KMO tutkimus- ja kehitystyöryhmän kokous. Metsäalan teknologiayhteisö FTP:n SRA:n päivittäminen Helsinki - PDF

KMO tutkimus- ja kehitystyöryhmän kokous Metsäalan teknologiayhteisö FTP:n SRA:n päivittäminen Helsinki Tutkimuspäällikkö Erno Järvinen Maa- ja metsätaloustuottajain Keskusliitto MTK r.y. Time-table

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KMO tutkimus- ja kehitystyöryhmän kokous Metsäalan teknologiayhteisö FTP:n SRA:n päivittäminen Helsinki Tutkimuspäällikkö Erno Järvinen Maa- ja metsätaloustuottajain Keskusliitto MTK r.y. Time-table for SRA Feb 2-7 input and comments from writing team to latest draft Feb 8 draft was sent out for stakeholder (NSG) consultation March 16 deadline for NSG comments March 19 next SRA writing team meeting, to discuss comments (Bxl) April 2 final SRA draft ready & text sent to editor April 2-9: editing of text / start of layout and design work April 16 - May 7: final draft out for stakeholder consultation May 8: FTP HLG meeting present final version Early June: to printer for printed copies by mid-june 2 Drafting of SRA Use of forest resources (KR & GJN) K Rosen&GJ Nabuurs: Tailor made wood supply, enhanced biomass production, forest ecology and ecosystem services, multipurpose use of forests Antti Asikainen, Tomi Salo, Pekka T. Rajala, Heikki Pajuoja, Erno Järvinen W Förster: Cascade use of renewable raw materials Links to Bio energy, bio refinery, papermaking, building with wood, indoor wood products Consumer needs K Kappenberg: Building with wood and indoor wood products Pekka Peura, Markku Lehtonen, Kimmo Järvinen Nv Weymarn: New bio-based products Esa Laurinsilta, Timo Heikka W Förster: Smart packaging solutions, Hygienic, diagnostics and health care products Jari Räsänen, Ari Kiviranta, Outi Kaikkonen, Pia Qvintus, Tuomas Mustonen K Edelmann: Integration of new solutions in printed products Jari Räsänen, Helene Juhola, Anu Seisto, Harri Kopola, Jouko Peltonen 3 Drafting of SRA Industrial leadership W Förster: Radical resource efficiency, Waste less pulp & paper value chain Seppo Hiljanen, Pekka Hurskainen, Lauri Verkasalo, Isto Heiskanen, Heikki Ilvespää K Edelmann: Sustainable water systems Esko Kukkamäki, Jani Saarinen Nv Weymarn: Bio refinery concepts and new business models and service concepts Heikki Ilvespää, Timo Heikka, Kaija Pehu-Lehtonen Sustainable forest bio energy M Karlsson & K Sipilä: Renewable energy solutions, Bio-energy products Heikki Ilvespää, Jouko Yli-Kauppila, Paterson McKeough 4 FTP Revised Strategic Agenda Preface Executive summary Vision 2030 Addressing societal challenges Strategic objectives and key research areas Expected results Implementation Interaction of different parties, Coordination and cross sector collaboration, Communication with society Monitoring- review of progress Measures to promote innovation Public funding and European cooperation Public private partnership Mastering key enabling technologies Research area descriptions 5 Expanding European Bio-Economy Responsible use forest resources Fulfilling sustainable consumer needs Creating industrial leadership Sustainable forest bioenergy 1.1 Enhanced bio mass production 2.1 Wooden housing structures 3.1 Radical resource efficiency in manufacturing 4.1 Renewable energy solutions 1.2 Tailor made wood supply 2.2 Indoor wood products & functional furniture 3.2 Sustainable water systems 4.2 Bio-energy products 1.3 Cascade use of renewable materials 2.3 New bio-based products 3.3 Waste less biomass value chain 1.4 Ecosystem services and ecotourism 2.4 Smart packaging solutions 3.4 New business models and service concepts 2.5 Hygienic, diagnostics & health care products 3.5 Bio refinery concepts 2.6 Integration of new solutions in printed products 6 Content of Research area Rationale (from Vision document) How do we meet the challenges State of the art including earlier achievements in the 1st SRA Examples of activities and research approaches Characteristics Character of work Major competences needed Links to ongoing major projects Expected achievements 7 KIITOS MIELENKIINNOSTA MUKAVAA KEVÄÄN ODOTUSTA 8
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