LegalSource Certification Assessment Report for: Polfurnitur spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością in Białośliwie - PDF

Evaluated by: LegalSource Certification Assessment Report for: Polfurnitur spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością in Białośliwie Evaluation managed by: NEPCon Sp. z o.o. ul. Emaus 7/11, Kraków,

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Evaluated by: LegalSource Certification Assessment Report for: Polfurnitur spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością in Białośliwie Evaluation managed by: NEPCon Sp. z o.o. ul. Emaus 7/11, Kraków, Poland Tel: , Fax: Contact person: Kinga Sułkowska Report Finalized: 29 th April 2016 Report Format: Public Summary Audit Dates: 18 th April 2016 Audit Team: Piotr Nowak Type of Evaluation: Single Certificate code: NC-LS Certificate issued: 30 th May 2016 Report based on Standard(s): LegalSource Standard (V1) Organisation Contact: Julitta Rożek Address: ul. Leśna 1, Bialośliwie, Polska 1 1. INTRODUCTION EVALUATION FINDINGS... 4 Audit Recommendation... 4 Non-conformity Reports (NCRs)... 4 Observations... 4 Actions taken by Organisation Prior to Report Finalization EVALUATION PROCESS... 5 Evaluation Team... 5 Description of Evaluation Process COMPANY DETAILS... 7 Contacts... 7 Scope... 7 Organisation Scope 1. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this report is to document conformance with the requirements of the LegalSource standard by Polfurnitur Sp. z o.o., hereafter referred to as Organisation. The report presents findings of NEPCon auditors who have evaluated organisation systems and performance against the applicable requirements. Section below provides the audit conclusions and any necessary follow-up actions by the organisation through nonconformity reports (NCR). Dispute resolution: If NEPCon clients encounter organisations or individuals having concerns or comments about NEPCon and our services, these parties are strongly encouraged to contact relevant NEPCon regional office. Formal complaints and concerns should be sent in writing. 3 2. EVALUATION FINDINGS Audit Recommendation Based on Organisation s conformance with LegalSource requirements, the auditor makes the following recommendation: Certification approved: No NCRs issued Certification not approved: Conformance with MAJOR NCR(s) required Additional comments: Non-conformity Reports (NCRs) Note: NCRs describe evidences of Organisation non-conformances identified during audits. NCRs include defined timelines for the Organisation to demonstrate conformance. MAJOR NCRs issued during assessments/reassessments shall be closed prior to issuance of certificate. MAJOR NCRs issued during surveillance audits shall be closed within timeline or result in suspension. No NCR(s) Observations Note: Observations are issued for the early stages of a problem which does not of itself constitute a non-conformance, but which the auditor considers may lead to a future non-conformance if not addressed by the organization; observations may lead to direct non-conformances if not addressed. No observations Actions taken by Organisation Prior to Report Finalization N/A 4 3. EVALUATION PROCESS Evaluation Team Auditor(s) Piotr Nowak Qualifications EU Customs Law course, Zakopane Internal NEPCon wood legality and LegalSource Program training Jaroszowice, Poland Nov PEFC Forest Management auditing training course at Forestry Department of SGGW Univeristy, Warsaw, Poland April International auditor training course of FSC Forest Management, Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood in Riga, Estonia 2010 and Kraków Graduated from Ecology & Management faculty in WSEiZ Academy in Warsaw 1998, Forestry Faculty at SGGW Academy in Warsaw Forest sulviculture forestry technician with Forestry Technical High School , Warcino, Poland. Experienced in wood industry and wood processing, trained in H&S, tree care and tree surgery services. English, History and Civics at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology in Rotherham, UK - University of Cambridge ESOL certificate NEPCon FSC / PEFC COC & FM auditor in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine. EU Timber legality coordinator in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. Description of Evaluation Process The assessment evaluation process has been gradually incorporated along DDS support. On site visit was conducted on 18th April 2016 at the main office and factory site location - Białośliwie, near Piła, north of Poland. The general manager of the company, quality manager as DDS responsible person and auditor were present at opening meeting. Organization was informed about data and information protection policy as well as the methodology of the auditing and approval process. At this second stage, the following procedures and documents were assessed: - DDS procedures - DCS FSC procedures - material ordering system - verification of suppliers - reception of the materia (FSC certified) - purchase policy of the company - supplier declaration signed by new supplier - Treeland Sp. z o.o. (under separate LS certification) - sampled purchase and sale invoices. During the field visit, the organization s site was visited to confirm management quality, scope of production, species used and stored, quantities, source of material, knowledge of staff, received material storage areas, sawing and production lines and halls, drying compartments and final product storage sites. Key workers were interviewed in connection 5 to general understanding of due diligence procedures, receiving, storing, production and final sale of wood. The assessment ended with closing meeting where audit conclusions were provided verbally. 6 4. COMPANY DETAILS Contacts Primary contact for Coordination with NEPCon Primary Contact, Position: Julita Rożek Stock and quality manager Address: Tel/Fax/ ul. Leśna 1, Bialośliwie, Polska , Billing Contact Same as shown for primary contact Scope Scope item Check all that apply to the certificate scope Change in scope (N/A for assessments) Certificate type: Single site Group certification Activity: Supplier scope Primary: Secondary manufacturer No supplier verification included in scope Additional: - Supplier verification included in scope Please describe scope shortly: Manufacturer of floor products. Mostly 2-layer floorboards. Purchase of FSC certified and LS verified veneer follow by FSC certified Pine. Production of FSC and LS certified floor boords for US and EU markets. Company shall meet Lacey Act requirements in wood verification. Mostly oak species. Company plans to buy LS certified material from Treeland Sp. z o.o. Organisation Scope Number of sites included in scope: 1 Sites that qualify for desk audits: 0 Type of legal entity: Private. Jurisdiction of primary legal entity: Limited Liability Company 7 Table 1: Site details Site Address Tel/Fax/ Type of operation LegalSource product groups (include brief description) Visited during this audit (mark the length in hours and auditor if applicable) ul. Leśna 1, Bialośliwie, Polska Floor board manufacturer Double layer floor panels FSC 100%, FSC Mix Deska podłogowa 2 warstwowa FSC 100%, FSC Mix 5 Table 2: LegalSource Scope Site ul. Leśna 1, Bialośliwie, Polska For species see Exhibit 2 Inputs to Product Groups Veneer 4408 FSC100%, FSC CW HDF fibreboard FSC Mix, FSC 100% In place of Tables 1 and 2, Group details are found in Exhibit Product placed on the market Double layer floor panels FSC 100%, FSC Mix Quercus robur (dąb szypułkowy), Quercus petraea (dąb bezszypułkowy), Quercus alba (dąb biały), Quercus frainetto (dąb węgierski), Quercus cerris (dąb burgundzki), Fagus sylvatica (buk zwyczajny), Betula pendula (brzoza brodawkowata), Betula pubescens (brzoza omszona), Betula alleghaniensis, Pinus sylvestris (sosna pospolita), Picea abies (świerk pospolity), Fraxinus excelsior (jesion wyniosły), Alnus glutinosa (olsza czarna), Ulmus glabra (wiąz górski), Ulmus laevis (wiaz szypułkowy), Ulmus minor (wiąz pospolity), Ulmus rubra Juglans nigra (orzech czarny), Juglans regia 8
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