GALÁPAGOS GET EVERYTHING IT HAS TO OFFER FREE AIR TOO 50 CELEBRATING YEARS TM 1959 Ecuador declares Galápagos a National Park on the centennial of Darwin s Origin of Species 1968 Wardens of the new Galápagos

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GALÁPAGOS GET EVERYTHING IT HAS TO OFFER FREE AIR TOO 50 CELEBRATING YEARS TM 1959 Ecuador declares Galápagos a National Park on the centennial of Darwin s Origin of Species 1968 Wardens of the new Galápagos National Park Service arrive, with salaries paid by Lindblad Travel 1973 The first modern survey of the birds of Galápagos published, with fieldwork sponsored by Lindblad 1978 Galápagos inscribed as first-ever UNESCO World Heritage site 1998 Galápagos Marine Reserve designated with GCF grants for patrol boats, a biodiversity study, and a fisheries catch monitoring program 2001 Galápagos Marine Reserve included in the UNESCO World Heritage site designation 2006 Newly discovered endemic moth Undulambia lindbladi named in honor of Sven Lindblad 2007 Two new initiatives roll out, showing dual focus on people and places: Seafood for Thought, supporting sustainable fisheries; and Artisan Fund, supporting local communities 2008 Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Fund established Since 1997 guests aboard our ships in Galápagos have donated $7.6 million to support conservation, education, research and community development initiatives throughout the archipelago 2011 Expedition Photography program with National Geographic launches 2015 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow program expands to Galápagos 50 CELEBRATING YEARS 2017 Lindblad 50th anniversary Launch of National Geographic Global Explorers family program, developed with National Geographic Education Fleet of stand-up paddleboards added to tools for exploration In addition to ongoing projects, LEX-NG Fund earmarks $50,000 in small grants for community projects 1967 Lars-Eric Lindblad leads the first international tourist expedition to the Galápagos Islands guest Romantica and 10-guest Golden Chachalote chartered inaugurating the tradition of two different ways of experiencing the islands with Lindblad 1974 The Lindblad Explorer debuts in Galápagos 1997 Galápagos Conservation Fund (GCF) launches with the arrival of Lindblad s first year-round ship 2000 Our name becomes Lindblad Expeditions Undersea specialists join our expedition team 2002 Isla Santiago declared pig free a first for conservation of any large oceanic island a project of Lindblad s Adopt-an- Island program With continuing support, pigs, goats and all introduced mammals later eradicated from Isla Isabela and other large islands 2004 Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic Society form strategic alliance 48-guest Islander launches (rechristened National Geographic Islander in 2007) 2009 Charles Darwin Foundation celebrates its 50th anniversary 2010 Guests start visiting the Tomás de Berlanga School, a local education project supported by the LEX-NG Fund 2016 Ecuador creates a new marine sanctuary around the islands one of the world s largest and the presidents of Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Colombia sign a historic accord for marine protection in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Sven Lindblad accepts honorary Galápagos National Park Warden badge on behalf of his father National Geographic Endeavour II launches LINDBLAD EXPEDITIONS: A PARTNER IN GALÁPAGOS CONSERVATION FOR A COMPLETE CHRONOLOGY VISIT EXPEDITIONS.COM/GALA50 DEAR TRAVELER, Many people who choose to visit Galápagos plan their voyage, from several months to a year in advance. Nice way to build anticipation, but not necessary. Because Galápagos really lends itself to spontaneity; on any day you could wake up at home, decide to go, and hop on a Friday or Saturday flight to Ecuador on your way to a exhilarating week in the Galápagos on one of our two ships, the National Geographic Endeavour II or the National Geographic Islander. Ecuador is surprisingly close just 4 hours from Miami, and yet Galápagos is very far from any experience most people can imagine. It s a wild and spectacular place, and we are most excited to share it with you during our 50th anniversary, a particularly celebratory year to join us. But I warn you to Eat your Wheaties, if you want to take advantage of the myriad daily possibilities. From hiking to snorkeling, kayaking or even paddleboarding, this is an action-packed expedition, with down time only if you want it. (And hammocks and a wellness spa for treatments, if that s your choice). We genuinely believe that everyone with even an ounce of interest in wildlife or natural history should make their pilgrimage here at some point. And if you choose to go with us, I wholeheartedly believe you have made the right choice. While geography belongs to everyone, the perspective that will enrich your experience, well that s another matter entirely. Please look through these pages, and hopefully you will agree that Galápagos, with us, is a good idea whether you plan it or simply get up and go. All the best, Sven-Olof Lindblad SEE THE TIMELINE ON THE INSIDE COVER TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR 50 YEARS IN GALÁPAGOS Cover: Blue-footed booby mother and chicks. Sven-Olof Lindblad. This page: Guests take advantage of Galápagos photo ops. Jonathan Aguas. Ships registry: Ecuador ALWAYS SOMETHING INTERESTING GOING ON There s never a dull moment in Galápagos. None of the endemic species migrate, so you re assured of seeing life in full swing whenever you choose to travel. There s always fascinating behavior to observe and learn about courtship, nesting, raising young, feeding, defending territory and more. And because Galápagos creatures don t fear humans, you ll have a rare experience of closeness with the animals literally and figuratively. You could visit Galápagos 50 times, as Sven Lindblad has, and see something new each time. Travel with us, and our 50 years of experience guarantees you exciting opportunities every day. Left: Galápagos sea lions on Española Island with National Geographic Endeavour II in the distance. This page, clockwise from top: swimming Galápagos penguins; endemic land iguana; Galápagos tortoise; Sally Lightfoot crab; downy great frigatebird chick. 3 EVERY EXPEDITION IS AN OCCASION OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GALÁPAGOS DATES BACK 50 YEARS. WE VE BEEN involved with the people who work tirelessly to protect this place since Lars-Eric Lindblad brought the first citizen explorers on his pioneering 1967 expedition. When you travel with us you re a part of something larger, and you re connected to interesting people doing interesting things. And, there s always something special going on. Here are some specific examples and dates: ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Amy Wright, an accomplished scientific illustrator and public arts muralist, will be aboard National Geographic Islander to teach drawing. Do field studies of Galápagos animals, and learn the fine points from a master. All levels welcome. Sep. 16 & 23, 2017 SPECIAL GUEST: MICHAEL JACKSON Michael Jackson is the author of the popular Galápagos: A Natural History, and a leader representing the AAAS and Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society groups aboard National Geographic Endeavour II. Originally from Kent, England, Jackson first came to the islands almost 40 years ago as a naturalist guide, and returned soon after as a zoologist with the 1982 Cambridge Darwin Centenary Galápagos Expedition. Dec. 8, 2017 JEOPARDY! ABOARD Join Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek and the Clue Crew when they return to Galápagos with us aboard National Geographic Endeavour II. Oct. 6, 2017 GROSVENOR TEACHER FELLOWS ABOARD The LEX-NG Fund supports the Grosvenor Teacher Fellow program, which brings 35 exemplary K-12 teachers into the field every year. In 2017, five National Geographic Endeavour II departures will host these educators. Choose to travel on the dates below, and you ll share the adventure with a Fellow, and learn about the importance of geographic literacy and how each will bring back to their home classrooms, colleagues, and communities what they learn during this professional development experience. A Grosvenor Teacher Fellow is aboard these departures: Jun. 2, 9; Aug. 25; Sep. 15, 22, 2017 FOR MORE INFORMATION: EXPEDITIONS.COM/GALA50 EXCLUSIVELY OURS: GALÁPAGOS PHOTO EXPEDITIONS IN 2017 Our popular Epic Galápagos Photo Expedition returns with a new dimension: the undersea. Now, in addition to exploring every major island, photographers can dive and capture the vivid Galápagos undersea. Travel with an all-star roster of NG photographers: Brian Skerry, Michael Melford, Jennifer Davidson, Krista Rossow, Ralph Lee Hopkins. Aboard National Geographic Endeavour II. Nov. 24; Dec. 1, 2017, or the 17-Day epic experience. Nov. 24-Dec. 10, 2017 IN 2018 NEW! Rainforest, Andes & Islands Photo Expedition: Ecuador & Peru Under the leadership of Ralph Hopkins, this photo expedition provides a full curriculum of mind-expanding photo ops in 3 locations: Quito & Mashpi Ecuador; Galápagos; and Machu Picchu & Peru s Land of the Inca. May 7 (Mashpi Pre); May 11 (Galápagos); May 19 (Peru Post), 2018 HEADS UP: Have you seen Planet Earth II? Don t miss the opportunity to travel with principal filmmaker, National Geographic photographer, and National Geographic Emerging Explorer, Sandesh Kadur. Learn about making movies in Darwin s Galápagos, pick up tips as you learn to shoot better video. Jun. 1, 9, 2018 FOR COMPLETE DETAILS ABOUT ALL OF OUR GALAPAGOS PHOTO EXPEDITIONS: EXPEDITIONS.COM/GALA50 5 ANNOUNCING NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC GLOBAL EXPLORERS OUR NEW FAMILY PROGRAM In June 2017 we re launching a new kids and teen program in the Galápagos! Developed in conjunction with National Geographic Education, this unique exploration-based program will provide an unforgettable and engaging Galápagos learning experience. Kids and teens will choose from a range of activities and experiences, each designed to help them develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of a National Geographic explorer. Guests under 18 (and their families) will: Benefit from National Geographic certified field educators on every departure Become a storyteller Connect with nature and learn the skills of a field scientist HAVE FUN! LEARN MORE AT EXPEDITIONS.COM/GLOBALEXPLORERS EXPEDITION ( ) A+ NATURALISTS, SMART COMPANIONS & MORE Our Galápagos expedition team, hand-picked and Lindblad Expeditionstrained, is made up of engaging naturalists born and bred in the Galápagos Islands, and others who moved to the islands from the mainland or other countries decades ago. They each have a deep understanding of all aspects of Galápagos natural and human history, and are experts in relevant areas: ornithology, geology, zoology, and the undersea. They are also passionate and knowledgeable about Galápagos conservation. Many have traveled and worked with Lindblad in other parts of the world s great natural history destinations, bringing a global perspective. Your time with them will greatly enhance your experience and your understanding of this remote archipelago. Above from left: Aura Banda Cruz, naturalist, certified photo instructor and undersea specialist; Walter Perez, naturalist, certified field educator and certified photo instructor; Paula Tagle, expedition leader, certified informal educator and naturalist. LINDBLAD EXPEDITIONS NATURALISTS ARE CERTIFIED NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FIELD EDUCATORS MEET THE TEAM AT EXPEDITIONS.COM/BIOS 7 EVERY DAY IS FILLED WITH ADVENTURE National Geographic Islander and National Geographic Endeavour II are equipped with cool tools for exploration a fleet of Zodiacs, kayaks, paddleboards, a video microscope, plus complete snorkeling gear, including wetsuits, for all sizes. And we offer Scuba diving, as well. As a result, you will have the most active, engaged and up-close experience of Galápagos possible. And if you choose to recline in a hammock, or opt for a wellness treatment instead, that s simply another way to be in Galápagos. WANT TO IMMERSE YOURSELF IN PHOTOGRAPHY IN GALÁPAGOS? SEE PAGE 5. 8 Left: Guest and Galápagos tortoise. This page, clockwise from top: sunset Zodiac excursion; exploring aboard stand-up paddleboards; snorkeler with penguin; tandem kayakers; hiking Bartolomé Island. 9 Libraries, lounges, nooks and crannies on both ships invite sociability, a game of cards, or one-on-one photo sharing. Expansive glass windows on National Geographic Endeavour II bring island vistas indoors. Suite A cabin aboard National Geographic Endeavour II. Dining aboard the yacht-scale National Geographic Islander is gracious and intimate. PERFECT BASE CAMPS FOR EXPLORATION Well equipped for adventures off ship, National Geographic Islander and National Geographic Endeavour II are equally well-equipped for living well. Gathering places like the open decks, lounge and dining room contribute to the esprit de corps that is a hallmark of our expeditions. Fully stocked libraries serve those who want to learn more and those who want to settle in with a best-seller. Our wellness centers, fitness rooms, and on-deck stretching sessions with our wellness specialists add the mind-body connection to Galápagos tonic of wildness. And cossetting cabins, outfitted with our signature linens and feather duvets, provide the perfect ending to active days. SEE WHERE YOU LL GO & WHAT YOU LL DO. FIND COMPLETE DAY-BY-DAY ITINERARIES AT EXPEDITIONS.COM/GALAPAGOS EXPERIENCE GALÁPAGOS WITH ALL YOUR SENSES Count on starting each day with savory and nutritious breakfast buffets featuring 100% Galápagos coffee (grown and roasted), fresh local juices, smoothies, Andean grains, plus every other classic breakfast staple, including bespoke omelets. Lunch buffets feature mainland- and Galápagossourced ingredients meats, sustainable seafood, vegetables, even jams and fruit. Daily dinner choices include fresh produce, sustainably sourced lobster in season, chicken, beef; and wines from the top Chilean and Argentinean providers. All the food served aboard, plus barbecues on deck and our traditional Ecuadorian feast is locally inflected giving you another window on the nature and culture of the region. Equally important, our approach to food is focused on supporting and protecting the islands. We are proud to be the first travel company in Galápagos serving Endemica, the only artisanal beer produced on San Cristobal. Also, we offer a wide selection of Ecuadorian craft beers with 100% local micro lot production EXPEDITION ( ) We are working with Lava Java, a local farm in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island, with an incredibly resilient vertical organic agriculture that uses less water, and has a self-composting system. They grow some of the lettuce we serve aboard our ships, and the chilies, cacao, flat leaf kale, heirloom cherry tomatoes, cilantro, basil and other herbs, as well. In the very near future, we will be able to offer the firstever farm-to-table dining in Galápagos. Eliminating the importing of produce helps protect the islands against invasive species. In addition, it contributes to creating local jobs, and to the economic growth of the local farmers. Ana Esteves, Manager Hotel Operations, Lindblad Expeditions Left: locally grown lettuce; Galápagos tomato; edible nasturtium flower; the casual dining room is designed for sociability with no assigned seating--mingling is encouraged, solo travelers feel welcome, and families can dine together. 13 NEW SHIP NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ENDEAVOUR II CAPACITY: 96 guests in 52 outside cabins. REGISTRY: Ecuador. OVERALL LENGTH: 236 feet. PUBLIC AREAS: New forward lounge and bar accommodating all guests for presentations and gatherings, restaurant, large library with Mac kiosks, open-air observation deck, underwater gear area and open bridge, where guests can meet the captain and officers and learn about navigation. Ship refitted for Galápagos in MEALS: Served in a single, unassigned seating in a sociable, informal atmosphere with Ecuadorian flair. CABINS: All face outside with large windows, and feature twin beds that convert to a queen. With private facilities and climate control, nightstands, desk, and storage. Seven sets of cabins with a connecting door. EXPEDITION EQUIPMENT: Nine Zodiacs, including one with a glass-bottom, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards, snorkel gear and wet suits for both adults and children, video microscope and underwater video camera. SPECIAL FEATURES: Shipboard doctor, Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor, video chronicler, National Geographic Global Explorer family program, snorkel instruction. Wi-Fi access, laundry service, Global Gallery. WELLNESS: New LEXSpa and fitness center, exercise classes, and wellness specialist. FOR ITINERARIES, VISIT EXPEDITIONS.COM/GALAPAGOS Clockwise from top: National Geographic Endeavour II features 52 cabins accommodating 96 guests; gym; Category 3 bathroom; Category 4 cabin EXPEDITION ( ) CATEGORY 1: Upper Deck, Forward #201, 202 CATEGORY 2: Upper Deck #211, , 221, 222, CATEGORY 3: Lounge Deck #311, , 321, 322, 324, 326, 328, 330 CATEGORY 4: Bridge Deck #409, , 416, 418 SUITE A: Lounge Deck, Mid-Ship #320 with two windows, larger bath, arm chair. Connecting door to #322. SUITE B: Bridge Deck, Mid-Ship #420, 422 with two floor-to-ceiling windows, larger bath, convertible sofa for a third person. SUITE C: Bridge Deck, Mid-Ship #415 with two large windows, larger bath, separate sitting area with convertible sofa for a third person and arm chairs, largest cabin on ship. CATEGORY 2 SOLO: Upper Deck # with a queen bed. CATEGORY 3 SOLO: Lounge Deck #325, 327 with a queen bed. NOTE: All cabins feature the option of two twins or a queen bed, plus large window(s), desk, chair, and closet. CONNECTING CABINS: #226/228, 227/229, 315/317, 316/318, 320/322, 411/413, 416/418 TRIPLE OCCUPANCY: #224, 225, 326, 328 with fold-down upper third bunk, Suites B and C with convertible sofa bed. Third person rates are one-half per person double occupancy rate. SHARED ACCOMMODATIONS: Shares can be arranged at the double occupancy rate in Categories 1 and 2. EXPEDITION GEAR ZODIAC BOARDING OBSERVATION DECK RESTAURANT LIBRARY GLOBAL GALLERY BRIDGE DECK MAIN DECK GALLEY WC LOUNGE DECK DOCTOR S OFFICE UPPER DECK GYM & SPA WC 311 WC BAR LOUNGE RECEPTION DESK BRIDGE I indicates adjoining cabins Prices are per person, double occupancy unless indicated as solo. ITINERARY CAT. 1 CAT. 2 CAT. 3 CAT. 4 SUITE A SUITE B SUITE C CAT. 2 SOLO CAT. 3 SOLO ADVANCE PAYMENT NOTE 2017/18 Galápagos: Aboard National Geographic Endeavour II 10 days/9 nights Departing Fridays throughout the year* $6,960 $7,940 $8,740 $9,590 $11,440 $12,280 $12,980 $9,930 $10,930 $750 Holiday: Dec. 29, 2017; Dec. 21 & 28, 2018* 2017/18 Galápagos + Machu Picchu & The Land of the Inca 16 days/15 nights $7,780 $8,880 $9,780 $10,720 $12,810 $13,760 $14,530 $11,120 $12,240 $1,000 Departing Fridays throughout the year* $12,650 $13,630 $14,430 $15,280 $17,130 $17,970 $18,670 $17,000 $18,000 $1,500 Holiday: Dec. 15, 2017; Dec. 14 & Dec. 28, 2018* Holiday: Dec. 29, 2017; Dec. 22, 2018* 2017 Epic Galápagos Photo Expedition Aboard National Geographic Endeavour Il 17 days/16 nights $13,380 $14,360 $15,160 $16,010 $17,860 $18,700 $19,400 $17,730 $18,730 $1,500 $14,200 $15,300 $16,200 $17,140 $19,230 $20,180 $20,950 $18,920 $20,040 $1,500 International and internal Ecuador tickets must be issued separately for all Galápagos voyages. Sample International Airfares: round-trip Miami/Guayaquil: Economy from $500; Business from $1,050. Sample Internal Airfares: Guayaquil/ Galápagos: Adult from $520 Children (Under 12) from $260. Call for sample Peru airfare. Nov. 24, 2017 with 10% back-to-back savings $12,530 $14,290 $15,730 $17,260 $20,590 $22,100 $23,360 $17,870 $19,670 $1, /18 Galápagos + Upper Amazon 20 days/19 nights please call for dates and rates * 2017 prices guaranteed for 2018 departures if booked by June 1, After June 1, 2017, call or visit for new 2018 prices. 15 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ISLANDER CAPACITY: 48 guests in 24 outside cabins. REGISTRY: Ecuador. OVERALL LENGTH: 164 feet. PUBLIC AREAS: Open-air observation deck, second covered outside deck with ham
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