Embraced by Mountain and Water: The Feng Shui Arrangement of Cuandixia Village 爨底下山水环抱的风水格局 - PDF

Embraced by Mountain and Water: The Feng Shui Arrangement of Cuandixia Village 爨底下山水环抱的风水格局 Ancestral Mountain Head (of Dragon) Entering Master Mountain Dragon s Brain Eyebrow Sand (Sha) Bright Hall (Mingtang)

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Embraced by Mountain and Water: The Feng Shui Arrangement of Cuandixia Village 爨底下山水环抱的风水格局 Ancestral Mountain Head (of Dragon) Entering Master Mountain Dragon s Brain Eyebrow Sand (Sha) Bright Hall (Mingtang) Feng Shui Spot (Xue) White Tiger (Internal) Azure Dragon (Internal) Cuandixia Village Azure Dragon (External) Water Water Mouth (Internal) White Tiger (External) Table Mountain River Water Mouth (External) Facing Mountain An Ideal Feng Shui Model of Cuandixia Village Cuandixia Village has all the elements of an ideal Siling model. (The Four Spirits Sands Arrangement Sishen Sha 四神砂局 ) Black Turtle Dragon s Head Mountain Mansion of the Village Head White Tiger Azure Dragon River/Road Red Bird The Golden Toad Looking at the Moon From the opposite side, one can see the Dragon s Head Mountain (Longtoushan) coming down onto he village feeding into the Mansion of the Village Head. The Four Mythical Animals (Siling) of Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Turtle and Red Bird embraced the village affecsonately, with a Jade Belt water holding the Qi back (the river has since became a road). Tiger Mountain 02 Turtle Mountain 03 Bat Mountain 04 Dragon Head Mountain 05 Golden Toad Mountain 06 Gold Toad Looking at the Moon 07 Door Stop Ridge 08 East Water Well 09 West Water Well 10 Niang Niang Temple 11 Guan Gong Temple 12 Wu Dao Temple Map of Cuandixia Photo supplied by Michele Sayres The White Tiger to the right can be seen clearly coming down with its head bowed to embrace the village, while the Azure Dragon to the lec with its magical Turtle and Bat is dancing, They represent the Male and Female Qi of the land. In this way the village is managed to Zang Feng Ju Qi 藏風聚氣 or to hide from the wind and gather the Qi. Dragon Mountain Golden Toad Mountain Turtle Mountain Bat Mountain Golden Toad Looking at the Moon To express the affecson of the people with the beausful natural landscape, the land form features surrounding the village are given animated names like Crouching Tiger, Black Turtle, Auspicious Bat, Golden Toad and Brush Stand etc. This is because the tradisonal Chinese has always viewed Nature as being alive, magical and personified. Construc)on of the Courtyard Houses in Cuandixia Village To respect Nature, all the houses in the village follow the contour of the land stepping down from the high to the low. Instead of excavasng into the earth, the courtyard houses are all built on landfill and fan out towards the sun and open space with views. The road and water course coming into the village is protected by the Nian Niang Temple to one side and Gauandi temple to the other at a higher side. The road winds around Door Stop Ridge The Loca)on of Religious Buildings in the Cuandixia Village In keeping with Feng Shui principles, they are located at the Shui Kou or Water Mouth posisons. The Water refers to the physical water and also later on the pedestrian movements connecsng the village from the outside and also one part of the village to another and the Mouth refers to an entry point of this connecson from one area to another. In this way the temples and joss house protected the harmful Sha Qi from coming into the village and gathered the Sheng Qi at the same Sme. Dragon Eyes (wells) to the East and West Wrapped by Auspicious Water The water coming into the lower side is like a Jade Belt wrapping around the village, in Feng Shui terms it is called a Golden City Embracing with gold referring to the Metal element and city referring to gathering of water. Since the wells are located toward the SE of the village, it is considered auspicious in the Xun direcson and the Niang Nian Temple on one side and the Guandi Temple on the other side further lock- in the auspicious water for the village. The Chinese Universe An Ideal Feng Shui Model The transformason of Yin Yang Qi of Heaven (Zang Shu) The Feng Shui of Cuandixia Village is considered auspicious because the xing shi (form and configurason) fits in with the picture of an ideal Feng Shui arrangement with its Siling or the Four Mythical Animals. The locason of the village is able to take advantage of the transformason of the two Yin Yang Qi of Heaven, namely sunlight and clouds with wind and rain to produce Sheng Qi for the land, there is sunlight, water and protecson from cold wind. In recent Smes, the villagers have prospered from the tourist boom even though it did not survived in farming.
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