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SWEDEN EXCHANGE STUDIES AT JÖNKÖPING UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING COURSES IN ENGLISH 2015/2016 Copenhagen SWEDEN Helsinki Oslo Stockholm JÖNKÖPING St Petersburg JÖNKÖPING UNIVERSITY 350 partner universities in 60 countries 1,500 international students in Jönköping A truly international environment London Paris Berlin Warsaw SWEDEN AND JÖNKÖPING Sweden is known for being a clean, beautiful country, covered with lakes and forests and inhabited by 9,5 million people who are friendly, open-minded and welcoming. This is all true. What you have heard about high living standards and low crime rates is true too. There is also beautiful nature, great design and good music. You will find Jönköping on the southern shore of lake Vättern. The city has a population of 130,000 and a beautiful city centre with cafés, restaurants, shopping, concert venues and gorgeous waterfront views. The university campus is located right in the heart of the city, with anything you might need at comfortable walking distance. JÖNKÖPING UNIVERSITY Jönköping University is characterised by internationalisation, an entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration with surrounding society. We have about 350 partner universities all over the globe and about 1,500 of our 10,000 students are international. Jönköping University is one of three Swedish private, non-profit institutions of higher education with the right to award doctorates. The university operates on the basis of an agreement with the Swedish government and conforms to national degree regulations and quality requirements. Research and education are carried out at four schools: School of Health Sciences, School of Education and Communication, Jönköping International Business School and School of Engineering. SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING The School of Engineering is one of Sweden s leading educators in the engineering field. Here, you will gain knowledge not just of engineering, but also of leadership, communication, economics and sustainability. Which is to say, all the things you need in a high-tech, global world. The School of Engineering is a member of the CDIO initiative, a prestigious collaborative between leading engineering schools worldwide. Welcome to the school that educates the next generation of engineers! 2 JÖNKÖPING UNIVERSITY Programmes at School of Engineering CONDUCTED IN SWEDISH The following programmes are mainly conducted in Swedish. However, a number of courses within the programmes are offered in English for exchange students. HIGHER EDUCATION DIPLOMA 120 ECTS Lighting Design Computer Networking Technology Graphical Design and Web Development 3D Technology Product Development with Furniture Design BACHELOR OF SCIENCE 180 ECTS Civil Engineering: Architectural Engineering Civil Engineering: Building Projects/Civil Engineering Computer Engineering: Software Engineering and Mobile Platforms Computer Engineering: Embedded Systems Industrial Engineering and Management: Logistics and Management Mechanical Engineering: Industrial and Production Management Mechanical Engineering: Product Development and Industrial Design CONDUCTED IN ENGLISH The School of Engineering offers the following programmes conducted in English: HIGHER EDUCATION DIPLOMA 120 ECTS Digital Visualization MASTER OF SCIENCE 60 ECTS Engineering Management (taught in collaboration with Jönköping International Business School) MASTER OF SCIENCE 120 ECTS Informatics: Information Engineering and Management Production Systems: Production Development and Management Product Development: Industrial Design Product Development: Product Development and Materials Engineering Product Development: Software Engineering JÖNKÖPING UNIVERSITY 3 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE COURSES CODE CREDITS COURSE PERIOD LEVEL CIVIL ENGINEERING Architectural Engineering TATN15 6 Nov 02 Jan 17 G2F BIM Modelling, Analysis and Simulation TBMN Jan 18 Jun 05 G2F Energy and Building Services Engineering TEIN15 6 Aug 17 Nov 01 G2F Housing Design TBUK15 6 Aug 17 Nov 01 G1F Housing Design and Architectural Engineering TBGK14 9 Aug 17 Nov 01 G1F Project Work Architecture and Technology TATN Jan 18 Jun 05 G2F Project Work Design and Architecture T1AN Aug 17 Jan 17 G2F Project Work Design and Architecture T1AN Jan 18 Jun 05 G2F Project Work Structural Engineering TP1N Aug 17 Jan 17 G2F Project Work Structural Engineering TP1N Jan 18 Jun 05 G2F Urban Space TSDK14 6 Aug 17 Oct 04 G1F COMPUTER ENGINEERING 3D Graphics and Visualization T3GK14 9 Aug 17 Nov 01 G1F Agile Project TAGN16 9 Mar 07 Jun 05 G2F Android Development TAUN15 9 Oct 05 Jan 17 G2F Applied Web Architecture TTWK14 9 Aug 17 Nov 01 G1F Client Programming with Javascript TKJK15 6 Jan 18 Apr 03 G1F Digital Electronics with VHDL TDVK14 9 Oct 05 Jan 17 G1F Engineering of Socio-technical Systems TUSG15 6 Nov 02 Jan 17 G1N Internet and Cloud Services TMTN15 6 Aug 17 Oct 04 G2F ios Development TISN15 9 Oct 05 Jan 17 G2F Multimedia with HTML5 TM5K14 6 Aug 17 Oct 04 G1F Operating Systems for Embedded Systems TOIK14 9 Oct 05 Jan 17 G1F Server-side Web Development TPWK15 9 Jan 18 Apr 03 G1F INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT Distribution Logistics TDLN15 9 Oct 05 Jan 17 G2F Purchasing Logistics TILN15 9 Jan 18 Apr 03 G2F Work-Human-Technology * TAMK14 9 Aug 17 Nov 01 G1F MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Applied Finite Element Analysis TFDK15 6 Aug 17 Oct 18 G1F CAD-Solid Modelling, Basic Level Modelling TCSA Jan 18 Jun 05 G1N Component Casting TKGK15 6 Oct 19 Jan 17 G1F Design and Process Planning in Parametric CAD TKCN16 6 Jan 18 Jun 05 G2F Engineering Materials TMAG14 6 Jan 18 Mar 20 G1N Mechanics 2 T2MK15 6 Jan 18 Mar 20 G1F Sustainability in Product Development THPK15 6 Jan 18 Mar 20 G1F LIGHTING DESIGN Exterior Lighting Design TPUK14 9 Aug 17 Jan 17 G1F Exterior Lighting Design Project TPPK14 15 Aug 17 Jan 17 G1F Interior Lighting Design TBIK15 9 Jan 18 Jun 05 G1F Interior Lighting Design Project TBPK14 15 Jan 18 Jun 05 G1F GENERAL COURSES Computer Simulation in Physics and Engineering TDSK16 6 Mar 21 Jun 05 G1F Intercultural and International Communication TIKA Oct 19 Jan 17 G1N Intercultural and International Communication LICA Jan 25 Apr 03 G1N Mathematical Statistics TMSG14 6 Jan 18 Mar 20 G1N Mathematics for Software Engineers TMMK16 6 Jan 18 Mar 06 G1F Multivariable Calculus TFVK14 6 Aug 17 Oct 04 G1F Swedish Language, Culture and Society 1 TS1G Aug 24 Oct 18 G1N Swedish Language, Culture and Society 1 TS1G Jan 18 Mar 20 G1N Swedish Language, Culture and Society 2 TS2K Oct 19 Jan 17 G1F Swedish Language, Culture and Society 2 TS2K Mar 21 Jun 05 G1F Final Project Work ** TXMP14 15 Jan 18 Jun 05 G2E 4 JÖNKÖPING UNIVERSITY MASTER OF SCIENCE COURSES CODE CREDITS COURSE PERIOD LEVEL INFORMATION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT Database Systems and Trends TDTS24 6 Nov 02 Jan 17 A1F Enterprise Modelling TVMD Jan 18 Mar 20 A1N Entrepreneurial Performance Management and Information Technology TEPR Mar 21 Jun 05 A1N Information Logistics TILS24 9 Oct 05 Jan 17 A1F Information Retrieval TIRR24 9 Jan 18 Apr 03 A1N Knowledge Modelling and Knowledge Management TKKR23 6 Nov 02 Jan 17 A1N Software Quality and Project Management TMKS24 6 Sep 28 Nov 01 A1F PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND MATERIALS ENGINEERING Advanced CAD TACR24 6 Aug 17 Oct 04 A1N Advanced Materials Technology TAMR24 6 Sep 21 Nov 01 A1N Computer Programming for Design Automation TPAR24 6 Apr 04 Jun 05 A1N Computer Supported Engineering Design TDKS24 9 Oct 19 Jan 17 A1F Functional Materials and Surfaces TFYS24 6 Jan 18 Apr 03 A1F Integrated Product Development TIPS25 12 Jan 18 Apr 03 A1F Modelling and Simulation of Casting TMSS24 6 Oct 05 Jan 17 A1F Non-linear Finite Element Analysis TOLR24 9 Oct 05 Jan 17 A1N Optimization Driven Design TODS25 6 Apr 04 Jun 05 A1F Final Project Work in Product Development** TEUV24 30 Jan 18 Jun 05 A2E PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND SOFTWARE PRODUCT ENGINEERING Integration with Software People and Hardware TMIS26 6 Apr 04 Jun 05 A1F Safe and Secure Software Products TSMS25 6 Nov 02 Jan 17 A1F Software Engineering a Product Perspective TMUR25 9 Aug 17 Nov 01 A1N Software Product Architectures From Chip to Enterprise TMVS26 9 Jan 18 Apr 03 A1F Software Product Quality Assurance TKSS26 9 Mar 07 Jun 05 A1F PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT Human Factors Engineering * TMTR23 6 Nov 02 Jan 17 A1N Production Development, Strategy System Technology TUPN25 15 Aug 17 Jan 17 A1N Production Management TPLS24 6 Apr 04 Jun 05 A1F Supply Chain Design TUFS24 9 Mar 21 Jun 05 A1F INDUSTRIAL DESIGN INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, YEAR 1 SEMESTER 1*** Design Communication 1 TD1R23 9 Aug 17 Jan 17 A1N Design Philosophy and Practice (Human Factors 1) TDPR23 6 Aug 17 Nov 01 A1N Industrial Product Realization, Process Methods Leadership TIFR23 9 Aug 17 Nov 01 A1N Materials and Design TMDR23 6 Nov 02 Jan 17 A1N INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, YEAR 1 SEMESTER 2*** Design Communication 2 TD2S24 9 Jan 18 Jun 05 A1F Ergonomics (Human Factors 2) TERS24 15 Jan 18 Jun 05 A1F Business and Economy TFEK14 6 Jan 18 Mar 20 G1F INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, YEAR 2 SEMESTER 3*** Design Communication 3 TD3S24 6 Sep 28 Jan 17 A1F Industrial Design Project TIDS24 9 Sep 28 Jan 17 A1F INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, YEAR 2 SEMESTER 4*** Design and Emotion (Human Factors 3) TDUS25 6 Jan 18 Apr 03 A1F Final Project Work in Product Development** TEUV24 30 Jan 18 Jun 05 A2E * The courses Work-Human-Technology and Human Factors Engineering have overlapping content so therefore the student cannot register for both courses. ** Students interested in doing a Final Project Work must submit their application including level of project (Bachelor or Master) and area of project two weeks before the application deadline. School of Engineering cannot guarantee to find a supervisor and/or a project. For further important information and deadlines, please see page 7. *** Students interested in taking courses within Industrial Design can only do this if a complete semester is chosen. The student must be admitted to a program in Industrial Design within Mechanical Engineering at the home university. Applicants must attach their portfolio to the exchange application and hand it in 2 weeks before application deadline. Limited number of places. **** Classes and exams for courses with end date January 17 will finish before Christmas but there can be assignments with deadline January 17. This is an overview of the courses we expect to be offering in the academic year If there are additions or cancellations, these will be updated on our website, JÖNKÖPING UNIVERSITY 5 Application process for exchange students HOW TO APPLY The School of Engineering will receive nominations from the student s home university, after which the student will be provided with a username and password to be able to log in to our online application. All exchange students are required to apply online and to fill out all the information requested in the application such as personal information, choice of courses, and so forth. REQUIRED DOCUMENTS The student must print out the Choice of Courses confirmation, have it signed by the coordinator at their home university and then it to School of Engineering (International Relations Coordinator) together with their transcript of records before the application deadline. We do not need the original documents, only the scanned version. WHEN DO I RECEIVE THE LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE? The application can take between 2 to 3 weeks to be processed. We kindly ask students to be patient. European students will only receive their letters of acceptance by (if they do not request the original). Students from outside Europe will receive it by and to their home address (in order to be able to apply for a residence permit). COURSES Courses that do not attract a minimum number of participants may be cancelled. In that case students must choose another course. In addition, it is possible that some courses may clash with each other. Thus, it is important that all exchange students select alternative courses in the online application form. School of Engineering also reserves the right to limit exchange student enrollment in class es that are at capacity. WELCOME TO JÖNKÖPING Every semester we have a compulsory introduction week. Students arriving during the arrival dates are guaranteed pick-up service. We look forward to seeing you in Jönköping! Academic calendar The academic year consists of 40 weeks, divided into two semesters. Full-time study is 30 ECTS credits per semester or 60 ECTS credits per year. There is a teaching break during Christmas. There is no break during the semester, so international students wishing to travel for more than a weekend in Sweden or Europe should do so either before or after their study period at School of Engineering. Attendance is compulsory during the introduction week for all new students. ACADEMIC CALENDER AUTUMN SEMESTER 2015 SPRING SEMESTER 2016 Re-examination period August 8 16 February Pick-up service August January 9 10 Introduction week (compulsory) August January Welcome meeting (compulsory) August 17 January 11 Course period including regular examinations August 24 December 20 January 18 June 5 Re-examination period January 9 17, 2016 June JÖNKÖPING UNIVERSITY Requirements The general prerequisite for bachelor exchange students is at least one year of completed university studies at the home institution before the exchange semester. For applicants interested in master level courses, we recommend prerequisites with the equivalence of a bachelor degree of at least three or four years. All students must fulfil the prerequisites of each chosen course. When signing the Choice of Courses confirmation the home institution certifies that the student fulfils the prerequisites for each chosen course. FINAL PROJECT WORK (BACHELOR/MASTER THESIS) Only the department of Product Development and the department of Materials and Manufacturing and their research areas can offer Final Project Work. Students applying must submit their application two weeks before the regular deadline (April 15 or October 1). The student should describe which research area he/she wants to do the project in, plus on which level. The decision about the project will be made depend ing on the resources at the department at the time. We cannot guarantee exchange students to do Final Project Work. DEADLINES Applications for incoming exchange: May 1 Autumn semester October 15 Spring semester Applications for Final Project Work and Industrial Design (courses where portfolio is required): April 15 Autumn semester October 1 Spring semester LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS Language of instruction Language of instruction level based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) Although language test scores are not formally required, all students are expected to meet the minimum English requirements at School of Engineering. The home institution is responsible for insuring the fluency in English of the students. Students without the adequate level of English run the risk of failing the courses. Swedish (mainly BSc courses) and English (all MSc courses and a number of BSc courses) N/A Exchange students must have the equivalence of: TOEFL Paper based: a minimum score of 575 TOEFL with at least 4.5 in Written test (TWE). TOEFL Internet based: a minimum score of 90 with at least 20 in Written test (TWE). IELTS Academic: An overall score of 6.5 and no section below 5.5. Introduction Week In the beginning of each semester a compulsory introduction week is organized for all new exchange students. See the academic calendar for exact dates. The students will be introduced to Jönköping University, receive important information about studies and have the opportunity to take part in social activities organized by the Student Union. Accommodation All new international students are guaranteed accommodation and pick-up service, provided that they apply for accommodation correctly and announce their arrival in time. JÖNKÖPING UNIVERSITY 7 EXAMINATIONS There are different forms of examinations in the courses. Students are required to register at least 10 days in advance for both examinations and re-examinations. Students must bring a valid identification to the examination (i.e. passport, not Jönköping University access card). RE-EXAMINATIONS Swedish universities allow students to take a re-examination in failed courses. This also applies to exchange students taking courses at School of Engineering. However, re-examinations can only be taken at School of Engineering! It is not possible for exchange students to take any re-exams at their home university. COURSE EVALUATIONS Student representatives are elected among and by programme students, are assigned each year and act as course representatives/ course developers to be involved at course evaluations. They are responsible for giving and receiving feedback to/from teachers. HEALTH INSURANCE Exchange students admitted at Jönköping University receive a supplementary health insurance, which covers students medical treatment costs in Sweden. More information can be found in the Insurance terms and conditions. PLEASE NOTE: Regarding medical care and dental care cover, this insurance does not apply for: Citizens of a Nordic country, EU/EEA country, Switzerland, or other country with which a convention regarding medical benefits exists. In these instances the insured person must have an EU card or similar from their home country. Students will be expected to pay the same health care fees as Swedish residents. Since the insurance only applies in Sweden, students are recommended to have another insurance that covers their trip to and from Sweden as well as occasional trips outside Sweden. For more information about the insurance please visit: VISA/RESIDENCE PERMIT Students from countries whose citizens are required to have a visa/residence permit are advised to contact the Swedish embassy or consulate in their home country to start their application for a student visa, which is a procedure that can take two months or more. Students are recommended to apply online. For more information visit: COST OF LIVING Living costs, which include food, accommodation, transport, books and any other expenses are approximately 7,500 SEK per month. All students, including exchange students, are required to pay the obligatory Student Union membership fee, which is approximately 290 SEK per semester. 8 JÖNKÖPING UNIVERSITY AT YOUR SERVICE! The staff at Jönköping University are dedicated to providing the best possible service before and during your studies. STUDENT SERVICES OFFICES Provide information about: examinations, results, re-exams, access cards, print-outs and more. ACCOMMODATION OFFICE The Accommodation Office will help you find a place to live. You will receive information about this once you have been accepted to Jönköping University. PICK-UP SERVICE The university arranges pick-up services for arriving international students. To make use of this service it is important that you have applied for accommodation through the university and confirmed your arrival date. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OFFICE The IRO develops cooperation with universities all over the world to offer students the possibility to study abroad. Service prior, during and after studies abroad is provided to outgoing and incoming exchange students. In addition, IRO administrates scholarships that students can obtain when studying abroad. CAREER CENTRE The Career Centre helps build bridges between university life and professional life and offers career guidance, information, lectures and seminars. UNIVERSITY LIBRARY The University Library is an old foundry from the beginning of the 20th century that has been transformed into a modern research library. Group rooms and reading rooms are available 24 hours a day. COMPUTER LABS Each school within the university has its own computer faci
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