Corporate Presentation JOSÉ MANUEL QUESADA WAIRBUT S.A. WHO WE ARE In Wairbut establish long term relationships with our customers helping them improve their processes in their systems of TI during each

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Corporate Presentation JOSÉ MANUEL QUESADA WAIRBUT S.A. WHO WE ARE In Wairbut establish long term relationships with our customers helping them improve their processes in their systems of TI during each of the differents stages of the business. Our global delivery model, with our specialized services of TI, allow us to innovate, build and operate practical and visionary solutios of TI The data given below shows the evolution of the company in terms of billing and number of employees in the last five years. 12,00 Billing (m ) 250 Number of employees 10,00 8,00 6,00 4,00 4,53 6,70 8,10 9,40 9, , SERVICES Wairbut experience in engineering and information technology make that we structure our offer around 5 lines of business to provide our clients innovatives solutions. All we services are regulated by management processes, aligned with the set of ITIL good practices. Proof of this is the highest lever of certifications that management and technical have in these areas, becoming a methodology fully assumed by the company. The 5 lines of business can be summarized in: SERVICIOS CONSULTING OUTSOURCING - Mobility - Electronic administration BPM - Electronic signature - esalud ENGINEERING AND DEVELOPMENT - M2M - Software Factory - Web Portal OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS TRAINING - Managed services - Carriots - elearning - Electronic signature - Electronic file - Senectus - OSSIM CERTIFICATIONS WAIRBUT has differents certifications that recognize and guarantee the quality of all activities and developing business processes, including those of non technical nature. We have certifications in: ISO 9001:2008 // System Quality Management ISO/IEC 20000:2011 // TI Service Management ISO/IEC Madurity level 2 // Software Process Improvement Capability Determination ISO 14001:2004 // Enviroment management system ISO 27001:2005 // Security of information systems WAIRBUT has the classification of Junta Consultiva of administrative contracting: Group V, subgroup 01, category B // Information capture services Group V, subgroup 02, category D // Development services and software maintenance Group V, subgroup 05, category D // Explotation services control Systems We are currently in the certification process in: ISO // Madurity level 3 CARRIOTS Platform It is a platform for developing and hosting applications in cloud. Specially designed for the implementation of projects related to M2M. Through Carriots connects any device or sensor, so through the collection of the data they generate, you can create applications, manage devices Carriots offers the following modules: Data collection Data storage Execution of script Definition of rules Device management Integration with other TI system CARRIOTS Platform Contribution of Value: Rapid development of projects (existing platform, Integration, Security, Logic, etc.) Potency(Big data, Events, Rules Engine, etc.) Costs (OPEX, EASY OF INTEGRATION Time to market, etc.) Scalability/ Reliability (Architecture SW/HW) REST API SECURITY LOGS & DEBUG BIG DATA STORAGE PROJECT & DEVICE MANAGEMENT REST API EVENT PROCESSING BUSINESS RULES CONTROL PANEL EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION MODULE AREA: I+D+i Lines of research and development: Research and development of an intelligent system to improve the safety of pedestrianns on zebra crossings Plan Avanza I+D: TSI Period of execution Phase 1: Research of an intelligent system for urban waste collection Plan Avanza I+D: TSI Period of execution: Phase 2: Research of an intelligent system for urban waste collection Plan Avanza I+D: TSI Period of execution: INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT OF THE ENERGETIC RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION OF THE CITY - GIRECON-CITY - JOSÉ MANUEL QUESADA WAIRBUT S.A. THE SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Research and development of a technological system that enable any institution to efficiently manage the energy resources (water and lighting) and pollution in your city. THREE areas of research: Area 1-Air Quality: Collect knowledge and information about new monitoring systems to establish route map for new technologies for gas sensors applied to sustainable cities. Area 2-Water: Studies for low-cost sensors and the application of optical fibre to obtain the humidity levels, ambient temperature, evapotranspirations levels and to obtain more efficient guidelines/protocols for irrigation systems. Area 3-Lighting: Research about wireless monitoring technologies for lamppost clusters on public roads to get protocols that improve power consumption efficiency. THE OBJECTIVES The specific objetives to be archieved with the development of this project are: 1.- To describe the route map for gas sensors use, applied to smart-city. 2.- Provide state of the art information technologies available for measuring air quality. 3.- Comparison between the reference techniques for measuring air quality and low-cost sensor networks 4.-Programming strategies to improve water consumption efficiency. 5.- Study about low-cost humidity sensors. 6.- Development of innovative optic fiber application to irrigation management. 7.- Research of a monitoring system applied to the pollution generated by each vehicle individually. 8.- Study of algorithms and wireless protocols for managing cluster lamps. 9.-Building a management and operation center for comprehensive monitoring of all energy resources of the city. COLLABORATION WAIRBUT S.A. Coordinator Air Quality Lighting Water Resources University Alcalá de Henares Departamento Electrónica University Politécnica De Madrid Departamento Ingeniería Agrícola PROJECT SCOPE TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNERS TECHNOLOGICAL ENVIROMENT Management and Operation Center Air Quality Water Resources Electric Power Alarm Panel Scorecard Remote Monitoring Modules Reporting Remote monitoring Platform M2M CARRIOTS: Data Sensors Broker Mobile Network Sensor nodes/communications Air Quality Water Resources Electric Power Vehicle monitoring equipment Communication subsystem Communication subsystem Master Gas sensors Optical fibre sensors low cost Lighting nodes ELEMENTS OF THE SOLUTION 1.- Sensor Nodes for Public Lighting Microcontroller System Communications RF & 3G/4G Relay activation of lighting Cluster: master-slave Integration with CARRIOTS: Data Broker M2M 2.- Sensor Nodes for Water Resources Microcontroller System Humidity Sensors low-cost Optical fibre Communications ZigBee & 3G/4G Integration with CARRIOTS: Data Broker M2M 3.- Embarked car for pollution monitoring equipment Microcontroller System Connect CAN/EOBD GPS Communications 3G/4G Integration with CARRIOTS: Data Broker M2M ELEMENTOS DE LA SOLUCIÓN 4.- Sensor Nodes for Air Quality low-cost Sensors Communications 3G/4G Integration with CARRIOTS: Data Broker M2M 5.- Platform M2M Data Sensors Broker Module Engine Rules Engine Big & Data Communications security Business Intelligence 6.- Management and operation Center Module for sensors remote monitoring Module of Remote Management Balanced Scorecard Alarm panel Reporting and statistics THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION!! Domicilio social WAIRBUT, S.A. Madrid - Oficinas Centrales C/ Valentín Beato 22 1ª Planta Madrid Teléfono: Fax
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