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Drive & Dive Roadmap Curaçao Edition 2015 / 2016 Advertisement information Drive & Dive map 2015 / 2016 Since 1997 the Drive & Dive map Curacao has been published Annually. The Drive & Dive map is the

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Drive & Dive Roadmap Curaçao Edition 2015 / 2016 Advertisement information Drive & Dive map 2015 / 2016 Since 1997 the Drive & Dive map Curacao has been published Annually. The Drive & Dive map is the most accurate map of our Island showing an overview of interesting Tourist- and dive sites. All over the Island the map is sold by advertisers, shops, hotels, gasoline stations, diving schools etc, with a distribution over copies every year. Companies every year (every publication) have a great opportunity to present themselves to the greatest part of tourists visiting our Island with an advertisement in this handy must have road map to fun and sun. Drive & Dive Roadmap Curaçao edition 2015 / 2016 General Information: Title : Drive & Dive Curaçao Roadmap, edition 2015 / 2016 Total format : 100 cm width x 70 cm height Format cartography : 74,5 cm width x 54,5 cm height Format when folded : 12,5 cm width x 17,5 cm height Circulation : copies Retail points : 120 all over the Island Paper : Wood-free MC semi-mat 100 gram Production : Full-color Publication : October 2015 Price extra copies : Naf. 4,- up to 5,50 per copy, depending on quantity Retail price set at : Naf. 12,50 per copy For client : B-unit: 85 copies + 2 laminated copies A-unit: 150 copies + 2 laminated copies Circulation: Sales hotels Sales car rental agencies Sales book stores Free distribution to advertisers Customized Drive & Dive Budget Maps (Budget Car Rental) Total expected distribution over Procedure: After you have signed the order confirmation we will provide you with guidelines for the delivery of your advertisement material. After we have received your material, our studio will design your advertisement. As soon as the advertisement is v ready we will submit the designed ad for approval (Except if we are provided with a ready-made digital advertisement). After you signed the approval or after you have provided us with with a ready-made digital advertisement, we will send you an invoice for 50% of the total amount. After the first invoice is paid we will place your advertisement. In October 2015 we will deliver your free maps, any extra maps you ordered, your laminated copies and the invoice for the remaining 50% of the total sum. Payment is due upon delivery of the maps. 1 Drive & Dive map 2015 / 2016 A. Measurements Format unfolded: width 100 cm, 70 cm height Format folded: 12,5 X 17,5 cm B. Colors and Symbols Full-color production. Contrasting colors for, among other things: residential areas, streets, industrial areas, vacant areas, main roads, secondary roads, unpaved roads, beaches, plains, brackish water and shopping centers Special symbols for, among other things: parking lots, hotels, beaches, museums, churches, special attractions, anchorage s, police stations, dive spots, snorkel sights, light houses, sport facilities, tourist office, fire stations. C. Maps Overview of Curaçao Large scale map Willemstad Small scale map Punda and Otrobanda Small scale maps Caribbean/ABC Islands and Klein Curaçao Small scale maps Tera Kora, Barber, Grote Berg and Boca Sami D. Informative Frames Legend Index of streets & neighborhoods List of all beaches List of best dive spots List of selected snorkel sites List of shopping centers List of Plantation Houses List of attractions List of important phone numbers Driving tips E. Language Villages, streets, buildings and other locations: local names Legend and general presentation: English Your possibilities Advertisement Advertising is possible in different sizes, on diverse locations and for diverse rates. BREDEWEG LINNAEUSKADE HOGEWEG MR. PYTHAGORAS Free logo at location This is a graphic representation of your logo in the cartography. With a logo at your location (15 mm 2 ) you can give extra attention to the location(s) of your company. Product illustration in the carthography A unique way to give extra attention to your product, service or company. The illustration is larger (9 cm 2 ) than a logo at location. A product illustration is only available in combination with an advertisement. 2 Island overview You can choose from different frame sizes and combine frames to present your message. 3 Willemstad overview You can choose from different frame sizes and combine frames to present your message. A01 A02 A03 A04 A05 A07 A06 A08 A30 A09 A29 A10 Drive & Dive map Willemstad overview A28 Fresh Media A27 A26 A25 A24 A23 A11 Fresh Media A mm wide x 70 mm high A unit Extended format 100 cm wide x 70 cm high Cartographic format 74.5 cm wide x 54,5 cm high Folded format 12.5 cm wide x 17.5 cm high A22 A21 A20 A19 A18 A17 A13 A14 A15 A16 4 Advertising Rates UNIT FORMAT PRICE A-unit 120 mm wide x 70 mm High NAfl. 1450,- B-unit 120 mm wide x 40 mm High NAfl. 850,- C-unit (prime position) 120 mm wide x 167 mm High NAfl. 4500,- Back cover sponsor 120 mm wide x 167 mm High NAfl. 6000,- Double A-unit* 245 mm wide x 70 mm High NAfl. 2750,- Double B-unit* 120 mm wide x 85 mm High NAfl. 1600,- Logo on location 15 mm 2 Free Product illustration 9 cm 2 in cartography / if possible NAfl. 500,- ADDITIONAL COLORS PRICE 1 additional color NAfl. 150,- 2 additional colors NAfl. 200,- Full Color NAfl. 250,- Combination discount of 2 units* Combination discount of 3 units* Combination discount of 4 units* 5% discount 10% discount 15% discount * Attention: if you combine multiple units, you will get the space between the combined units (5 mm) for free! Reservation for the next two years Reservation for the next three years 5% discount 10% discount All above mentioned rates include production and lay-out of your advertisement, excluding 6% sales tax. Your logo at location(s) / free of charge How to deliver your logo for the free logo at location: The size of your logo on the Business Roadmap Curaçao will be 15 mm 2. We will place your logo exactly as you deliver it by . Please take some time to think about how your logo will fit best into this relative small space. The most effective way of using such a small space is using your brand name in your house style colors. It is very important that you deliver your logo in a vector file with all fonts outlined and with your company name in the file name. Important Deliver your logo in a vector file with all fonts outlined Process your company name in the file name Please send your logo to: Preferrably upload your logo & location on our website Mail advertisement materials to: 5 Company information Penstraat 588 PO. Box 178 Curaçao Phone: (+599 9) Fax: (+599 9) Internet: Delivery of advertisement materials How to deliver your advertisement materials: Photographs and images The use of photographs is possible Pictures from magazines, brochures etc. contain screen and such pictures can only be used if they are at least 250% larger than the size in which they should appear in the advertisement Drawings, illustrations and brand names Illustrations must be well-defined (no sketches, unless they should be used as such) You can provide a sketch of how you wish to have your advertisement designed, or you can provide an ad published earlier as an example Delivery of digital material or advertisements Advertisement with all typefaces and illustrations included (fonts to be converted to outlines). Design the advertisement according exact measurements, with a minimum resolution of 300 PPI. Materials can be delivered to us by mail, cd or dvd. We use the following software, and lower versions: Adobe Photoshop version CS5 (Mac/PC) Adobe Illustrator version CS5 (Mac/PC) Adobe Indesign version CS5 (Mac/PC) 6
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