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FinnLink traffic Kapellskär - Långnäs - Naantali FREIGHT GUIDE 2017/03 2 CONTENTS Finnlink transports 4 Timetable 4 Seafreight is comprised of 5 VAT 5 Reservations 6-7 Freight clearance 8 ISPS 9 Special

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FinnLink traffic Kapellskär - Långnäs - Naantali FREIGHT GUIDE 2017/03 2 CONTENTS Finnlink transports 4 Timetable 4 Seafreight is comprised of 5 VAT 5 Reservations 6-7 Freight clearance 8 ISPS 9 Special transports 9 Dangerous goods 9-10 Forwarding services 11 Stevedoring Vessels 12 Contact information 13 Långnäs 14 3 FREIGHT GUIDE DEAR FREIGHT CUSTOMER! Finnlines is a leading shipping operator of ro-ro and passenger services in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea and is part of Grimaldi Group. Finnlines Plc, FinnLink traffic specialises in sea transport between Naantali, Finland and Kapellskär, Sweden, we base our activities on the needs of freight traffic. We operate with two ropax vessels. This booklet contains information on how we operate. We hope that this guide will provide you with the necessary assistance in various freight-related matters. 4 FINNLINK TRANSPORTS: Road trains Lorries Trailers (semi-trailers) We do not transport: Caterpillar vehicles on deck Rolltrailers (MAFI trailers) TIMETABLE An up to date timetable can be found on the Internet at Exceptions (dockings, seasonal traffic etc) occur regularly. 5 SEA FREIGHT IS COMPRISED OF Meter-prising (per every 1/2 meter) Vehicle fee includes driver ticket plus stay in 2 or 4 -person cabin, 2 meals and sauna Tonnage and port fees VAT 24% (if applicable) As well as surcharges eg. for oversized loads, dangerous goods, electrical connection, additional charges for special departures, bunker etc. VAT Companies registered outside of Finland: VAT 0%. Companies registered in Finland: all transports made within the EU are subject to VAT (24%). All transports made outside the EU (such as Norway or Russia) are not subject to VAT. In such cases the driver/freight payer must be able to prove that the entire shipment is headed outside the EU, using either export documents or other signed documentation. Private persons are always required to pay VAT (24%). For parties subject to VAT, all fees and charges are taxable. 6 RESERVATIONS Space for lorries departing from Naantali can be booked with the Naantali reservations centre by telephone or . Space for lorries departing from Kapellskär can be booked with the Kapellskär reservations centre by telephone or . When booking, please have the following information ready: - Freight payer - Unit length - Unit registration number - No. of drivers - Dangerous goods - Need for electrical connection - Any oversize loads (extra width and overhead clearance) - Animals Units containing commercial goods should be booked as cargo. For customers who have signed a freight agreement, also horse transports are booked as cargo, otherwise we ask you kindly to contact Finnlines Passenger Service for a booking. Should you carry a motorcycle, motorvessel or other motorised vehcile inside a van or trailer, please let us know when booking the unit. According to Memorandum of Understanding (Baltic Sea) we have to register such units. There is no extra charge for that. Reserved places must be cancelled no later than the times listed below Departure cancelled Departure cancelled Kapellskär by Naantali by 09:15 06:00 10:45 08:00 21:30 14:00 22:30 14:00 7 A no-show fee (60,00 EUR) will be charged if cancellation is made later than at the above mentioned times or if the unit has not been cancelled at all. Exception to the above mentioned; should you want to cancel your reservation to evening departure from Naantali after 19:00 finnish time we will debit No Show fee. Units reserved without registration number will be deleted in accordance with the above times. 8 FREIGHT CLEARANCE At check in the driver must be able to give exact information about the vehicle and cargo. We only credit invoices if the mistake is clearly made by Finnlink. The harbour area should be entered via Järveläntie Main Gate. The vehicle measurements will thus be transmitted to our booking system. Units which are not cleared and ready for loading one hour before the scheduled departure will lose their reserved place. Semi-trailers, special loads, dangerous goods units or other units that require stevedoring must be cleared and ready to load 1,5 hours before the scheduled departure. Freight clearance will close five minutes before scheduled departure time. The unit can also be placed on a waiting list, but the order number on the list will only be assigned after the unit has contacted check in at the port. All units must be equipped with the appropriate lashing points. If weather conditions require the securing of loads, vehicles not equipped with the necessary lashing points will not be shipped. Vehicles that carry dangerous goods are always lashed. The route Naantali-Kapellskär-Naantali is within the LWHA (Low Wave Height Area) which means that Finnlink accepts, in divergence with the standard, only two securing points per side. This means for road trains that each component, i.e. the motor vehicle and each trailer respectively has two (2) securing points per side. Semi-trailer has two (2) securing points per side, a towing coupling at the front of the towing vehicle is sufficient for two lashings. Vehicles with a total mass less than 3,5 tons do not require securing points. Lashing points should be constructed according to the appropriate standard (for detailed information on this, contact the vehicle manufacturer in question). A trailer/lorry must be used to transport machinery and equipment with caterpillar tracks. The back door (gangway) for horse transport vehicles must be closed during voyage. The storage of units containing dangerous goods is not allowed in the port area. Placards required for units transporting dangerous goods can be purchased from Finnlink offices. Heavy transports: please contact our booking offices for more info. 9 ISPS For access to the harbour area a permit is needed. In Naantali, surveillance system requires a vehicle permit that is connected to lisence plate number. This permit is free of charge. Kindly contact Naantali Harbour authorities if any questions should arise, tel (0) Anyone accessing the harbour area need to be able to prove their identity if need be. You can prove your identity e.g. with a driving lisence, passport or company ID tag (photo). SPECIAL TRANSPORTS Our vessels can take loads that are max 4,80 meters high and 6,5 meters wide. Surcharges are levied on over-wide transports, please ask specifics from sales. There is no surcharge levied for excess height or empty extra width. Oversized units are charged according to the overall length. Heavy transports: With overall weights exceeding 90 tonnes always check with us beforehand. DANGEROUS GOODS Finnlink transports dangerous goods in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding for the Transport of Packaged Dangerous Goods in the Baltic Sea, LWHA. Please ask for a copy of our dangerous goods booking form to help you with your booking. 10 Placarding regulations 11 FORWARDING SERVICES FinnLink AB (Sweden) provides goods intakes for customers (hemtagning in Swedish). You should always check beforehand with Port Operation Manager Mats Öhman (tel +46 (0) ). FinnLink AB (Sweden) will debit according to a valid pricelist. More information from customs offices: Finland tel (0) ( Sweden tel. +46 (0) ( STEVEDORING The loading and unloading of CTUs, semi-trailers, various types of machinery and equipment that have no assigned driver is handled by stevedoring personnel at ports. More information from freight sales. Documentation for trailers must be provided well in advance before loading. On the attached maps you can check trailer loading and unloading areas on both harbours. 12 Naantali VESSELS All our vessels have reserved space from dining area specially for professional drivers. The sauna is just for their use. You can check route alternatives and print them from a map service onboard. Smoking is allowed only in special smoking areas. There is also an alcometer for your use onboard. If the vessel stops at the Åland Islands then you can shop tax free. 13 CONTACT INFORMATION Freight booking Kapellskär Naantali Customer service Tel +46 (0) Tel +358 (0) Kap week days 8-16 Nli week days 8-16 Freight check in Kapellskär Naantali Customer service Tel +46 (0) Tel +358 (0) Kap week days 05:30-22:30 Nli week days 06:00-23:00 Open weekends at departure/arrival times. Freight sales: Mats Johnson, Rickard Majegård Customer service: Kapellskär, Mats Öhman Naantali, Sari Vilen Damages: Petri Kallio Financial: Invoicing Tuuli Kavaja Finnlines exchange tel (0) 14 LÅNGNÄS Address and map to Långnäs. Långnäsvägen 656, Lumparland, Åland. Bookings are made through our booking offices in Naantali and Kapellskär. Kapellskär Naantali Tel +46 (0) Tel +358 (0) Check in For the purpose of efficient loading, please arrive 1 hr before the scheduled departure. We only accept advance bookings. All cash bookings must be paid in advance. Finnlines does not have a separate check in office at the harbour, you cannot book your trip at the harbour. Please wait at the assigned point (marked x in the map) for access to the loading area. X 15 Thank you for your interest for this guide. As we value your opinion and want to improve the quality of our service your feedback is more than welcome. There are feedback forms onboard the vessels and in the terminals. You can also contact sales by or For useful information consult the following websites:, (Finnish customs), (Swedish customs) Finnlines reserves all rights for changes.
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