City GML. Visualisointimallien luominen. Rakennetun ympäristön 3D. VTT Digitalo, Otaniemi, Espoo. Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Gülch. - PDF

Rakennetun ympäristön 3D Visualisointimallien luominen VTT Digitalo, Otaniemi, Espoo University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart Department of Geomatics, Computer Science and Mathematics Contents Status presentation

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Rakennetun ympäristön 3D Visualisointimallien luominen VTT Digitalo, Otaniemi, Espoo University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart Department of Geomatics, Computer Science and Mathematics Contents Status presentation Adopted from Dr. Thomas Kolbe, Univ. Bonn Chairman SIG3D (Special Interest Group 3D) Northrhine- Westphalia, Germany Project leader EuroSDR project on CityGML in EuroSDR Commission 3 (Production Systems and Processes, President Dr. Eberhard Gülch) Status CityGML = GML3 Application Schema for virtual 3D city models Open data model XML-based format for storage and exchange of virtual 3D city models Realised as application schema for the Geography Markup Language 3 (GML3) Extendible international standard for spatial data exchange issued by the OGC and ISO TC211) CityGML Status and Roadmap Dr. Thomas H. Kolbe Dr. Gerhard Gröger Institute for Cartography and Geoinformation, Univ. of Bonn Prof. Dr. Lutz Plümer, Chair of Geoinformation November 2005 Updated by E. Gülch, Status May 2006 University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart Department of Geomatics, Computer Science and Mathematics CityGML Overview CityGML = GML3 Application Schema / Profile for virtual 3D City Models Representation of 3D Topography Application independent; multifunctional Explicit modelling of Geometry, Topology, Semantics, and Appearance Multiscale model (5 distinct levels of detail) Intended to represent 3D geo base data Finished testbed with 6 cities (Berlin,...) Growing support by 3D GIS / 3D Geo DB GDI NRW and the SIG 3D Geodata Infrastructure North Rhine-Westphalia Founded in 1999 by the state government More than 100 institutions organized in 6 Special Interest Groups Very active in the OGC (WPOS, WCTS, GML3) Special Interest Group 3D (SIG 3D) Open group with 70 active members; 2 working groups from industry, government, municipalities and academia participants from all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and UK Aims: Interoperable visualization Web 3D Service and exchange of 3D geodata CityGML SIG 3D members (excerpt) Municipalities Berlin Hamburg Cologne Düsseldorf Bremen Essen Leverkusen Wuppertal Bochum Stuttgart Administration State surveying agencies Companies T-Mobile Bayer Industry Services Rheinmetall 3D Geo CPA Geoinformation Con Terra GTA Geoinformatik GIStec Inpho Citygrid (AT) CyberCity (CH) Snowflake (UK) Academia Univ. of Bonn Univ. of Hamburg Univ. of Potsdam Univ. of Hannover Univ. of Dortmund Univ. of Münster Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Darmstadt Research center Karlsruhe Univ. of Applied Sciences Stuttgart 3D City Models Multifunctional Use Unified 3D city model Aim: Common Ontology for 3D city models ongoing development in SIG 3D since May 2002 Content / Entities: Digital Terrain Model / Relief Sites - Buildings - Bridges - Tunnels - Walls - Landfills - Excavations Transportation objects - Streets - Railways Water bodies Vegetation objects City furniture - e.g. street lights, traffic lights, benches Multi-scale modelling: 5 level of details LOD 0 Regional model 2.5D Digital Terrain Model LOD 1 City / Site model block model w/o roof structures LOD 2 City / Site model textured, differenciated roof structures LOD 3 City / Site model detailed architecture model LOD 4 Interior model walkable architecture models Thematic Schema: UML Diagram FeatureCollection CityModel Feature _CityObject ExternalReference - informationsystem: anyuri - externalreference: ExternalObjectReferenceType _Transportation Objects _City Furniture CityObject Group _Water Bodies _Site Complex Relief lod1geometryproperty lod2geometryproperty lod3geometryproperty Geometry _Vegetation External references Telecomm. DB Cadastral DB Facility Management System Every object (part) may have references to corresponding objects in external databases Connection with external information, e.g.: building: link to cadastre, owner's contact information door, antenna: link to facility management systems Site Model Excavation Wall Bridge _CityObject _Site _Abstract Building Building Complex Tunnel Building Model in LoD1: UML Diagram 0..1 _AbstractBuilding + function: BuildingFunction[0..*] + yearofconstruction:integer[0..1] + rooftype: RoofType[0..1] + measuredheigth: LengthType[0..1] lod1geometry Property Solid Geometry 0..* BuildingPart 1 0..* Building Address + zipcode: int + city: String + street: String + housenumber: String Implemented in in CityGML using the the xnal standard from from OASIS LoD1 LoD2 Building Model in LoD2 _AbstractBuilding + function: BuildingFunction[0..*] + yearofconstruction:integer[0..1] + rooftype: RoofType[0..1] + measuredheigth: LengthType[0..1] lod1solidproperty lod2solidproperty lod2surfaceproperty lod2lineproperty _CityObject lod2terrain IntersectionCurve _BoundarySurface lod2surfaceproperty Roof Wall Ground ClosureSurface Solid Geometry Surface Geometry Line Geometry Terrain Intersection Curve (TIC) Interface between 3D objects and the terrain Ensure matching of object textures with the DTM DTM may be locally warped to fit the TIC Closure Surfaces Seal open 3D objects to be able to compute their volumes LoD1 LoD2 LoD3 LoD4 Building Model in LoD3 & LoD4 Building Characteristic Building Furniture interior exterior interior interior Room _Abstract Building lod3geometryprop. lod4geometry Property lod4geometryproperty Solid Geometry Opening Window Door Ceiling Room Wall GroupOf Rooms _BoundarySurface lod4geometryproperty lod3geometryprop. Surface Geometry Floor Roof Wall Ground Closure Surface Exterior Shell Building in LoD4 Roof Opening (Window) Wall Ceiling Room wall Room Floor Ground Room wall Opening (Door) Building in LoD4 Interior Model Room Topology implies an Accessibility Graph Back room Passage (w/o door) Living room GroupOf Rooms Entrance door Hallway Doorway (with door) Deriving LOD4 models from IFC IFC Model Derived CityGML object Current research of Benner, Geiger, Leinemann Helmholtz Research Center Karlsruhe Digital Terrain Models DTM for each LoD can be composed of TINs (Triangulated Irregular Network), Grids, 3D Breaklines, and 3D Mass Points Each DTM component may be restricted to be valid in a specific region by providing a validity extent polygon detailed TIN coarse Grid Validity extent polygon can have holes which allow nested DTMs! Digital Terrain Model: UML Diagram City Model LoD0 LoD4 Complex Relief Validity Extent Relief + name: String[0..1] TIN Grid Breaklines MassPoints Triangle Surface Geometry Line Geometry Point Geometry LoD1 from LoD2 Transportation Objects gml:_gml +name[0..*]: String * * CityModel CityObject ExternalReference Track _TransportationObject Road Railway TransportationComplex + function[0..*] Square AuxillaryTrafficArea + function[0..*] + surfacematerial[0..1] gml:_surface LoDXGeometry, x in {1..4} TrafficArea + function[0..*] + usage[0..*] + surfacematerial[0..1] Example: Transportation Model in LoD2 Traffic Area Traffic Area Traffic Area Auxillary Traffic Areas Road Water Bodies gml:_gml +name[0..*]: String CityModel * CityObject * ExternalReference Ocean FlowingWater StagnantWater WaterBody + function[0..*] LoDXSolid Geometry, x in {1..4} LoD0Curve Geometry gml:solid gml:multicurve WaterSurface + waterlevel[0..1] LoDXGeometry, x in {1..4} * * * GroundSurface ClosureSurface gml:_surface LoDXGeometry, x in {1..4} Illustration of a Water Body WaterSurface Water Closure Surface GroundSurface WaterBody Mapping to GML3 GML3 offers no textured surfaces Class TexturedSurface as an extension of GML3 class OrientableSurface Texture / appearance parameters from X3D No explicit representation of topology in V1.0 Simple profile (easier for readers), like in the German cadastre standard ALKIS / NAS Topological profile in the future Usage of GML3 Dictionaries & Code lists for enumerative attributes (- user definable) GDI NRW Pilot 3D Phase 2 First testbed for CityGML 07/ /2005 Aim: Interoperable access to / exchange of 3D city models Realization of CityGML readers / writers and a visualization tool by different partners Roundtrip evaluation (crosswise data exchange) 6 Project groups (each consisting of municipalities, SW manufacturers, and academia): Cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Leverkusen, Recklinghausen, Erkelenz Universities: Bonn, Dortmund, Braunschweig, Freiberg; Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Darmstadt GIS software companies from Germany CityGML Status Data Model: Buildings, DTM, Traffic Objects, Water Bodies complete Vegetation not yet complete Street Furniture, Bridges, Tunnels to be specified in detail (Partial) implementations: LandXPlorer (3dgeo) CityServer 3D (GIStec / FhG IGD) SupportGIS (CPA Geo-Information) Tridicon (GTA Geoinformatik) GoPublisher (Snowflake Software UK) Aristoteles GML3 Viewer (IKG Uni Bonn) Open Source Framework Degree (lat/lon, in preparation) 3D Geo DB of the cities Berlin & Bonn (IKG Uni Bonn, in prep.) Roadmap Reached V1.0 in spring 2006 Proposal for Standardization within OGC / Testbed Presentation at OGC TC Meeting June 2006 CityGML project within EuroSDR Phase 1 started in Autumn 2005 Bring together interested parties within EuroSDR Translate and distribute documents, schemas & datasets Prepare, distribute & evaluate questionnaire (Done May 1, 2006) Discussion at EuroSDR meeting Stockholm May 31-June 2, 2006 and comments on OGC proposal Roadmap Plans beyond V1.0 Dynamic features Multiple versions / Time Prototypes; Constructive Solid Geometry? Employment of GML3 topology package Further information & demo datasets:
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