Chemical Industry Ústí Region. 12th ECRN Congress in Ústí nad Labem 22nd October PDF

Chemical Industry Ústí Region 12th ECRN Congress in Ústí nad Labem 22nd October 2014 Location in Czech Republic History First large scale chemical production in Czech republic 18th century production of

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Chemical Industry Ústí Region 12th ECRN Congress in Ústí nad Labem 22nd October 2014 Location in Czech Republic History First large scale chemical production in Czech republic 18th century production of sulfuric acid in Velké Lukavice The Ústí region is one of the most industrialized areas in Central Europe Three main reasons for tne large scale industry The region itself rich of raw materials minerals limestone, coal, glass and foundry sands, building stone, kaolin (porcelain clay) and others Ore mountains ( Erzgebirge) The largest Czech river Labe source of water and waterway route The electrical power produced in the coal burning power plants First chemical large scale plants in neighborhood of river Labe production of fertilizers and soda sodium carbonate History sodium carbonate and organic dyes Spolek pro Chemickou a hutní výrobu Ústí 1856 founded Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu v Ústí (Österreichischer Verein für chemische und metallurgische Produktion zu Aussig a. d. Elbe) soda production by Leblanc method Around 1900 joined company with Solvay (Belgium) At the beginning of 20th century Spolek was the biggest chemical company in the Central Europe Success of inorganics production, start of organic dyes Spolek is a major European diversified chemical company with the global impact on the Czech chemical industry Start up of new organic dyes plant in Pardubice (Synthesia) a chlorine chemical substances in Neratovice (Spolana) Start of synthetic resins production - company split and nationalized History inorganic chemistry - fertilizers Lovochemie - Lovosice 1904 production of sulphuric acid and superphosphate started by Adolf Schram 1923 established Czech Factory for the Production of Synthetic Silk 1951 Fertilizer Works established 1954 production of nitric acid and calcium ammonium nitrate 1959 production of carboxymethylcelulose 1960 viscose cord rayon production started 1964 superphosphate plant accomplished History cement production Cementárna Čížkovice 1898 established share company Sachsich-Bömische Portland Cement-Fabrik AG large deposit of raw material, cheap manpower, close to German boarders 1899 production start up three new rotary kiln construction of two new rotary kiln 1958 new heating feedstock heavy heating oil instead of brown coal 1975 start up of new production units History crude oil and petrochemistry Chemické závody Záluží - Litvínov Beginning of construction of STW chemical factory (Sudetenlandische Treibstoffwerke AG Oberleutendorf) first gasoline made of local brown coal start-up of ammonia production start up of crude oil processing, new products - synthetic ethanol Družba pipeline from Russia extended to Zaluzi Operation of OXO synthesis, start up of hydrogen production Chemical coal processing terminated, start up of urea production Polypropylene production Polyethylene production Steam cracker Hydro cracking Start of construction of the Ingolstadt-Kralupy-Litvínov pipeline Papírna - Štětí History pulp and paper industry founded Papírna Štětí production of paper 1960 construction of pulp production sulfate technology and pulp bleaching the biggest machine for production of paper dedicated to newspaper in the Central Europe Chemical Industry today Spolchemie Group Ústí n/l Holding of companies sharing IMS joined by property or products and services Spolek pro chemickou a hutní výrobu production of synthetic resins - epoxy resins and alkyd resins hardeners and diluents potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite allylchloride, perchloroethylene, hydrochloric acid, liquid chlorine, epichlorhydrine Other companies in the group Epispol, Oleochem, C-efekt, ChS Epi, Zeppoil Unipetrol a.s. Litvínov Záluží Member of PKN Orlen Group - Poland Holding of companies focused on crude oil processing, production of engine fuels and plastics polyethylene, polypropylene, member of TOP 10 in Czech Republic Main subsidiaries Česká rafinérská 2 refineries Litvínov, Kralupy n/v Unipetrol RPA steam cracker + plastic production Benzina retail tank stations Paramo asfalts and lubricants Unipetrol a.s. Litvínov Záluží Installed technologies Crude oil distillation Hydrogenation Isomerization Reformers Hydrocracker Visbracker Steam cracker Partial oxidation Polyethylene Polypropylene Ammonia production Unipetrol a.s. Litvínov Záluží Dow Bohlen- BSL Böhlen Czech refineryl Litvínov Spolana Neratovice Poland Germany Synthos Kralupy n. Vlt. Slovakia Austria Slovnaft Bratislava IKL oil pipeline Družba oil pipeline Ethylene pipeline EtB pipeline C4 fraction pipeline Other chemical company Litvínov Záluží Air Products Czech republic Production of technical gasses Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Helium, Hydrogen Linde Gas Production of technical gasses Carbon dioxide Eurosupport Manufacturing Production of tailor made catalysts Lovochemie - Lovosice Member of Agrofert Group Core business production of fertilizers Nitrogen containing fertilizers - ammonium nitrate, calcium nitrate multi-purpose and special compound fertilizers containing 2 to 4 basic nutrients (N, P, K, and Mg) Liquid Special Fertilizers Carboxymethyl cellulose, technical grade Sodium salt of cellulose ether and glycollic acid. Preol - Lovosice Member of Agrofert Group Core business development of biofuel in the Czech Republic operation of an oily seed plant processing rapeseed production of vegetable oil and production of biodiesel (rapeseed methyl ester) Production of distilled glycerin Lafarge - Čížkovice Member of Lafarge Group - France Core business production of various types of cement, various types of mortar and plasters, limes for ecological purposes Mondi - Štětí Member of Mondi Group South Africa Core business production of pulp and paper, various products of packaging VÚAnCH Ústí n/l Výzkumný ústav anorganické chemie Member of Unipetrol a.s. group Research institute dedicated to crude oil processing and petrochemistry 2 location Ústí - optimization, development and research of technologies of syntheses of basic and/or special inorganic compounds, development and research of technologies of production of fertilizers, minimizing, recycling and disposal of solid, liquid and gaseous waste, VÚAnCH Ústí n/l Výzkumný ústav anorganické chemie New project UNICRE Unipetrol Centre for Research and Education completely reconstructed infrastructure and new laboratory equipment Litvínov Záluží Efficient refining technologies synthesis of catalyzers and study of catalyst processes, technology of oil processing - production of fuel, oils and tar, description and utilizing of oil processing by-products. Advanced petrochemical technologies Renewable environmental technologies Unique pilot plant for testing in real process conditions with real industrial feedstock, byproducts and technological streams Summary The Ústí region is one of the most industrialized areas in Central Europe Chemical industry together with mineral extraction (coal and other minerals) - one of the most important economical activities in the region Localization of the individual companies depends on the raw material sources and traffic connections The most important companies are uniformly distributed in the region Unfortunately, up to date the mutual cooperation of these companies is not very significant Ing. Petr Svoboda, CSc. - VÚHU Most
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