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GUITAR MODE / ギター モード SOUND STYLE: LEAD 01-1 Metal Synth Lead Synth Lead 477 Synth Lead 548 E.GTR Rock Lead Organ E.Organ SYNTH GR-300 Ctl:+1Oct SYNTH

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GUITAR MODE / ギター モード SOUND STYLE: LEAD 01-1 Metal Synth Lead Synth Lead 477 Synth Lead 548 E.GTR Rock Lead Organ E.Organ SYNTH GR-300 Ctl:+1Oct SYNTH Nice Tenor Sax Flute Solo Flute Jazz Guitar Vibe Mallet 143 Mallet 142 E.GTR Legato Solo Pulsating E.GTR SlowAttack Solo Synth Lead 524 Synth Lead Synth Brass Lead Synth Lead 453 Synth Lead 524 SYNTH Drive Blues Harp Harmonica Tp Section Ensemble Brass 379 Solo Brass MELLOW CELLO Solo Strings Strange Whistle Recorder EMOTIONAL LEAD Synth Lead WAVE SYNTH SOLO SYNTH Dual Sync Lead Synth Lead 486 Synth Lead 486 E.GTR Funky Syn Lead Synth Lead 466 Synth Lead 467 E.GTR SqrPipe For You Synth Lead 527 Synth Lead Concert Grand Ac.Piano Mute Trumpet/EXP Solo Brass Epf Unison E.Piano E.GTR P90 & Organ Bell E.Organ E.GTR Feedback Guitar E.Guitar E.GTR CTL=DLY/EXP=WAH E.GTR More Blacklord E.Organ 060 E.Organ 065 E.GTR Pdl Bend Guitar E.GTR POLY DISTOTION SYNTH NaturalResoLead Synth Lead 560 Synth Lead 501 E.GTR Organ Syn Lead Synth Lead 554 E.Organ 087 SYNTH Crims-O-Tron E.Bass 215 Vox/Choir 418 SYNTH Dist Sync Lead Synth Lead 488 Synth Lead 548 E.GTR th Layer Synth Lead 469 Synth Lead 465 E.GTR Screamin Lead Synth Lead Portamento Lead Synth Lead 471 Synth Lead 471 SYNTH Dist Sine Solo Synth Lead 524 Synth Lead 524 E.GTR Dist Square Lead Synth Lead 536 Synth Lead 535 E.GTR Buzz Lead Synth Lead 476 Synth Lead 538 SYNTH METAL SAW LEAD Synth Lead E.GTR BrassyLead Sax 406 Synth Brass 590 SYNTH LONG ECHO LEAD Synth Lead E.GTR RockyOrgan E.Organ 084 E.Organ 087 SYNTH MILD SAW LEAD Synth Lead Simple Square Synth Lead oct Mild Lead Synth Lead Unison Lead Dist.Guitar E.GTR Lead Beast Synth Lead 455 Synth Lead 456 SYNTH Dream Bell Vox/Choir 416 Mallet 156 AC Female Chorus Synth Bellpad 693 Vox/Choir s Unison Dist.Guitar 199 Dist.Guitar 199 E.GTR Comfortable Solo E.GTR Wah Feedback Synth Lead 524 Synth Lead 524 E.GTR Gtr+Organ Unison E.Organ 060 E.Organ 060 E.GTR Vibraphone Mallet Dark Trumpet Solo Brass High Note Tp Solo Brass Fat Brass Sec Ensemble Brass 380 Ensemble Brass Solo Fr.Horn Solo Brass SGT Fr Horn Ensemble Brass Solo Trombone Solo Brass Super Low Brass Solo Brass 375 Orchestral 21-1 Clarinet EXP Vib Wind Oboe Wind Soprano Sax Sax Alto Sax Sax Moody Sax Sax Guitar+SaxUnison Sax 410 Sax 411 E.GTR Flute+Gtr Unison Flute E.GTR Pan Flute Flute Piccolo Flute Flutey GT Flute 401 Flute Heaven Ocarina Recorder LofiFlute&Glockn Mallet 156 Flute Recorder Recorder Chromatic Harmo Harmonica FILTER HARP Harmonica Gt + HARMONICA Harmonica E.GTR Heavy Harmonica Recorder 415 Harmonica 118 E.GTR LEAD VIOLIN Solo Strings DIST VIOLIN Solo Strings DRIVE+VLN+CELLO Solo Strings 337 Solo Strings 339 E.GTR DOUBLE CELLO Solo Strings 339 Solo Strings GLASS CELLO Solo Strings 339 Synth Pad/Strings OVERDRIVE+CELLO Solo Strings E.GTR SMOOTH LEAD+VLN Solo Strings E.GTR Brass + Drive Ensemble Brass 379 Sax 411 E.GTR Organ,Pf & OD Gt E.Organ 060 Ac.Piano 003 E.GTR Shamisen Plucked/Stroke for Normal PU L1 Pipe Organ 094 E.Organ 080 SYNTH for Normal PU L2 Sax 406 Synth Bass 280 SYNTH for Normal PU L3 Synth Lead 486 Synth Lead 535 SYNTH 23 SOUND STYLE: RHYTHM st AG & Ch Org Pipe Organ AC DoubleFlatHeavy Synth Bass 253 Synth Lead 450 E.GTR SoftBrightPad+L4 Synth Pad/Strings 682 Synth Pad/Strings 680 E.GTR RICH STRINGS Ensemble Strings 363 Solo Strings POLY SITAR Plucked/Stroke 327 Synth PolyKey HeavyBrassRock Ensemble Brass 384 Ensemble Brass 381 E.GTR Syn Str.Pdl Reso Synth Pad/Strings 633 Synth Pad/Strings 627 E.GTR TB-303 Bass Synth Bass 289 Synth Bass AG+Bell Pad Bell 121 Synth FX 784 AC Double Low Piano Ac.Piano 003 Ac.Piano E.Piano E.Piano Xylophone Plus Mallet 148 Pulsating String Guitar Ac.Guitar 178 Ac.Guitar 175 E.GTR ST + TWEED E.GTR LP + STACK E.GTR AcGt12st+STRINGS Ensemble Strings 346 Solo Strings 339 AC Jazz Guitar E.GTR TL&Rotary Organ E.Organ E.GTR Ballade Wurly E.Piano RnB Section Ensemble Brass 379 Sax NYLON Gt+STRINGS Ensemble Strings AC Symphonic Rock! Percussion 885 Ensemble Strings 350 E.GTR GR Brass+Strings Synth Brass 584 Ensemble Strings 344 SYNTH RockInCathedral Vox/Choir 418 Pipe Organ 092 E.GTR DADGAD PHASER Ensemble Strings E.GTR Asian DADGAD Plucked/Stroke 329 Plucked/Stroke 315 AC TL+StFlanger Pad Synth Pad/Strings 632 Synth Pad/Strings 609 E.GTR Heavy Gt W/Sweep Synth Brass 581 Synth Pad/Strings 655 E.GTR Fat Drive Mix Synth Lead 468 Synth Lead 468 E.GTR Bright Gtr + Pad Ac.Piano 006 Synth Pad/Strings 618 AC 11 2 11-1 Electric 12str E.GTR AC- 12stAC(CTL) AC Nylon String Gtr AC Pedal Wah E.GTR Stolling Rones E.GTR Flat Tuned Drive E.GTR BlueGrass 12-St Plucked/Stroke AC Bell Clean Synth Bellpad 694 Synth Pad/Strings 618 E.GTR AG & Epf E.Piano AC HnkyTonk Piano Ac.Piano 008 Ac.Piano 008 AC Phaser E.Pf E.Piano Piano + Anlg Pad Ac.Piano 007 Synth Pad/Strings 614 SYNTH Dyno Epf w/pad E.Piano SYNTH ST+FM Epf+Voice E.Piano2 049 Vox/Choir 442 E.GTR Drive Wurly E.Piano s Piano Pop Piano 018 Synth Pad/Strings 631 SYNTH Analog Clav S&H Clav 106 Synth FX 775 E.GTR E.PIANO/AcPIANO Ac.Piano 001 E.Piano Pipe Organ Pipe Organ Cheap Organ E.Organ xOrganPower E.Organ 067 E.Organ 065 SYNTH Simple Clavi Clav R12st+Clavi+Xylo Clav 104 Mallet 161 E.GTR Harpsichord CTL Harpsichord Celesta Celesta Accordion Accordion Bell&Mallet+(Bs) Bell 139 Mallet TE+FM Bell Pad Bell 121 Synth Pad/Strings 613 E.GTR Marimba Mallet SteelDrums/Ethno Mallet 147 Mallet 150 SYNTH Voice Pad SL Vox/Choir 420 Synth Pad/Strings 662 SYNTH AG+Voice Vox/Choir AC Rotary G & Pad Vox/Choir 426 Synth Bass 229 E.GTR Gt & Vo Unison Vox/Choir E.GTR Vox+Pf+Crystal Vox/Choir 417 Pop Piano 017 SYNTH Crunch & Voice Vox/Choir 430 Pulsating 799 E.GTR s Stack Piano Pop Piano 017 Synth Brass 569 SYNTH Like 60s E.Organ 072 E.Organ 061 E.GTR Reed Organ(+LP) Reed Organ E.GTR Full Section Ensemble Brass 382 Sax Real & Syn Brass Ensemble Brass 379 Synth Brass Edge Brass Ensemble Brass 381 Ensemble Brass ORCHESTRA Orchestral 367 Orchestral PIZZICATO Gt Ensemble Strings 360 Ensemble Strings 361 E.GTR FLANGE STRINGS Ensemble Strings 344 Solo Strings PHASE STRINGS Ensemble Strings 346 Ensemble Strings SynthBrass Synth Brass 597 Ensemble Brass 380 SYNTH BLADE RUNNING Synth Brass Seychelles Tour Vox/Choir 443 Sound FX 863 E.GTR EmotionalBallad E.Piano1 042 E.Piano2 053 E.GTR Analog Voice Pad E.Bass 215 Vox/Choir 418 SYNTH Tubular & LP Bell 136 Pipe Organ 095 E.GTR Bridge of Sy's E.Piano1 042 Synth FX 765 E.GTR Faded Cherry E.Guitar 190 Mallet 159 AC Acid Bass Synth Bass 308 Synth Bass 308 SYNTH Acoustic Bass Ac.Bass AC Heavy P-Funk BS Synth Bass 242 Plucked/Stroke 328 E.GTR for Normal PU R1 Synth Bellpad 693 Ensemble Strings 345 AC for Normal PU R2 Synth Brass 569 E.Organ 088 AC for Normal PU R3 Ensemble Strings 362 Synth Pad/Strings 627 SYNTH 19 3 SOUND STYLE: OTHER 01-1 Ultimate Pulse Synth Pad/Strings 612 Pulsating 824 SYNTH Heavy Hit&Groove Hit 843 Beat&Groove 835 E.GTR Jazz Trio Percussion 884 Ac.Bass 212 E.GTR Seq*Tempo Dly+EG Synth Pad/Strings 615 Synth Seq/Pop 788 E.GTR DarkSideOfTheSun Bell 128 Synth Pad/Strings 669 E.GTR KOTO DREAMS Plucked/Stroke 330 Synth PolyKey Voice Hit Pulsating 825 Hit 844 E.GTR Heavens Bells Bell 129 Synth Pad/Strings 666 E.GTR Sine Air Bend Synth Lead 549 Synth Lead Question+Answer Plucked/Stroke 318 E.Grand Piano 020 E.GTR Metamorphosis Synth FX 775 Pulsating 797 SYNTH HighlanderGTR Synth Bellpad 704 Wind 391 AC Sitar Fantasy Synth Lead 553 Ensemble Strings 355 AC GR-300 Triplet Synth Pad/Strings 675 Synth Pad/Strings 684 SYNTH Noize Mix Drive Synth FX 764 Synth FX 760 E.GTR Scat & Guitar Scat 444 E.Piano1 034 E.GTR SE Pad & LP+MS Pulsating 825 Synth Pad/Strings 640 E.GTR DancingAcoustic Synth Pad/Strings 692 Ac.Guitar 173 AC Heavy Pulse Synth Lead 553 Synth Lead 538 E.GTR NEW WAVES Synth Lead FourthOfFifth Synth PolyKey 735 Synth Bellpad 708 E.GTR E Sitar& Dly Toy Mallet AC Trio Concerto Ac.Piano 002 Ensemble Strings 346 AC PARADISE LOST Synth PolyKey 754 Synth Bellpad Trademark Riff Synth FX Touchy 5th Synth PolyKey 735 E.Guitar 190 E.GTR Scuba-Diving Synth FX 779 Pulsating 798 SYNTH Big Syn Drum Percussion 893 Synth Pad/Strings 633 E.GTR Sequence Clean Pulsating 812 Synth Pad/Strings 620 E.GTR Acoustic Heaven Pulsating 815 Synth Pad/Strings 610 AC SparkleBellGTR Bell 128 Plucked/Stroke 324 E.GTR Metal Timpani Percussion 885 Percussion 885 E.GTR Cheezy Movie Hit 840 Orchestral 365 E.GTR Stalker Violin Solo Strings 333 Synth Pad/Strings 681 E.GTR OverblownClnGTR Sax 409 Flute 401 E.GTR MotionBuilder Pulsating 823 Pulsating 809 SYNTH Pulsing Bell+EG Pulsating 811 Synth Bellpad 696 E.GTR Flying Tremolo Synth FX 775 Pulsating 803 E.GTR Trance Organ Pulsating 810 E.Piano1 038 SYNTH Sequence Trio Pulsating 812 Pulsating 814 E.GTR Extreme FX Sound FX 859 Sound FX 863 E.GTR Rhythmic Pulse Pulsating 808 E.Organ 063 E.GTR Scared Score Sound FX 863 Percussion 886 AC EasternFluteGT Plucked/Stroke 327 Flute 394 AC Odd Guitar Ac.Guitar 175 Plucked/Stroke 330 E.GTR DissonantBeauty E.Piano1 033 Plucked/Stroke 322 SYNTH PluckdBaritoned Plucked/Stroke 325 E.GTR GroovePusher Beat&Groove 831 Pulsating 809 E.GTR JazzEP/BassSplit E.Piano2 055 Ac.Bass 210 E.GTR Metal Scat Scat 444 Scat 444 E.GTR Quantum Physics Synth Pad/Strings 657 Vox/Choir 429 SYNTH Enigmatic Rick Synth FX 755 Synth FX 761 E.GTR Euro Beat Slicer Synth Bass 242 Synth Lead Fuzz Heaven Synth PolyKey 754 Pulsating 797 SYNTH Arabian Nights Plucked/Stroke 322 AC Morpheus Bell 129 Synth Pad/Strings 665 E.GTR Unison+5thPower Synth Seq/Pop 795 Synth Lead 553 E.GTR BassFluteSaxTrio Sax 410 Flute 402 E.BASS Exorbitanz Synth Pad/Strings 652 Synth FX 757 AC Armageddon Sound FX 850 Sound FX 849 SYNTH Grinder Bell 132 Pulsating 800 AC EmoCarillion Ac.Guitar 169 Bell 138 SYNTH Unbelievable Synth Pad/Strings 653 Synth Pad/Strings 668 E.GTR 08 4 22-1 FAB 4 Together E.Piano1 042 E.Piano2 056 E.BASS Esoteric Vibe Plucked/Stroke 321 Mallet 152 E.GTR Deja Vu Bass Synth Lead 542 Synth PolyKey 743 E.BASS GK Paradise Synth FX 775 Synth PolyKey 726 AC Is Dis Fat? Synth PolyKey 747 Synth Lead 482 E.GTR Gladiator Percussion 885 Vox/Choir SlowGearSynth Bell 130 Ac.Guitar 174 E.GTR Oxygen Lead Plucked/Stroke 320 E.Piano1 035 SYNTH SteelPan + Agogo Percussion 886 Mallet 147 E.GTR GHOSTLY Synth FX 783 Synth FX 783 E.GTR SNEAKING UP Ensemble Strings 353 Synth Pad/Strings Big Ben Plucked/Stroke 320 Bell 137 E.GTR AggroClav Reed Organ 096 Clav 106 SYNTH Cinematic Art Sound FX 863 Mallet Strictly E Mallet 142 Synth Lead 492 E.GTR Beat Provider Beat&Groove 830 Beat&Groove Shanai+Rhythm Wind 392 Beat&Groove BackToDaCrib Beat&Groove 839 Beat&Groove 838 SYNTH Hyper TE Beat Sound FX 851 Beat&Groove 837 E.GTR HOUSE FIRE Beat&Groove 838 Pulsating Trance Groove Beat&Groove 831 Synth PolyKey 713 E.GTR RAINSTORM Sound FX 850 Sound FX Scary Scream Sound FX 860 Sound FX COMEDIAN Sound FX 875 Sound FX for Normal PU O1 Mallet 143 E.Piano2 054 AC for Normal PU O2 Synth Lead 553 Beat&Groove 832 SYNTH for Normal PU O3 Synth FX 783 Orchestral 367 SYNTH 18 5 BASS MODE / ベース モード SOUND STYLE: LEAD 01-1 Double String Bs Ensemble Strings 342 Synth Pad/Strings 632 E.BASS Oct Unison Lead Synth Lead 523 Synth Lead 523 SYNTH Cotton Harp Harmonica Jazz Trio Percussion 884 Mallet 152 E.BASS Mond MG Lead Synth Lead 482 Solo Brass 378 E.GTR Pipe & Organ Flute 393 E.Organ Indian Fretless Plucked/Stroke 319 E.Bass 218 E.BASS EP Unison E.Piano1 022 E.Piano1 032 E.BASS Mellow Fretless E.Bass E.BASS AnalogBass+Pedal Synth Lead 481 Synth Pad/Strings 688 SYNTH OrgBass+PedalSyn Synth Lead 561 E.Organ 062 E.BASS ModBass+PedalSyn Synth Brass 577 Synth Pad/Strings 639 E.BASS Deep Ensemble Ensemble Strings 358 Solo Strings 340 SYNTH Rock Organic E.Organ 061 E.Organ 088 E.BASS Pedal Synth Bend Synth Lead 477 Synth Lead 548 E.BASS Soft Lead Recorder E.BASS s Mond Org E.Organ E.GTR Flange GR-500 Synth Lead SYNTH Solo Cello Solo Strings 335 Solo Strings Trumpet&Strings Solo Brass 371 Ensemble Strings 356 E.BASS OctaPiano Ac.Piano 001 Ac.Piano 001 E.BASS Strings&FL Sound Ensemble Strings 342 Flute 399 E.BASS Ska Melody Solo Strings 340 Ensemble Brass 384 E.BASS Spacy Jazz Bass E.BASS Delayed Nylon Ac.Guitar E.BASS Experience E.GTR Extreme Dist E.BASS for Normal PU L1 Pipe Organ 094 E.Organ 080 SYNTH for Normal PU L2 E.Piano1 038 Synth Lead 502 SYNTH for Normal PU L3 Synth Lead 486 Synth Lead 535 SYNTH 15 6 SOUND STYLE: RHYTHM 01-1 Super Saw Bass Synth Bass 229 Synth PolyKey 723 SYNTH M-Man Brass Ensemble Brass 379 Sax 411 E.BASS Fat Upright Ac.Bass SYNTH Organ ViolinBass E.Organ 070 E.Organ 073 E.BASS Bell Sweep Bass Synth Lead 553 Synth Bellpad 693 SYNTH Heavy E.Piano E.Piano1 022 E.Piano1 023 E.BASS Shaker Synth Synth Lead 556 Synth Brass 569 SYNTH FilterBassSynth SYNTH MM & Fat Poly Synth PolyKey 721 Synth Pad/Strings 656 E.BASS FastTrackin'Bass Synth Bass SYNTH Soft Bass Synth Bass 283 Synth Bass BrightJB+SynBass Synth Bass E.BASS Fat Synth Bass Synth Bass 235 Synth Bass 237 SYNTH Big Synth Synth Bass DecayFilterBass SYNTH Bass Synth Synth Bass SYNTH Reso Fuzz Bass Synth Bass E.BASS ACID CLAV Synth Bass 262 Clav Space Funk Clav 108 Synth Bass 253 E.BASS Trem E.Piano E.Piano E.BASS Bass + Clav Clav E.BASS OctaClavz Clav 109 Clav 110 E.BASS High Strings Ensemble Strings 342 Ensemble Strings Brass Mix Ensemble Brass 379 Synth Brass 579 E.BASS Organ Bass E.Organ 062 E.Organ 070 E.BASS Octave M-Man E.BASS P-Bass Crunch E.BASS for Normal PU R1 Synth Bellpad 693 Ensemble Strings 345 E.BASS for Normal PU R2 Synth Brass 569 E.Organ 088 E.BASS for Normal PU R3 Ensemble Strings 362 Synth Pad/Strings 627 SYNTH 10 7 SOUND STYLE: OTHER 01-1 Ultimate Pulse Synth Pad/Strings 612 Pulsating 824 SYNTH Ambient Sparkle Bell 120 Synth Pad/Strings Auto Groove Beat&Groove 835 Synth Brass 569 E.BASS Avalon Bell 120 Plucked/Stroke Bollywood Stack Plucked/Stroke 327 Ensemble Strings 359 SYNTH Gel Sequence Pulsating 813 Synth Pad/Strings Seq.Str.Hit Pulsating 815 Ensemble Strings Vint Seq.Bass Synth FX 773 Synth FX 773 SYNTH Techno Sequence Pulsating 824 Pulsating Tubular Strings Bell 133 Ensemble Strings 361 E.BASS TIME TRAVELER Pulsating 805 Pulsating STRINGTHEORY Pulsating 803 Pulsating Ambient Organ E.Organ 067 Flute RingLoop&E.Piano E.Piano1 024 Pulsating 809 E.BASS Unknown Kingdom Pulsating 825 Synth Pad/Strings 646 E.BASS Arrival Of King Percussion 885 Ensemble Strings 345 E.BASS Ringing Bell Synth Pad/Strings TOKYO LIGHTS Synth PolyKey 718 Synth FX Sad Memory Pulsating 823 Vox/Choir 433 E.BASS Wandering Pipe Bell 120 Flute LUNAR LANDING Synth FX 759 Pulsating Techno Opening Pulsating 824 Synth Lead 486 E.BASS Inner Journey Pulsating 822 Vox/Choir 436 SYNTH HOUSE PARTY Beat&Groove 839 Hit Compu-Strings Beat&Groove 831 Ensemble Strings 362 E.BASS th & Groovin' Beat&Groove 829 Synth PolyKey 735 E.BASS Shamisen Beat Plucked/Stroke 329 Beat&Groove 839 E.BASS for Normal PU O1 Mallet 143 E.Piano2 054 SYNTH for Normal PU O2 Synth Lead 553 Beat&Groove 832 SYNTH for Normal PU O3 Synth FX 783 Orchestral 367 SYNTH ローランド株式会社本書の一部 もしくは全部を無断で複写 転載することを禁じます Copyright 2011 ROLAND CORPORATION All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of ROLAND CORPORATION. 8 * *
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