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Polish Wings 2 [2]: MiG-29G 4104 in high altitude flight, armed with two R-73 medium range missiles and two R-60 short range missiles. The machine in this armament configuration is prepared to patrol and

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Polish Wings 2 [2]: MiG-29G 4104 in high altitude flight, armed with two R-73 medium range missiles and two R-60 short range missiles. The machine in this armament configuration is prepared to patrol and engage air targets. April The WZL-2 subjected all MiG-29s procured from the Luftwaffe to overhaul work defined upon inspection by experts from the Bydgoszcz facility, from the RSK-MiG Corporation and from the ITWL (Instytut Techniczny Wojsk Lotniczych - Polish Air Force Technical Institute). Although the work might appear to be just an ordinary overhaul, it was more than that. Micro-cracks in the fuselage-wing joints were removed, the brake parachute system was converted to the variant used in Poland, fuel tanks were sealed, engine intake diffuser mechanism components were strengthened, additional attachments were fitted for high pressure hydraulic piping, auxiliary gear drive attachment components were upgraded. All four machines had the IFF system based on the SC-10D2 transponder and the VOR/ILS navigation system based on the ANV-241MMR receiver fitted and integrated with the existing systems (via a TGR-29A interface). The DC-01 digital data converter was designed and produced to connect the existing AN/ARN-118 short-range radionavigation system with the TGR -29A interface. Finally, the existing TRIMBLE 2101 I/O GPS receiver was integrated with the navigation systems of the aircraft and the DDT 2101 data repeater was fitted in the aft cockpit of the two-seater. The [3]: MiG-29GT 4110 combat trainer takes off for a night interception of an air target imitated by a TS-11 Iskra trainer jet. Malbork, June A-323 (RSBN) short-range radio-navigation system and 23S (KOLS) opto-electronic sighting system, unused or partly removed by the Germans, were reinstated. It was decided to replace the AIS-POD system cabling on the BD3 UMK2 carrier, thus restoring the capability to drop bombs from the second hardpoint. Before the planned introduction of the ex-german aircraft into service by mid-2005, theoretical and then practical training of pilots and technicians on MiG-29G/GTs commenced. It lasted three months and took place at Mińsk Mazowiecki, with instructors from the 1. elt. The first three MiG-29s overhauled at Bydgoszczy were delivered to the operators in early May 2005 and they were officially transferred on 7 June to the 41. elt at Malbork. The initial flight of the two-seat MiG-29GT in the 41. elt was made by the unit commander ppłk pil. Robert Dziadczykowski, and the commander of the 1. elt from Mińsk Mazowiecki ppłk pil. Stefan Rutkowski. The aircraft received four-digit code numbers beginning with 41 (like the squadron number), followed by two digits that identified the machine. The three machines delivered at the time were single-seat MiG-29Gs with code numbers 4111, 4113, 4 NO MiG-29G 50 MiG-29G, of the 41. elt, March NO MiG-29G 113 MiG-29G, of the 41. elt, Malbork. Apart from the 41. elt badge and the WZL-2 Bydgoszcz logo it displays the souvenir emblem of the exercise at Jagodne range in March 2007 and the badge of the PKW Orlik-2 air policing mission at Siauliai in Lithuania in The latter motif is shown enlarged. 114 [114]: 4104 returning from a patrol over North-Eastern Poland. The aircraft is armed with two R-73 medium range and two R-60 short range AAMS. March Polish Wings NO. 15 MiG-29UB 164 MiG-29UB, N of the 1. elt. Special scheme - Kościuszko badge. Mińsk Mazowiecki, June NO. 64 MiG-29UB 208 MiG-29UB, N of the 1. PLM Warszawa. Factory applied camouflage. The white band around the rear fuselage was applied for the exercise Eagle s Talon 97. Mińsk Mazowiecki, September [208]: MiG taxiing at Poznań-Krzesiny air base. In the cockpit kpt. Tadeusz Grzeszuk. September [209]: MiG-29UB 64 prepared for another sortie. Poznań-Krzesiny, September [210]: 64 in the hangar of WZL-2 Bydgoszcz during overhaul, September [211]: MiG-29UB 64 towed between hangars of WZL-2 Bydgoszcz, NO MiG-29GT 241 MiG-29GT, N of the 41. elt, Mińsk Mazowiecki, March [242]: MiG on the apron at Mińsk Mazowiecki air base. March
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