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Bohém Ragtime & Jazz Festival M a r c h Bria Skonberg (CDN) trumpet Herbert Christ (D) trumpet Matthias Seuffert (D) clarinet, saxophone Craig Flory (USA) clarinet,

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Bohém Ragtime & Jazz Festival M a r c h Bria Skonberg (CDN) trumpet Herbert Christ (D) trumpet Matthias Seuffert (D) clarinet, saxophone Craig Flory (USA) clarinet, saxophone Russ Phillips (USA) trombone Korb Attila (H) trombone Paolo Alderighi (I) piano Morten Gunnar Larsen (N) piano Stuart Zank (USA) banjo Bényei Tamás (H) guitar Frans Sjöström (S) bass saxophone Ad van Beerendonk (NL) bass Jeff Hamilton (USA) drums Nick Ward (GB) drums Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band (H) the most versatile jazz band of the world Kecskemét Jazz Orchestra (H) big band sound of the golden era Experience the joy of music by listening to the music of joy. And don t forget to explore Hungary either. The performances of world-class musicians take you back to the essence of jazz: spontaneous improvisations. Some of the greatest musicians of traditional jazz today will meet in Hungary and provide you with the best jazz you ve ever heard. Musicians, who have never played together before will work together in perfect units. Do you think it s risky? It might be but not for you: we do guarantee the quality of the Bohém Festival (see end of this brochure for 100% money-back guarantee). You don t have to believe it, you have to experience it. If you miss it, you ll be missing one of the greatest experiences of your life as a jazz lover. Our motto is: we don t simply sell tickets but we offer musical joy, comfort and life-long experiences. Therefore, to make your stay complete, once you take the time to travel to Hungary, we would like to show you some of the hidden treasures of Hungary and suggest you spend a few extra days in our country. We are offering 7-day packages with exciting programmes organized and conducted by the most charming, most helpful and most efficient guide you ve ever had. So let me introduce Bogi to you. She is your guardian angel while you are in Hungary. Bogi was a terrific guide, and all the helpers very friendly. (Margaret Stone, UK) Well, what, if you don t have time to spend a few extra days in Hungary and only want to come for the Festival? That is, of course, possible, see the end of this brochure for ticket prices and other information. But if you wanted to stay once you have made such a long trip to a foreign land Bogi and her team will wait for you at the airport, they will take you to your hotel, they will hand you your festival pass, they will be at your disposal at any time for giving the right information you need and they will take you to several places before and after the festival including the Puszta (for some unbelievable horse-show), famous Hungarian spas, wine-cellars, great cities such as Eger, Lillafüred, Szentendre and Budapest and even to a river cruise on the Danube with a jazz band aboard. Dear Bogi, [...] This year couldn t have been better thanks in no small measure to your guiding us around so expertly. (Patricia and Tony Dowland, UK) Hi Bogi, Jenny & I really enjoyed our visit to Hungary this year and it was made especially enjoyable by your help during the tour. (Paul Izzard, UK) Tamas, You surpassed yourself. I didn t hear a single complaint from the English group... nothing but praise for the great music, the friendly atmosphere and not least for Bogi who was absolutely wonderful. (Judy Eames, UK) Hi Bogi, This is a very late, but very big THANK YOU for making our trip so thoroughly enjoyable... and so EASY! Grandsons Chris and Matthew are still telling everyone they see about all the great sights they saw, music they heard, etc., etc., as are Nathan and I. We would love nothing more than to be able to come again. (Barbara Coffey, USA) 2 Several people said how much they enjoyed mixing jazz with sightseeing and they also appreciated hearing styles that we don t often have in the UK. The river trip made a very special last evening again [...] The chance to meet old friends and make new ones is another important part of the festival. (Judy Eames, UK) You have the choice of choosing one from our two 7-day packages. The first one includes only Budapest and its vicinity after the festival in Kecskemét and the second one is mainly for those who have been to our festival and/or Budapest already and want to see something new; and for those, of course, who wouldn t mind exploring the Hungarian countryside and spend only a short time in Budapest. In either way, you only have to take care of getting to Budapest on March 26 and the rest is our business. Thank you so much for a wonderful time in a wonderful country! I really can t say enough about how beautiful Hungary is, and how wonderful the people are! (Pat Dinneen, USA) Both packages include all ground transportation (also airport pick-up), 6 nights hotel accommodation with breakfast, some of the meals (as indicated), 3-day festival pass, trip to the Puszta and jazz cruise on the Danube. The rest is different depending on which package you choose. Here is the detailed list: 3 7-DAY CAPITAL AND EXPLORER PACKAGES FOR THE BOHÉM FESTIVAL ARR. MARCH 26 (THU)-DEP. APRIL 1 (WED) 2009 CAPITAL EXPLORER transfer from and to the airport l l all ground transportation l l 3-day festival pass l l sightseeing in Kecskemét l l trip to the Puszta (coach ride, horse show, lunch, gypsy music) l l sightseeing in Budapest l l Budapest by night on a jazz cruise with dinner l l 3 nights accommodation in Kecskemét in Hotel Aranyhomok (****) incl. breakfast l 3 nights accommodation in a 4-star hotel in Budapest incl. breakfast l entrance to Gellért Spa l trip to picturesque village Szentendre near Budapest and Esztergom with Hungary s largest cathedral l 3 nights accommodation in Kecskemét in Hotel Talizmán (***) incl. breakfast l 2 nights accommodation in a 3-star hotel in Budapest incl. breakfast l entrance to Egerszalók Spa l sightseeing in Eger l visit to natural beauty Szalajka Valley and to the St. Stephen Karst Cave in Lillafüred l wine tasting and dinner in Tibolddaróc l 1 night accommodation in a 3-star hotel in Budapest incl. breakfast l How much do these exciting packages cost? Well, it depends. There are a few possibilities. If you take the bank wiring expense, you might be able to save money compared to the method of paying by PayPal as for bank wiring we give you about 5% discount. And if you have already been to the Bohém Festival as a visitor at least once, you ll get a 5% discount off either price. However, there is a deadline of November 15 for the latter. Here are the prices; please study them carefully before you make your choice: 4 CAPITAL **** EXPLORER *** USD EUR GBP USD EUR GBP Single occupancy PayPal Single occupancy PayPal for returning visitors Single occupancy via bank Single occupancy via bank for returning visitors Double occupancy PayPal Double occupancy PayPal for returning visitors Double occupancy via bank Double occupancy via bank for returning visitors Package guarantee for worried customers: either package will be organized only in case of at least 10 attendants. Reaching that number, looking at the statistics of previous years, should not be any problem at all. If, however, less people will sign up to the package you choose, you ll be either upgraded from Explorer to Capital without any further payment or downgraded from Capital to Explorer and you ll be refunded up to the difference of the price of the two packages. It was really a trip of a lifetime. You did a wonderful job of scheduling everything & herding everyone around to where they were supposed to be. The hotels, food, audiences, scenery, people were all just great! (Bob Ringwald, USA) It was an experience that can never be duplicated. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed making new friends. You have a beautiful city and the festival was terrific. (Roma and Scott King, USA) When and how to pay? There is a down-payment of 290 USD (or 200 EUR or 150 GBP) per person regardless of single and double occupancy and chosen package. Down payments must be made until Wednesday, December 31, After that date prices are expected to be higher. Payment methods are as follows: PayPal: Use and send money to our account. Even more simple if at you click the PayPal Donation button and send us the right amount. Bank transfer must be made to: Tamás Ittzés festival director 6044 Kecskemét, Hullám u. 14., Hungary Bank name, address: K&H Bank, 1051 Budapest, Vigadó tér 1., Hungary SWIFT code: OKHBHUHB Account no./iban (for payment in USD): HU Account no./iban (for payment in EUR or GBP): HU Your payment is a donation Since the Bohém Festival is organized by the Kecskemét Jazz Foundation your payment is a donation. Therefore please, put your name and the word donation as information when paying either by PayPal or via bank. And order the chosen package with the help of the attached Ordering Form via or regular mail to the Kecskemét Jazz Foundation, H-6001 Kecskemét, Pf. 652., Hungary. Watch out, deadlines apply for certain discounts! There s no deadline for the discount for using bank wiring, it remains valid until the Festival. If you are a returning visitor to the Bohém Festival and you want to get the 5% discount, please, sign up for the Festival until Saturday, November 15, 2008 and make your payment by Monday, December 1, There is a free DVD that we would like to give you, if We are offering you a wonderful 90-minute DVD made at the 2008 Bohém Festival. Basically this is a recording that we don t sell and use it as a fund-raiser for the 2009 Festival. However, we appreciate early birds so much that if you are sure that you ll come and send us the whole amount for one of the packages at once until Monday, December 1, 2008, we ll mail you this DVD. You ll get one copy per person, so if you are a couple or family and wouldn t need more than one copy, you ll get more anyway, and you ll be grateful to have something valuable to give to your friends for Christmas. Remember, this DVD will NOT be for sale at any time so this is a great chance to have it. It is professional quality and features the headliners of the 2008 Bohém Festival: Jonathan Russell (USA) jazz violinist with the Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band, the Antti Sarpila Swing Band (Finland), the Paris Washboard (France) and the Bratislava Hot Serenaders (Slovakia). What happens if you pay but then can t come for some unexpected reasons? Down payments are not refundable. Final payment is refundable until March 20. If you decide not to come after this date, it is your loss. If you pull out before March 20, we pay your money back, except the down payment. We do it via bank but the bank expense will be deducted on your end. We need no explanation just a written proof that you pull out ( or regular mail). However, all payments (including down payments and final payments) are transferable. We are flexible and try to make everything as convenient and safe for you as possible. In case you want to come on your own and only want to buy the 3-day festival pass 3-day festival passes cost 60 USD or 40 EUR or 30 GBP. You just simply send us an to or a regular mail to the Kecskemét Jazz Foundation, H-6001 Kecskemét, Pf. 652., Hungary. In case, you need help or suggestions in hotel reservation or you would like to attend any of the additional programmes included in the above packages, just let us know and we ll try to help you. The most unexpected feature of the whole offer: the shocking 100% guarantee! We are not only organize the Festival and your trip but, having been experienced in it for 17 years, do it efficiently. You can try us: we do offer you 100% guarantee for the music and our services. It means, if you are not satisfied with the quality of our Festival or the trips and programmes that are included in the packages, we simply pay your money back. 100%, including down payment. We only ask you to fill in a short questionnaire so we know what to improve in the upcoming years. Yours sincerely, tamás Ittzés Festival director Festival organizer: Kecskemét Jazz Foundation Tax no.: Address: H-6001 Kecskemét, Pf. 652., Hungary Home page: Phone: +36(20) (Tamás), +36(70) (Bogi) 6 PACKAGE ORDERING FORM for attending the 18th International Bohém Ragtime & Jazz Festival Kecskemét, Hungary, March 26-April 1, 2009 Name:... Address:... Phone: I am also booking on behalf of (please list names): PACKAGES ORDERED please, check the appropriate box: r 7-day Capital r 7-day Explorer OCCUPANCY please, check the appropriate box: r single r double (double bed) r double (twin bed) I/We would like to pay in (check the appropriate box): r EUR ( ) r USD ($) r GBP ( ) Mode of payment (check the appropriate box): r PayPal r bank I am a returning visitor thus I want to take advantage of the extra discount and make the down payment before December 1, r No r Yes r Year of attendance: I understand that for registration and guaranteed prices there is a non-refundable down payment of 290 USD/200 EUR/150 GBP payable by Dec 31, Final payment due Feb 28, 2009 (PayPal or bank). I would like to get a complimentary copy of the 2008 Bohém Festival DVD as I pay the whole amount for the above indicated package(s) until December 1, r No r Yes Date: Signature: On behalf of the Festival Bogi gets back to you shortly after you mail or this application form (no fax). Kecskemét Jazz Foundation Tamás Ittzés, H-6001 Kecskemét, Pf. 652., Name:... Address: Kecskemét Jazz Foundation Tamás Ittzés Kecskemét Pf H-6001 Hungary
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