Formato de Checklist de Auditoría a Entidad de Formación Basado en EN TPAB AUDIT. Ref. EN - PDF

Spanish B Formato de Checklist de uditoría a Entidad de Formación Basado en EN TEDE-B-005 Rev.01 (04/11/2009) TPB UDIT Nº Item 1 Ref. EN CLSS SIZE, TTENDNCE Number of students shall be

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Spanish B Formato de Checklist de uditoría a Entidad de Formación Basado en EN TEDE-B-005 Rev.01 (04/11/2009) TPB UDIT Nº Item 1 Ref. EN CLSS SIZE, TTENDNCE Number of students shall be no greater than 20. Fewer than 4 or greater than 20 may be considered under rare circumstances. 6.1 ssessment Results ssessment Evidence/ Comments 2 ttendes shall be required to be in attendance for the full duration of the course. Failure shall be reflected in the continual and final evaluations PRESENTTION ND ORGNIZTION The course shall be presented during consecutive days, unless otherwise authorized by the approval body. 6.2 The total course time (meals, breaks or other free time not included) shall be calculated in accordance with nnex. If the course is given through interpreters, this time shall be increased as required to meet the learning objectives. If actual audit situations, transit time to and from the audit is not counted as part of the course time. 6.2 Each attendee shall actively participate in workshop, case studies, role-playing, and/or actual auditing of an organization. For the Standard and Foundation courses, at least 50% of the total course time. For the erospace Industry Specific courses, at least 30% Each course shall be presented by at least one instructor, who shall be actively involved in the instruction and evaluation for the full length of the course. dditional resource people may be used for specific subjects; however, the one instructor remains responsible for the entire course ny case studies shall be designed to cover the important aspects of the applicable QMS and shall be aerospaceindustry related The instructor shall be present during the entire exam to assure good examination practice The instructor shall demonstrate effective management of the course, including attention to time schedule, course content, requirements of the standard, instructor conduct, and other course requirements. 6.2 COURSE MTERILS Early in the course presentation the TP shall provide to the students a description of the course format, student responsibilities, how the student will be evaluated, and the basis for each type of evaluation. Each student shall be provided with a complete set of course notes to supplement the training program. The documents included in the course notes shall themselves illustrate good organization, layout and document management practices, including document revision level and appropriate page numbering. The set of course notes shall prominently identify the approved TP (e.g., cover page) The student notes shall cover each session and shall include all important points. Examples of typical documents, checklists and forms shall be included Each student shall have a copy of the applicable QMS standard. Otherwise each student shall be required to bring a copy to the course. copy shall be made available for loan to any student who does not have one INSTRUCTOR QULIFICTIONS Instructors competencies: a) be thoroughly experienced in the principles and practices of auditing management systems relevant to the content of the course(s) they instruct; b) ability to facilitate the learning of appropriate auditing knowledge, and the development of auditing skills; c) ability to teach, and familiarity with the current course materials and documentation; d) knowledge of current auditing practices and of relevant standards. 16 Before allowing instructors to present a course, TP shall first ensure he/she has acquired the competencies. s a minimum this shall involve the instructor: a) participating as an instructor under the supervision of a trained instructor, for a minimum of one course; b) being monitored by the TP presenting and managing the course. 17 One instructor for the Foundation and Standard course offering shall be certified as an udit Team Leader by an internationallyrecognized personnel CB (or alternative equivalent acceptable to the TPB) or shall have acquired auditing competencies through practical experience in leading teams of auditors on complete, relevant management system audits. 18 One instructor for each course offering shall have aerospace industry experience. a minimum of 4 years of direct involvement in Engineering, Design, Manufacturing, Quality or Process Control for a major airframe/spacecraft/space payload manufacturer, prime supplier, auxiliary equipment supplier and/or appropriate national regulatory organization (e.g., N, MoD, Space gency). The 4 years should have been within the prior ten calendar years. Once approved, an instructor may continue even if the work experience no longer meets the above requirement (For example, aerospace industry experience was 11 years ago). 19 Each course offering should be taught by (an) instructor(s) in the language of the students. n interpreter shall be provided for each instructor who does not speak the language of the students. 20 t least one instructor for the Foundation and Standard course should have current auditing experience in the country and culture in which the course is conducted. Otherwise another person who has current knowledge of local requirements, culture and practices shall be included on the instruction team to provide information and advice to the instructors. This adviser shall be present for parts of the course where local knowledge is relevant The TP shall have documented procedures that ensure that all instructors meet the TP's competence requirements and maintain satisfactory performance. These procedures shall include review, at least annually, of each instructor's performance. Records of these reviews shall be maintained by the TP. Where there has been no previous presentations of a course (i.e., where the TP is seeking initial approval), the TP shall have documented evidence of fulfillment of the competence requirements of the instructors before the initial presentation FCILITIES The TP shall see that suitable facilities for training are provided, including classroom, audio-visual and other training equipment, and facilities for team activities. 6.5 EVLUTION OF TTENDEES Each student s achievement of all learning objectives shall be measured by the TP, through a combination of continual evaluation conducted by the instructor throughout the duration of the course and written examination. 6.6 WRITTEN EXMINTION The written examination shall demonstrate the attendees comprehension of the audit process and application of the QMS, and their ability to provide written justification of their evaluations. The examination shall be designed so that a competent attendee could achieve a minimum mark of 70% in the time designated within the specific QMS course. Strict adherence to the time limit is to be maintained. 26 t least 75% of the examination grade shall be based on questions that require essay responses that test the students comprehension of the audit process and the application of the QMS, and their ability to provide written justifications of their evaluations. The exam shall include the writing of a nonconformity The remainder of the examination grade shall be based on multiple choice, true/false and/or short answer questions. The examination minimum passing grade shall be 70%. The only reference materials allowed during the examination are copies of the applicable QMS standard, the course notes provided by the TP and any personal notes made by the attendee during the course. Copies of examination questions (other than those in an example examination paper), examination papers, solutions or completed examination papers shall not be supplied to any student or any other party (except to the B) CONTINUL EVLUTION The continual evaluation shall be documented and shall evaluate each student s: a) chievement of the learning objectives, and b) ttendance and punctuality during the course. c) uditing skills and ability to deal with various audit situations.(soft skill) Each student s performance shall be reviewed at the end of each day by the instructor(s). daily grade shall be assigned for each student, reflecting the assessment of the instructor(s). 6.8 ll students shall be informed privately and in a timely manner of the instructor's observations on strong and weak point including the opportunities to improve student who fails the continual evaluation must satisfactorily complete another full training course before being eligible to receive a certificate of successful completion GRDING; PSS/FIL DECISIONS Each examination paper shall be graded by the instructor(s). For examination papers with scores between 60 and 75 percent, another instructor shall check the addition of the score allocated in each section and re-grade each paper The TP shall have procedures to resolve any differences in grading and issue final grades. 6.9 If the course is given through interpreters, the translators who translate the students written examination answers shall be selected by the TP in such a way that the TP is confident that they provide impartial, knowledgeable and accurate translations. 6.9 The instructor shall review the written examinations and the continual evaluations, issue final evaluation, along with pass/fail decisions based on the examinations and continual evaluations RE-EXMINTION 39 student who fails the written examination shall be allowed one re-examination within 90 days of the last day of the course. different examination paper shall be used for the reexamination The re-examination shall be taken in the presence of an approved proctor as described in the TP s procedures student who fails the re-examination must take a full training course again before being eligible to take another examination ELECTRONIC TRINING : COURSE FORMT Courses in which additional auditing skills are to be learned (e.g., Foundation Course) may be conducted completely in an electronic environment Courses in which new auditing skills are to be learned (e.g., QMS Standard Course) may be conducted in a blended learning format using a combination of electronic and face-toface activities. a) ssessment of auditing skills shall occur in a face-to-face, interactive environment. b) The electronic portion and the face-to-face portion of the training shall be provided by the same TP. c) Verification of successful completion of the electronic portion shall be completed by the TP prior to the start of the face-toface training. This verification shall be completed in sufficient time to ensure the student does not attend the face-to-face portion without having fully completed the electronic portion. d) ny student who does not successfully complete the electronic training prior to the face-to-face activities shall be required to re-take the entire course. The TP's registration procedures shall ensure this is accomplished. e) No more than 90 days between the successful completion of the electronic portion and the commencement of the face-toface training N/ The amount of time the student is allowed to complete the electronic portion of the training shall not exceed 90 days The TP shall be able to demonstrate that all of the learning objectives of the training intended to be covered in the electronic environment can be effectively measured and successfully met without face-to-face interaction. The TP shall have adequate processes to ensure effective measurement of student learning N/ N/ PROGRM EXECUTION Each student shall be provided with instructions for the operation of and navigation through the electronic portion of course. The program shall be developed in a format that is easily accessible for review, is compatible with standard systems, is capable of measurement, and has capability to meet appropriate security requirements. The program shall include practice testing capability. The TP shall ensure that questions can be answered by a qualified instructor or technical support representative (for operation and navigation of the courseware) in an expedient time frame (i.e., one business day) SECURITY The TP shall have adequate controls in place to ensure the integrity of the course content is not compromised. The TP shall have adequate back-up systems to ensure the availability of the course content. The TP shall remain responsible for any activities subcontracted to another person or organization (i.e., database maintenance, examination proctoring) N/ N/ N/ N/ 6.13 QULITY MNGEMENT SYSTEM (QMS) TP shall operate a management system which is documented and covers all the requirements of EN , and ensure effective application Todo el material está archivado en servidor corporativo sujeto a politica de back-up y seguridad Todo el material está archivado en servidor corporativo sujeto a politica de back-up y seguridad El sistema de calidad aplicable es el general de la organización con procedimentos específicos del centro de formación: PE-DF-CFO (selección, evaluación y actualización de profesorado) DF (Diagrama de proceso: Cursos comercializados) DF (Diagrama de proceso: Cursos abiertos y on-line) PE-DF-CFO Tratamiento de reclamaciones e incidencias DMINISTRTIVE PROCEDURES TP shall develop, implement and maintain documented procedures for the effective administration of the course. - design, development and evaluation of course materials and documentation to ensure conformity with the criteria - the presentation of the course - verification of prerequisite knowledge when required - control of courses presented - control of course publicity - a document control system for maintaining the currency of procedures and course notes - training programs for instructors, including witnessing and evaluation annually - management reviews - student evaluation procedure, including criteria - operation and conduct of the re- and examination - issue and withdrawal certificates - storage marked papers, continual evaluation records - methods to measure student evaluation, instructor performance and overall course performance - submission of significant changes to the approval body for review before implementation - complaints and appeals 6.15 RECORDS TP shall maintain records that demonstrate conformity of these criteria. valaible to the approval body Records in any medium acceptable to the B. If TP goes out of business, all records shall be made available to B Pass/fail records and certificates shall be maintained for at least 3 years. ll remaining records shall be maintained for at least 18 months Records shall include: - venue and dates - name team members, intructors, observers - identification of the specific issue of the course documentation - identification examination paper used - names of all students, continual evaluation and examination results - marked examination and continual evaluation forms - % students that successfully completed the course - name of student that took re-examination and result - unique identification number od each certificate and name whom was issued 6.16 MNGEMENT REVIEW procedimentos específicos del centro de formación: PE-DF-CFO (selección, evaluación y actualización de profesorado) DF (Diagrama de proceso: Cursos comercializados) DF (Diagrama de proceso: Cursos abiertos y on-line) PE-DF-CFO Tratamiento de reclamaciones e incidencias Definidos en CFO apartado Disponibles para el TPB Definidos en CFO apartado Disponibles para el TPB Definidos en CFO apartado Disponibles para el TPB Definidos en CFO apartado Todos los registros serán conservados por 3 años. Correcto. Oportunidad de mejora: Incluir en el documento ficha del curso la versión de la documentación empleada en el curso. Hacer y mantener un listado maestro o base de datos de certificados emitidos con nombre del alumno, número, fecha de emisión, etc 61 62 The management of the TP shall review at least annually: - actions outstanding from previous review meetings - actions resulting from surveillance by the B - administrative procedures - course design - course presentation - performance of instructors and future training needs - complaints and appeals - analysis of student feedback and pass rates Records shall be maintained for at least 3 years Los aspectos particulares de cada curso se evaluan después de cada curso. nualmente se analizan los resultados generales de los cursos, profesores, material, etc. Basado en las informaciones individuales. nualmente hay revisión del catálogo en el que se revisan contenidos y modificaciones de los cursos. Registros consolidados de cursos. Oportunidad de mejora: mpliar los registros a todas las acciones de las revisiones anuales y seguimiento de acciones que se realicen 63 CERTIFICTES certificate of Successful Completion shall be provided to each student who has passed both the written examination and the continual evaluation. The certificate shall: a) clearly state that the course is recognized by the approval body; b) include the identification mark (if any) of the approval body; c) include a unique identification number for each certificate; d) clearly show the name of the TP, as it is registered with the approval body; e) identify the course by course title, course number (if any), dates and location of presentation of the course; f) include the name of the student, in the same form that the student would use to apply for certification in an auditor certification program; g) state that the student named has successfully completed the course; h) include all information on a single side of the certificate The wording of any certificates of ttendance shall make it clearly apparent that the student has only attended the course. There shall be no implication of successful completion. The approval body mark shall not be included on such certificates Students shall be informed by the TP that certificates of ttendance will not be accepted for authentication The design and content of the certificate of Successful Completion and the certificate of ttendance , and any changes thereto, shall be approved by the approval body. 6.18 COMPLINTS ND PPELS TP shall have documented procedures for managing complaints and appeals, including provision for corrective/preventive actions resulting from root cause analysis TP shall inform all students of the right to make a complaint or appealand shall provide written details of the process TP shall notify each complainant in writing of the result, and the right to appeal against the result to the B. TP shall maintain records of all complaints and resolutions SUBCONTRCTING OF COURSES No TP shall subcontract and/or license a course to a second organizations or TP TP shall maintain control of the administration and presentation of the approved course X CONFIDENTILITY TP shall have adequate arrangements, consistent with applicable laws, to safeguard confidentiality of all information provided by students, including results CHNGES TP shall ensure that any major changes it intends to make to the training course are first approved by approval body VRITIONS Variations to any of the requirement of this standard shall be considered for approval upon written submission by the TP to the Training approval body. ny such request shall be made immediately upon the reason for the variation request becoming known. The Training approval body shall respond in writing. When evaluating a request for variance, the Training approval body shall take into account the TP s: - reasons for the requested variance; - rationale for the requested variance; - modified training plan and/or revised course outline; and assessment of impact on the learning process N/ N/ SUSPENSION OR CNCELLTION PE-DF-CFO Tratamiento de reclamaciones e incidencias Informados en presntación del curso Indicar en el procedimiento CFO apartado 6.2 la necesidad de responder al alumno por escrito ye indicando la posibilidad de reclamar ante TECM si no está de acuerdo con la respuesta recibida. Obs: Indicar en el procedimiento CFO apartado de registros las reclamaciones y sus respuestas Establecido para todos los cursos No procede en esta fase. Se evaluará en
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