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iasap-bv The Illinois Architecture Study Abroad Program at Barcelona-El Vallès Illinois School of Architecture University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The IASAP-BV Informative documentation for Prospective

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iasap-bv The Illinois Architecture Study Abroad Program at Barcelona-El Vallès Illinois School of Architecture University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The IASAP-BV Informative documentation for Prospective students, applicants and participants 1 P a g e iasap-bv The Illinois Architecture Study Abroad Program at Barcelona-El Vallès Illinois School of Architecture University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign This document contains information for prospective students, interested applicants and participants of the Illinois School of Architecture s overseas program in Barcelona-El Vallès. The informative documentation of the program (IASAP-BV) is grouped in several categories (see Index on next page). The documents listed in blue are intended for students admitted to the program and therefore are not included in this package. That set of documents will be available in the Spring semester. The only exception is the IASAP-BV s Director Summer Letter for participants, which will be available in the Summer. For any questions, please see the Contacts document at the end of this package. All IASAP-BV participants must carefully and thoroughly read all the documents listed on the next page. It is also very strongly recommended that participants parents read these documents as well. For questions and comments please consult Rhonda Frank ). 2 P a g e iasap-bv The Illinois Architecture Study Abroad Program at Barcelona-El Vallès Illinois School of Architecture University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign i IASAP-BV index of documents The supporting documents for all prospective participants of the IASAP-BV are: A General Information about the IASAP-BV A1 The IASAP-BV: Introduction, Program Rules and Application process A2 Academics, Faculty & Staff and Calendar Document updated: Dec 20/2016 A3 Requirements for Participants [includes Spanish visa requirements and Registration into UPC/ETSAV] A4 Cost and Fees [includes Schedule of Payments] A5 The Host School: UPC/ETSAV B Living in Barcelona-El Vallès B1 Student Housing B2 Health Care and Health Insurance B3 Banking in Spain and Europe B4 Other Practical Information [living in Sant Cugat, telecommunications, shipping, and mailing] C Preparing for departure and for studying and traveling overseas C1 Traveling to Barcelona [group flight information and directions for students traveling independently] C2 Preparing for studying (textbooks/supplies) C3 Preparing for traveling in Spain and Europe C5 Feedback from previous participants D IASAP-BV s Director communications to participants D1 IASAP-BV s Director Summer letter to participants (available in June/July 2017) i Preparing for departure and for studying and traveling overseas i IASAP-BV Index of documents [the present document] ic Contacts in Sant Cugat/Barcelona and in Illinois ie Emergencies [protocol and directions in case of emergency] 3 P a g e iasap-bv The Illinois Architecture Study Abroad Program at Barcelona-El Vallès Illinois School of Architecture University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign A1 The IASAP-BV: Introduction General Information about the IASAP-BV Program Rules Application Process and Requirements Document updated: Dec 20/2016 The Illinois Architecture Study Abroad Program at Barcelona-El Vallès [IASAP BV] is a yearlong comprehensive international learning experience available to undergraduate students enrolled at the Illinois School of Architecture (ISoA) of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It provides a unique opportunity for living and studying in an historically and architecturally vibrant overseas environment while simultaneously offering a curricular structure that is fully equivalent in content and academic rigor to the courses offered on the Illinois campus. The Program s mission is to provide students with a multicultural and cross-national approach, enriching their personal and professional development. It is committed to providing a holistic and dynamic architectural education that includes required courses and a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities that focus on an integrated approach to the discipline of architecture, continuing the students academic education on the same path toward graduation with a BS in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (see also document A2- Academics, Faculty & Staff and Calendar) The Barcelona program is rigorous, intense, challenging, and broadening as it exposes students firsthand to the architecture of Western Europe and provides a wealth of opportunities for professional and personal growth. Sant Cugat and Barcelona are the program s home, Europe at large is the classroom. Location The IASAP BV is part of an overarching institutional agreement between the Schools of Architecture of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) that provides for a significant and long-term academic collaboration. Thus, the IASAP-BV is hosted at the Escola Tècnica Superior d Arquitectura del Vallès (ETSAV), one of the two architecture programs of the highly ranked UPC (see document A5-The host school). 4 P a g e The ETSAV is located in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a small, beautiful and prosperous city within the Barcelona metropolitan area that has a rich history dating back to the medieval period. Home for many international educational programs, Sant Cugat is known for its high quality of life. Barcelona (and its area of influence) is one of the most cosmopolitan and attractive regions of the world. A sophisticated cultural landscape in a wonderful seaside location with an ideal blend of architecture, urbanism, and culture, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and the second most frequented tourist destination in Europe. The wealth of cultural and recreational activities is immense, from world-class museums and exhibitions, restaurants, theaters and shopping to man-made parks and landscapes. Barcelona boasts of it s extraordinary natural attractions, the Mediterranean seashore and the nearby Pyrenean mountain range. Most importantly, Barcelona (and its environs) is one of the most vibrant architectural cities worldwide, rich in architectural landmarks from various historical periods such as the Greco- Roman antiquity and the medieval Romanesque and Gothic. Without doubt, the stunning and unique Modernisme Catalan represented by the work of architects such as Antonio Gaudí, Domenech i Montaner, Puig i Cadalfach and Josep María Jujol, constitutes one of the highlights of Barcelona s (and Catalunya s) architecture. Closer to our times, in the last four decades the city has attracted worldclass architects who, along with contributions from a brilliant generation of local architects, made Barcelona a model of contemporary architecture and urbanism. 5 P a g e Program Regulations Students participate in the IASAP BV as University of Illinois students. Students are required to follow the Student Code, and are subject to the same rules and discipline as they are on the Illinois campus. All participants in the IASAP BV must comply with the Program s rules. The rules are simple common sense; they are based on the understanding that as a participant in one of the University s overseas programs you implicitly become an ambassador of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Therefore, the students academic and personal behavior must be exemplary at all times. As a reminder, as part of the application process, students sign a Program Dismissal Form regarding conduct, an Acknowledgement of Risk and Release of Responsibility form regarding extraordinary circumstances, a Release of Information form to other group participants, and an Acknowledgement of DRES regarding any necessary accommodations. These are all found on the study abroad website: Withdrawal from the Program Report immediately to Rhonda Frank, the Barcelona Coordinator and ), if for any reason you cannot carry through your commitment. We must have a written record of your withdrawal. See Section A4 for possible charges incurred at withdrawal. Dismissal If a student's conduct while participating in the Program is deemed undesirable or prejudicial to the University Community's best interest, as described in Part 3 of the Student Code, the student will be required to return to campus for the continuation of his/her studies and for possible disciplinary action. In addition, any student who has been accepted to the Barcelona Program, but fails to meet the responsibilities of participation while in Europe, may be dropped from the Program. Students involved in unlawful acts deemed detrimental to the welfare of the Program will be promptly dropped from the Program and the University so notified (i.e., participation in the political affairs of a foreign nation, possession or distribution of narcotics, destruction of property, improper or disturbing behavior especially as a consequence of alcohol consumption, etc.). Encumbrances Academic and administrative offices may place encumbrances on your record for academic reasons, funds owed to the University, judicial reasons, and for failure to meet medical/immunization requirements. If you have an encumbrance(s) on your record, resolve it with the appropriate campus office as soon as possible. You will be informed of any encumbrance(s) when you register. Failure to resolve an encumbrance prior to 5:00 p.m. of the first day of instruction will result in cancellation of your course registration for the term. Students who cause any damage to their housing or to the school are responsible and must pay for repairs or replacement. Individual students are financially responsible for any bills incurred by them while in the Study Abroad Program. Students not paying immediately will be encumbered by the University. 6 P a g e Application Process and Requirements Students interested in participating in the IASAP BV must comply with the following general requirements (see also document A3: Requirements for participants): Complete junior-level academic requirements by the end of their junior year. Complete all University general education requirements by the end of the junior year. Complete all minor requirements by the end of the junior year, if applicable. Complete one introductory course in the Spanish language at the college or high school level. Attend all scheduled meetings to prepare for the program, and complete all required administrative and bureaucratic preparations for long-term study in Spain in a timely manner. Meetings are scheduled in the Spring semester prior to departure (between early February and early May). Comply with the schedule of payments shown in Appendix I. (Some payments are due in the spring and summer semesters before leaving; exact dates will be announced in the first meeting of participants.) Register at the ETSAV (this is only for students admitted to the program; detailed instructions will be sent to all confirmed participants in April 2017). All students participating in IASAP BV must have a valid passport and complete all the requirements for a long-stay student visa to study in Spain. The meetings held during the Spring semester to prepare students for the Barcelona program focus on assisting the students through this process, in addition to other preparations. To apply, visit the study abroad website at Click on Create App if you are ready to apply. Click Okay in the pop up box to acknowledge that you will be charged $50.00 on your student account when you apply. This is a non-refundable application fee. You will be asked for your username and password. Your username is your net id. Your password is your active directory password. On the Program Application Page, fill out all required forms. Application Deadline: January 15 For further information please visit: go.illinois.edu/barcelona Acceptance of a student into the IASAP BV makes it possible for that student to have one of the greatest educational experiences of their career. As in any other educational experience, the optimization of the opportunity depends primarily on the student's willingness to be involved, to prepare, and to participate. 7 P a g e iasap-bv The Illinois Architecture Study Abroad Program at Barcelona-El Vallès Illinois School of Architecture University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign A2 Academics & Calendar Academic Structure and Registration Faculty & Staff Calendar Document updated: Dec 20/2016 As mentioned in document A1-The IASAP-BV, the program operates within and in close collaboration with the ETSAV; however, the IASAP-BV is an integral part of the Illinois School of Architecture, academically and administratively autonomous from the host institution. The program of study follows the senior-year curriculum offered on the Urbana-Champaign campus; however, the specific content is adapted to take advantage of the program s extraordinary location in one of the world s richest architectural cities. The curriculum includes four courses in each semester: three core courses Architectural Design, Structures, and Architectural History and a fourth course titled Overseas Architectural Studies; the latter is comprised of a range of workshops, seminars and other educational opportunities. A language course (Spanish for non-spanish speakers or Catalan for students already fluent in Spanish language) is offered during the Fall semester; this course intends to equip students with linguistic tools to be immersed into the culture in which they will live during the school year. Except the latter, all courses are taught in English by faculty from the Illinois School of Architecture and/or local professors specially appointed by Illinois to teach at the IASAP-BV. 8 P a g e Academic Structure & Course Registration Participants register for courses both in the Fall and Spring semesters as they do on campus. Students will receive notices regarding registration dates for each semester. The academic year is organized as follows: FALL SEMESTER Arch 476B Architectural Design and Exploration 6 credit-hours Arch 451B Theory and Design of Steel & Timber 4 credit-hours Arch 409B Special Topics in Spanish Architecture 1 3 credit hours Arch 468B Overseas Architectural Studies 1 3 credit hours SPRING SEMESTER Arch 475B Architectural Design and Development 6 credit-hours Arch 452B Theory of Reinforced Concrete 4 credit-hours Arch 409B Special Topics in Spanish Architecture 2 3 credit hours Arch 468B Overseas Architectural Studies 2 3 credit hours The course descriptions reprinted below are also available at ARCH 475 Arch Design & Development credit: 6 Hours. Schematic design and development of a small-scale public building emphasizing the integration of the basic elements of building; materials, details, structure, technology, program, life safety, and universal design. 6 undergraduate hours. 6 graduate hours. Prerequisite: ARCH 374 or ARCH 472. ARCH 451 Theory and Design of Steel and Timber credit: 4 Hours. Analysis and design of steel and timber structures for buildings. Steel columns, beams, trusses, connections, roof and floor framing systems; timber beams, columns, roof and floor framing systems. 4 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: ARCH 352. ARCH 452 Theory of Reinforced Concrete credit: 4 Hours. Concrete materials; behavior of reinforced concrete construction; behavior and design of structural elements, one-way slabs, beams, and girders; columns; ACI code requirements; and introduction to continuity in reinforced concrete structures. Course Information: 4 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: ARCH P a g e ARCH 409 Special Topics in Spanish Arch credit: 3 Hours. Explores aspects of the architecture and urban design of Spain from antiquity until the present. 3 undergraduate hours. 3 graduate hours. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite: ARCH 210. ARCH 468 Overseas Architectural Studies credit: 3 Hours. This course is designed to enrich the professional development of students in a study abroad location. Students participate in thematic workshops, seminars, lectures and field trips focused on understanding and analyzing architectural and urbanistic landmarks and settings on site through both directed and independent assignments. 3 undergraduate hours. No graduate credit. May be repeated in separate terms up to 6 hours. Prerequisite: Senior standing in the School of Architecture. ARCH 476 Arch Design & Exploration credit: 6 Hours. Exploration of boundaries of architecture and the built environment. Focused exploration into specific design topics, such as issue-oriented building problems, urban design theory, intermediate building design and site planning theory, human-environment relationship theory, interdisciplinary design, and architectural design and presentation methods. 4. Undergraduate hours; 4 graduate hours. Whereas all the courses offered at the IASAP-BV meet the above course descriptions, their content is adapted to take full advantage of the unique opportunities that studying in the vibrant, culturally and historically rich, and cosmopolitan metropolis that Barcelona provides. The program s courses regularly meet once or twice per week on a schedule determined prior to the beginning of each semester. Depending on space availability and calendar compatibility, IASAP BV s students may also have the opportunity to take some courses offered in English by our host School, the ETSAV. Faculty and Staff The IASAP BV is administered by a Director (a full-time, tenured faculty member of the School of Architecture) and a Program Coordinator; both of whom are in-residence members of the School s staff. Alejandro Lapunzina, ISoA Full Professor and Director, is a graduate of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina (1983) and Washington University in St. Louis (1987). A full-time faculty member of the School since 1991, he is the Program s Director since its creation in 2014 and had previously served as Director of the IASAP-BV s predecessor program in Versailles (France) from 1994 to 1999 and from 2002 to Professor Lapunzina teaches Architectural Design and coordinates the program s curricular and extracurricular activities. Magalí Veronelli-Lapunzina, Program Coordinator, has degrees in Political Science and Public Administration (Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico, 1984) and Public Health (Universidad de 10 P a g e Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1986). She has been the Program Coordinator of the School s Study Abroad Program since Among many other tasks, the Program Coordinator provides support to the faculty and handles student issues, notably those related to necessary bureaucratic steps (such as completion of the foreign student visa process to study in Spain), their personal well-being (support with health-care issues), and housing accommodations. In addition to the two in-residence members, the IASAP BV team is comprised of specially invited visiting instructors from the United States, Spain and parts of the world who teach the program s core and optional courses, all of whom are appointed by the Illinois School of Architecture and/or through an agreement between the School and the host institution (the ETSAV). The program also hosts numerous guests who offer curricular and extra-curricular activities, such a lectures, seminars, reviews and workshops. The participation of local teachers, scholars and practitioners exposes students to other forms and methods of instruction, thus enriching their experience and expanding the horizons of their collegelevel education. As an integral part of the School of Architecture, the IASAP BV is overseen by the School s Director, Peter Mortensen, and the International Programs Committee. Calendar The program s calendar is designed to combine rigorous academic content with opportunities for independent educational travel. Activities begin with the students arrival in Barcelona during
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