Flickan i de vindlande gångarna The Girl in the Winding Walkways It is winter and it has been a year and a half since Linda Palm disappeared. Hanna has left all the horrible stuff behind her. Everything is familiar, but also strange. A girl in Hanna s old school tried to kill herself and strange things have started happening. Freestanding continuation of The First Girl the Forest Meets which received fantastic reviews. Press voices The best horror book of the year. Moa Eriksson Sandberg slowly builds tension and manages to create discomfort in everyday scenes. Andras Palmaer, DN about The First Girl the Forest Meets 180 pp, 9 12 years Master of Mystery Kerstin Lundberg Hahn Skuggan I väggen The Shadow In the Wall Press voices A strangely scary ghost story that catches the reader in a firm grip. Lundberg Hahn has an impressively tight hold on her story, making the read a breathless experience. Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter A thriller for everyone from the age of nine and up. Well written, very exciting and with a serious tone and depth. Anna Hällgren, Norran Lundberg Hahn is a master of scary children s stories combined with engaging tales of frindship. Nature, above all the white water rapids, here have a critical as well as beautiful role. Jonna Fries, Smålandsposten 224 pp, 9 12 years Published 2012 New breathless thriller Ingelin Angerborn Hjärta av damm Heart of Dust During fall break Bella attends a theater class at an old historic theater. It is rumored that the place is haunted but that s just superstition. But who is writing strange things on the mirror in the girls bathroom? Why is there a light on in the attic where nobody is allowed to go? And why does their classmate Nelli say that she has seen death? Breathlessly exciting story by Ingelin Angerborn, a master of the genre, thrillers for tweens. Her earlier thrillers have sold in over copies! 176 pp, 9 12 years Everything you ever wanted to know about sex! 9 12 years Young Adult Sandra Dahlén Sex med mera Sex Etcetera This book strengthens girls self-esteem, makes them aware of their bodies, their sexuality, girls equal rights in society and the right to set boundaries. Theory is mixed with practical suggestions. Sex Etcetera spans from the individual to society and back again. Sex Etcetera was first published in This is a revised and updated edition. Sex Etcetera is a book that I wish would end up in the hands of every teen girl. It contains something as earth-shatteringly unusual as sex education from a girl perspective. Hufvudstadsbladet 170x210mm, 280 pp 12+ Young Adult Epic tension Eva Susso Två städer Two Cities Leon wanders through a desolate landscape looking for a home. One day he runs into Anja. They reach a high wall. Perhaps salvation is behind the wall. High-speed adventure and excitement for year-olds. Eva Susso does something entirely new with Two Cities and she does is with bravado! 250 pp, 12+ Augustnominated author Mårten Melin Liksom helt magiskt Kind of Like Magic A collection of twelve amazing stories where some are exciting, some funny and some very, very scary. We meet Viktor who gets a magical necklace, Lara who can see ghosts and Jamila who wants to be somebody else. Whether you like horror, love or friendship, there is something for everybody. 152 pp, 12+ On the threshold of the adult world Young Adult Moa Eriksson Sandberg Välkommen till LA, baby Welcome to LA, Baby Doris lives in the shadows of sorrow. She seeks affirmation in others and has a difficult time putting up with herself, taking up space. With her best friend Ottilia she takes a break from her university studies for a dream trip to San Francisco. Here they plan to hang out in loud bars and cool used bookstores, get to know doe-eyed poets and indie-band singers. Media voices: Eriksson Sandberg manages to exactly capture the sense of having one leg in childhood and the other on its way into the adult world, whether you want to or not. Hallandsposten 192 pp, 15+ Our new comedy queen! Emmy Abrahamson Make it stort Make It Big The third and last part of Filippa s adventures and actor dreams in London. Full of complications and killer humor by August-nominated Emmy Abrahamson who has actually been a part of the theater world in London herself. Media voices: Well-written, fun page-turner that well deserved its August Prize nomination. Dagens Nyheter about The Only Way Is Up Emmy Abrahamson can write with wit, sharply and humorously. Sundsvalls Tidning about Steal the show. 228 pp, 12+ Young Adult A raw contemporary novel for young adults Martin Jern Svensk synd Swedish Sin Fourteen years old and so fucking lonely in my head. Otto is fourteen years old and lives in a small backwaters village. He is lonely and misunderstood. He wants to go somewhere but doesn t know where. It s election time and a party hostile toward immigrants has joined Eternity Church in order to take power in their community. When a girl disappears Otto is faced with a difficult moral dilemma. Martin Jerns debut title Affection published in 2011 was praised by critics. 176 pp, 15+ An experiential love story! Sandra Beijer Det handlar om dig It s All About You It s all About You is the story about that first, great love. It takes place in the inner city of Stockholm for a few feverish autumn months and the reader is thrown between hope and despair, happiness and sorrow, excitement and apathy. Sandra Beijer tells her story in such a poetic but still simple and natural way that anybody who has ever been in love will be touched by it it doesn t matter if you re 15 or 45. Sandra Beijer, born in 1984, has, since 2005, been writing her wellread blog Ninetofive. She was educated as a copywriter and has worked in both Stockholm and New York. 198 pp, 15+
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