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2014 Product overview PRODUCT CATALOGUE Metre performance TÜV assurance Osborn worldwide: Brazil China France Germany Great Britain India Mexico Portugal Romania Singapore Spain Sweden Taiwan USA WELCOME...

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2014 Product overview PRODUCT CATALOGUE Metre performance TÜV assurance Osborn worldwide: Brazil China France Germany Great Britain India Mexico Portugal Romania Singapore Spain Sweden Taiwan USA WELCOME... to Osborn FIRST CHOICE FOR ALL SURFACES. Dear Customers, To be our customers' first choice that's quite a call. Mainly for ourselves. Since 1887, we've been manufacturing professional tools for a wide range of tasks involved with surface processing and finishing. During this time we have expanded our know-how continuously, not least of all by growing our group of companies. We like to see ourselves as your partner and want to inspire you. Let's get together to develop the best solutions and products to meet the highest demands. As our customers' First Choice Partner, we offer you above all a first-class service. This ranges from individual product solutions, to customer-friendly packaging that sells itself, to a 24/7 online order service. One item that we've made our very own is best-possible reliability. With our TÜV-tested, certified products, we guarantee you maximum reliability - and that makes us unique in our industry. Finally, we guarantee you the maximum efficiency of our products. We've replaced service life , that difficult to grasp term favored by our industry, with meter performance . The details of meter performance on the product make it predictable when you buy it, and increase the efficiency of the user. The figures below are also impressive evidence that we can be trusted. KNOW-HOW FOR MORE THAN 125 YEARS SUBSIDIARIES IN 14 COUNTRIES SALES OFFICES IN 23 COUNTRIES SERVICE IN 120 COUNTRIES MORE THAN 2000 EMPLOYEES WORLDWIDE We look forward to working with you as partners and will make every effort to be your first choice in the future as well. Your Osborn sales team 1 Service THE BEST SERVICE AT ALL LEVELS Service means just that - service. It's not just a matter of dependable ordering, attractive conditions and fast delivery. We have that already, of course. We offer our customers a 100% service. But service at Osborn starts very early on. Good service starts with a good product. A good tool has to feel right in the hand and harmonize 100% with the machine. That's why we place great value on the ergonomics and handling of our products. Osborn tools are designed to suit all coon machines and are also tested thoroughly on them. Good service for us means developing products that make your work easier. In our R&D centre, we use the latest technology to achieve maximum ease of use and safety. Individual solutions for your company. We develop products that perfectly suit the needs and demands of our customers. It doesn't matter whether they're from our huge standard range or the result of a customer-specific solution developed jointly with you. Our aim is always to make the user's work easier. Our packaging is our best salesman. A lot of information has to be taken in and considered on the shelf and on the packaging. We place great value here on an uncluttered appearance and easily read and self-explanatory information. Well structured packaging helps the customer to find the right product and saves the dealer consultation time. Details on packaging and full information for dealers can be found in the POS section. 2 Service 24/7 availability worldwide. Rapid response and delivery times are a fundamental element of a modern service/customer relationship. For you as a dealer, they are not only the basis for a good and profitable business partnership but also have to be characterized by uncomplicated and reliable operation. nexmart offers its dealers the convenience of an online order platform and has been available in many European countries for some time now. nexmart easy ordering around the clock The nexmart Internet platform is the biggest information source in the industry and allows convenient, digital ordering with full order functionality whenever and wherever you need it. No matter when or where, Osborn accepts your order and sees to its punctual delivery. 3 TÜV/safety A QUESTION OF SAFETY Work safety a key issue for users and dealers. MEHR MORE SICHERHEIT SAFETY THANKS DANK TÜV-ZERTIFIZIERUNG TO CERTIFICATION That's why Osborn takes the subject very seriously. Users and dealers are safe with us because most Osborn tools are TÜV-certified. This means that safety for you is not only perceivable but also measurable. Safety with a seal. More than 650 Osborn products now have TÜV certification. Osborn quality is not just a promise but is signed and sealed. More than 650 of our products have been certified by TÜV-SÜD. This makes Osborn products the only ones on the market to meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Our quality standard: to always have the best tool for every job. That is why we combine top-quality raw materials, years of experience, high-precision manufacturing methods and meticulous finishing so our customers can rely on Osborn. + Osborn: Officially good! A TÜV seal means tested without compromise and indicates quality at the first glance. Osborn is the only manufacturer in its sector to obtain this certification. One of more than 650 TÜV-SÜD certified Osborn products 4 TÜV/safety Visible quality. The TÜV seal on the new packaging catches the eye iediately. Clearly visible on the shelf, the seal tells consumers iediately that Osborn quality has gained official confirmation. You can tell a product is TÜV-certified by the packaging. Detailed information on packaging can be found in the POS section. Unique tool. Repeated testing. All products undergo a wide variety of tests for TÜV- Süd certification. In addition to these checks, all our products are subjected to our own comprehensive tests in order to guarantee the Osborn quality standard. Our customers benefit time and again from double quality testing which ensures consistently high standards in terms of materials, finish and safety. THE OSBORN ADVANTAGE With its TÜV certification, Osborn promises more than just a quality coitment. Osborn products have proven they perform as promised under all conditions. This clearly makes Osborn the first choice when it comes to superbly manufactured tools of unbeatable quality. 5 Efficiency MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY MORE EFFICIENCY THANKS TO METER PERFORMANCE Efficient planning, efficient ordering. Service life , the term widely used in the industry, makes it difficult to estimate material requirements accurately. No-one knows exactly how long it will take to finish a surface. However, the size of the surface is easy to determine. The meter performance makes work efficient and economical. Only the meter performance matters. At Osborn, the focus is on the consumer. We have developed the concept of meter performance to provide faster and transparent evidence of product performance. Length x width. That's all you need for an efficient and needs-based purchase with Osborn. 3,75 m 2 Find information easily. Meter performance on Osborn packaging: quick to find, easy to understand. 6 Efficiency DETERMINING METER PERFORMANCE: THE TEST ROBOT The test robot at work. Watch the video on YouTube: Accurate testing without compromise. At Osborn, we use a state-of-the-art industrial robot to determine the exact meter performance of our products. The robot delivers accurate results and makes it possible to carry out a wide range of quality assurance checks, all under the same conditions. As well as providing pure performance data, the robot helps us through continuous monitoring to guarantee a consistent quality standard. Complex processes are easily replicated using realistic simulations to optimize the tool. Testroboter am Standort Burgwald/Germany. Performance testing and comparison. Quality demands, design, material and meter performance are not the only thorough tests our high-quality brushes undergo continuously on the test bench. 120% 100% 100% Comparison Test % 120% 100% Comparison Test % 100% 100% Lifetime Removal Rate Osborn brushes Brush comparison 80% 60% 62.50% 80% 60% 67.84% 40% 20% 36.70% 40% 20% 0% lifetime removal rate Test results for Osborn knotted wire crimped cup brushes. 0% lifetime removal rate Test results for Osborn knotted wire crimped wheel brushes. 7 Necesequi del inctass equidiatem dolo ma dolupieni aut qui ut ooles de consed min cus nonsed esequam, omnis audic tempeli cusda qui velitiuntiis etur. T B A EINSATZ Aufrauen Glätten Produkt erhältlich mit: Entgraten Kanten verrunden Stahldraht gewellt Check Strukturieren Stahldraht rostfrei S. 150 Entrosten/Entlacken Schweißnähte Messingdraht max. 0,00 UVP 0,00 UVP 0,00 UVP -1 A T B(min-max) G min à Bestell.-Nr. Bestell.-Nr. Bestell.-Nr ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00, ,00-00,00 M0 x 0, * 000,00, ,00, ,00,- * Hier steht ein Hinweistext mit Bezug auf gekennzeichnete Produkte in der Tabellexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ab Lager sofort lieferbare Artikel werden mit fettgestellten Bestellnuern dargestellt. Über andere Abmessungen/Drahtstärken informieren wir Sie gerne: 0,26 0,35 0,50 0,60 0,80 BESATZ UND MATERIAL PRODUCT FINDER The fastest way to the best tool The whole range at a glance. You start by deciding what you will be doing with the tool: brushing, polishing, satinising, grinding or a job needing one of our special tools. BRUSHES See right-hand page. POLISHING/SATINISING 1. Products arranged by machine type. The icons and the easy access system help you quickly find the right tool for your surface treatment needs. Angle grinders Power Drills See right-hand edge of catalogue starting at the Product overview page. High-speed machines 2. Your tool in detail. Once you have chosen a tool, the product introduction tells you all its main, important features. Product introductions can be found at the start of each chapter, before the main page. Additional, machine-specific information is located separately on the main pages before the products. 3. The right one for the job. Clearly arranged in tables to make it easy for you to choose the right tool for the job. All information such as trim material, machine type and technical details at a glance. Stationary machines BRUSHES Introduction & technical information PRODUCT INTRODUCTION BRUSHES Osborn brushes first-class, brand-name tools for every application. RUNDBÜRSTE Gewellter Draht BRUSHES BÜRSTEN Winkelschleifer Angle grinders Stahl Gussstahl Edelstahl NE-Metall Aluminium Weichholz Hartholz Trim materials: Steel wire, knotted Steel wire, crimped/flat Steel wire, stainless Brass wire Abrasive bristle Nylon Natural bristle Product illustration: Ø = diameter (brush) A = operating width A = keyway width (axle disc) T = trim length L = length K = body width B = bore (machines) B = width (hand brushes) G = thread F = chuck capacity C = keyway height S = shank diameter R = tube W = workpiece diameter Production monitored Type tested Products with this label are TÜV-certified. for more information, see pp. 4/5 Symbols: max. UVP bore thread Max. rotation A simple colour system indicates the trim material. Important extra information such as diameter, trim length or body width is included in the caption to the product illustration. Detailed explanations can be found on the fold-out at the back of the catalogue. Pcs. 8 PRODUCT OVERVIEW The fastest way to the best tool Product overview BRUSHES POLISHING/SATINISING GRINDING INTERNAL FINISHING INFORMATION & CONCEPTS FOR DEALERS 9 POS BRUSHES Introduction & technical information PRODUCT INTRODUCTION BRUSHES Osborn brushes first-class, brand-name tools for every application. There are any number of tasks and applications for a brush. But it is not just the job that determines which brush to use. The tool used and the surface to be finished are equally important. To ensure you always have the best brush in each case, you should entrust your surfaces to a brand-name brush. This is the only way to guarantee that everything from trim material to brush shape is correct. Overview of the most coon machine brushes: End brushes Cup brushes Wheel brushes For finishing solid or hollow rods, profiles, welded seams, cut edges, gears, grooves, narrow areas. Efficient finishing of large areas, welding seams and metal plates. Accurate finishing of inaccessible places and inner surfaces. Ideal tool for finishing corners, edges or inaccessible places, as well as surface cleaning. Can also be used without problems in drills because of the light plastic body. Flap wheel brushes Bevel brushes Hand brushes and bristless For universal use. Tube & internal brushes Ideal for finishing drill holes, threads or cross holes (internal finishing chapter). THE OSBORN ADVANTAGE Osborn has the right brush for every application. As a professional partner to trade and industry, Osborn sells high-performance tools suitable for all applications throughout the world. You can rely on Osborn's many years of experience and skill. 10 BRUSHES Introduction & technical information Trim materials: the right material for every application For our high end products, we only use trim materials that we have developed ourselves or which have been specifically selected. Constant laboratory tests ensure high material quality. Your Osborn tool is always perfectly suited to a certain type of brushing work. Our technical sales department will be pleased to advise you on the ideal trim material for your given application. Steel wire, crimped Most coon triing material For flexible brushing tools Suitable for light surface treatment and deburring operations Brass-coated steel wire, cord wire Cord wire with high tensile strength For demanding brushing and deburring operations, suitable for structuring Steel wire, straight or knotted For extreme brushing requirements For brushing tools with less flexibility Ideal for cleaning weld seam and removing heavy deposits of scale or corrosion Tampico fibre Pure plant fibre For wet and dry cleaning operations Heat-resistant In combination with compound also suitable for polishing Osborn special steel wire, crimped or knotted Heavy duty steel wire with high tensile strength High elongation and long brush life For extreme brushing demands PREMIUM (See foldaway) Horse hair Animal hair For light cleaning operations Suitable for sealing Stainless steel wire, crimped, straight or knotted Most coonly used alloy (1.4401/ available on request) This wire is used where residue from normal steel wire would contaminate surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. Synthetic filaments Highly flexible Resistant to weak acids and alkaline solutions Wear resistant Brass wire Surface finishing on non-ferrous materials (copper and brass) Abrasive filament, aluminium oxide Nylon filaments impregnated with abrasive grit Light deburring of steel and non-ferrous metals Brass-coated steel wire, mono wire Single wires High tensile strength For demanding brushing and deburring operations Novoflex-B Abrasive spheres on a flexible structure Self-centring Creation of surfaces with a high contact ratio (plateau finish) PREMIUM (See foldaway) Abrasive filament, silicon carbide Nylon filaments impregnated with silicon carbide Uniform performance as new abrasive particles come to the surface High elasticity with no danger of breakage Long brush life For deburring/descaling, roughening and grinding Novofil High-performance, high-tech material Flat or round filaments Broad range of materials, different degrees of hardness For deburring and internal finishing PREMIUM (See foldaway) Brush trim and material suitability. The trim material determines the suitability of the selected brush for the surface to be finished. A quick overview of the suitability of your brush can be found in the trim and material charts in the info headings on the product pages. TRIM AND MATERIAL Product available with: Steel wire, crimped Steel wire, stainless Brass wire Steel Cast iron Stainless steel Non-ferrous metal Aluminium Softwood Hardwood Simple equation: the right trim for the material being finished. 11 BRUSHES Introduction & technical information Easy identification of the best trim material. The correct choice of trim material is very important in obtaining the best surface finish, because the desired result will only be achieved by correctly matching the trim to the surface material being finished. The illustration below clearly explains the relationships involved in each stage of the process. E.g.: Paint removal from aluminium blank homogeneous surfaces by selection of steel wire, crimped, stainless Surface Desired result Recoended trim material and its properties Rust/ paint removal Non-ferrous metals & aluminium Stainless steels Blank, homogeneous surface To remove severe contamination To remove dirt incrustations Blank, homogeneous surface To remove severe contamination To remove dirt incrustations Steel wire, crimped, stainless (flexible) Steel wire, knotted, stainless (aggressive) Steel wire, straight, stainless (aggressive) Steel wire, crimped (flexible) Steel wire, knotted (aggressive) Steel wire, straight (aggressive) Deburring, edge rounding Non-ferrous metals & steel Non-ferrous metals & aluminium Stainless steels Edge rounding, small radius Medium aggressive deburring Medium aggressive deburring Abrasive filament brush (flexible) Steel wire, crimped, stainless (flexible) Steel wire, crimped (flexible) Cleaning weld seams Non-ferrous metals & aluminium Stainless steels Aluminium surfaces No material removal from welded seam No material removal from welded seam Removal of welding residues & oxide coatings without material removal Steel wire, knotted, stainless (aggressive) Steel wire, knotted (aggressive) Steel wire, crimped, stainless (flexible) all materials Light surface roughening Abrasive filament brush, coarse grit (flexible) Roughening, smoothing all materials Stainless steels, INOX, aluminium Brass, bronze, copper Blending surfaces Blending surfaces Blending surfaces Abrasive filament brush, fine (flexible) Steel wire, crimped, stainless, wires 0.30 (flexible) Brass wires (flexible) Wood Dust removal Fibre (flexible) Sweeping, dedusting all materials all materials Sealing, stripping Cleaning Horse hair (flexible) Nylon, wire, natural bristle (flexible) Wood graining Wood Wood Wood Wood graining Removing raised wood fibres Blending/following contours Steel wire with brass coating (hard) Abrasive filament brush (hard) Abrasive filament brush (fine) 12 BRUSHES Introduction & technical information TECHNICAL INFORMATION Safe and operating speeds The workplace safety regulations require the maximum safe speed to be observed. Details can be found in the product overview in this catalogue, on the packaging and on the brush itself (see fig.). The definition of operating speed is based on the peripheral speed and brush diameter. The ideal operating speed is generally significantly lower than the safe speed. Operating and clamping width of the brush The operating width describes the contact surface between brush and workpiece. Press the trim together slightly to measure the operating width. The clampin
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