Măgura, 2008

In order to properly handle an international competitor market introduction, BrandTailors led Magura through a re-branding process aiming to strengthen its market position. As a result of sustained branding and marketing efforts, Magura acquired a 35% volume increase in only three months time.

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  www.brandtailors.com1/ 2 Case Study Măgura /The name of a product category Visual identityPackage designPackage design Context Following the 2005 rebranding, Măgura became a strong brand – remaining a category leader. Despite all this,2006 was very competitive due to the apparition of several important players who made significant investmentsinto gaining market visibility.Taking into consideration this medium-term threat but also the opportunities arising from a new productionline meant to increase the production capacity and the product quality, Kandia-Excelent decided on revising theentire marketing process of Măgura. Challenge As the traditional brand consultancy partner, BrandTailors was assigned to develop a new brand platform,starting from the changes that took place within the category that influenced the consumption needs andmotivations. With the new brand strategy, a new brand architecture was required, which would allow for aportfolio of products adapted to the category evolution. Moreover, the packaging and visual identity needed tochange, to reflect the emotional benefits of the brand and to sustain the new brand architecture. Solution The process started with a qualitative research study to better understand the benefits of the category, andespecially the brand dynamics on the market, but also to identify the unexploited positioning territories.Afterwards, a quantitative study was commissioned in order to measure the category usage, consumer attitudesand the performance of all brands present on the market.After the interpretation of the research results, BrandTailors designed a new brand platform for Măgura, to help See more photos on Flickr  www.brandtailors.com2/ 215 Henri Coanda St, 1st Floor010667, Bucharest–1Phone: (+4)-031-620-84-84Fax: (+4)-031-620-84-87 the brand strengthen its market position, starting from the connection with the fundamental consumer needsand emotions related to the brand.Thus, Măgura became a very optimistic brand, energetic and lively – conferring the pleasure of living andenjoying life to the full.To follow the new brand strategy, the visual identity was reshaped, starting from a butterfly shape – whichsymbolizes the joy and pleasure of living. The packaging design suggests the same happiness, joyfulness andoptimism.At the same time, a new product recipe was implemented, changing both the dough composition as well as thecream filling composition to which yoghurt was added. Thus, Kandia-Excelent tried to satisfy the desiresexpressed by the consumers during focus-groups. Follow-up Taking into account the success of the new recipe and the new packaging design, BrandTailors had theopportunity to extend its strategic and creative insights for the new Măgura line extension. After the 2007repositioning, Măgura surprises its consumers in 2008 with a new bitter-chocolate covered cake, with a strongcocoa taste. The new SKU uses the same yoghurt-filled cream, but with new flavours: orange and raspberry. Project implementation started in October 2008.Follow us on LinkedInDownload our credentials Contribution Brand strategy -Beatrice DanişGraphic concept and development - Janos KurkoProject management -Roxana IancuImage retouching and printing pre-production -Mihai Părpălea
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