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Bild in der röße 215x70 mm einfügen SL-Class Operator s Manual SL 500 SL 55 AM SL 600 Our company and staff congratulate you on the purchase of your new Mercedes-Benz. Your selection of our product is

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Bild in der röße 215x70 mm einfügen SL-Class Operator s Manual SL 500 SL 55 AM SL 600 Our company and staff congratulate you on the purchase of your new Mercedes-Benz. Your selection of our product is a demonstration of your trust in our company name. Furthermore, it exemplifies your desire to own an automobile that will be as easy as possible to operate and provide years of service. Your Mercedes-Benz represents the efforts of many skilled engineers and craftsmen. To help assure your driving pleasure, and also the safety of you and your passengers, we ask you to make a small investment of time: Please read this manual carefully, then return it to your vehicle where it will be handy for your reference. Please follow the recommendations contained in this manual. They are designed to acquaint you with the operation of your Mercedes-Benz. Please pay attention to the warnings and cautions contained in this manual. They are designed to help improve the safety of the vehicle operator and occupants. We extend our best wishes for many miles of safe, pleasurable driving. Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC A DaimlerChrysler Company Contents Introduction... 9 Product information... 9 Operator s Manual Service and warranty information.. 10 Important notice for California retail buyers and lessees of Mercedes-Benz automobiles Maintenance Roadside Assistance Change of address or ownership Operating your vehicle outside the USA or Canada Where to find it Symbols Operating safety Proper use of the vehicle Problems with your vehicle Reporting safety defects Reporting safety defects At a glance Cockpit Instrument cluster Multifunction steering wheel Center console Upper part Lower part Overhead control panel Door control panel etting started Unlocking Unlocking with the SmartKey Unlocking with KEYLESS-O* Adjusting Seats Steering wheel Mirrors Driving Fastening the seat belts Starting the engine Switching on headlamps Turn signals and high beam Windshield wipers Problems while driving Parking and locking Parking brake Switching off headlamps Turning off the engine Emergency engine shut-down... 55 Contents Safety and Security Occupant safety Airbags Seat belts Roll bar Children in the vehicle Panic alarm Activating Deactivating Driving safety systems ABS BAS ESP SBC brake system Anti-theft systems Immobilizer Anti-theft alarm system Tow-away alarm Controls in detail Locking and unlocking SmartKey SmartKey with KEYLESS-O* Opening the doors from the inside Opening the trunk Closing the trunk lid Trunk lid emergency release Separately locking the trunk Automatic central locking Locking and unlocking from the inside Seats Easy-entry/exit feature Moving the seats forward and backward Lumbar support Multicontour backrest* (standard on SL 600 and SL 55 AM) Seat heating Seat ventilation* (standard on SL 600) Memory function Storing positions into memory Recalling positions from memory. 115 Storing exterior rear view mirror parking position Lighting Exterior lamp switch Combination switch Hazard warning flasher Interior lighting Courtesy lighting Instrument cluster Instrument cluster illumination Coolant temperature gauge Trip odometer Tachometer Outside temperature indicator Contents Control system Multifunction display Multifunction steering wheel Menus Standard display menu AUDIO menu NAVI menu Distronic* menu Malfunction memory menu Settings menu Trip computer menu TEL menu* Automatic transmission One-touch gearshifting ear ranges ear selector lever position Steering wheel gearshift control (Speedshift) SL 55 AM Program mode selector switch Accelerator position Manual shift program SL 55 AM 163 Emergency operation (Limp Home Mode) ood visibility Rear view mirrors Windshield wipers Headlamp cleaning system Rear window defroster Sun visors Automatic climate control Setting the temperature Adjusting air volume Adjusting air distribution Maximum cooling MAXCOOL Defrosting Air recirculation mode Rear window defroster Residual heat and ventilation Deactivating the automatic climate control system Air conditioning Ventilated storage compartments. 180 Power windows Opening and closing the windows. 181 Synchronizing power windows Retractable hardtop Opening and closing the retractable hardtop Driving systems Cruise control Distronic* Active Body Control (ABC) Parktronic* (Parking assist) Useful features Storage compartments Ashtray Cigarette lighter Heated steering wheel* (SL 500, SL 600) Load assist in the trunk Electrical outlet Telephone* Tele Aid arage door opener Contents Operation The first 1000 miles (1500 km) Driving instructions Drive sensibly save fuel Drinking and driving Pedals Power assistance Brakes Driving off Parking Tires Hydroplaning Tire traction Tire speed rating Winter driving instructions Standing water Passenger compartment Driving abroad Control and operation of radio transmitters Catalytic converter Emission control Coolant temperature At the gas station Refuelling Check regularly and before a long trip Engine compartment Hood Engine oil Transmission fluid level Oil level in the ABC system Coolant Battery Windshield washer system and headlamp cleaning system Tires and wheels Important guidelines Life of tires Direction of rotation Checking tire inflation pressure Rotating wheels Winter driving Winter tires Block heater (Canada only) Snow chains Maintenance Clearing the service indicator Service term exceeded Calling up the service indicator Resetting the service indicator Vehicle care Cleaning and care of the vehicle.. 274 Contents Practical hints What to do if Lamps in instrument cluster AIRBA OFF indicator lamp Messages in the display Where will I find...? First aid kit Vehicle tool kit, jack, and spare wheel Locking/unlocking in an emergency. 325 Unlocking the vehicle Locking the vehicle Lowering the load assist manually 327 Replacing batteries in the SmartKey/SmartKey with KEYLESS-O* Replacing bulbs Bulbs Replacing bulbs for front lamps Replacing bulbs for rear lamps Replacing wiper blades Removing wiper blades Installing wiper blades Flat tire Preparing the vehicle Sealing tires with TIREFIT kit Sealing tires with TIREFIT kit Mounting the spare wheel Batteries Disconnecting the batteries Removing the batteries Charging and reinstalling batteries Reconnecting the batteries Jump starting Towing the vehicle Installing towing eye bolt Fuses Main fuse box Technical data Spare parts service Warranty coverage Loss of Service and Warranty Information Booklet Identification labels Layout of poly-v-belt drive SL SL 55 AM SL Engine Rims and tires Same size tires Mixed size tires Spare wheel Electrical system Main dimensions Weights Contents Fuels, coolants, lubricants, etc Capacities Engine oils Engine oil additives Air conditioner refrigerant Brake fluid Premium unleaded gasoline Fuel requirements asoline additives Coolants Windshield and headlamp washer system Consumer information Uniform tire quality grading Technical terms Index Product information Please observe the following in your own best interest: We recommend using genuine Mercedes-Benz parts as well as conversion parts and accessories explicitly approved by us for your vehicle model. We have tested these parts to determine their reliability, safety and special suitability for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We are unable to make an assessment for other products and therefore cannot be held responsible for them, even if in individual cases an official approval or authorization by governmental or other agencies should exist. Use of such parts and accessories could adversely affect the safety, performance or reliability of your vehicle. Please do not use them. Introduction Product information enuine Mercedes-Benz parts as well as conversion parts and accessories approved by us are available at your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center where you will receive comprehensive information, also on permissible technical modifications, and where proper installation will be performed. 9 Introduction Operator s Manual Operator s Manual This Operator s Manual contains a great deal of useful information. We urge you to read it carefully and familiarize yourself with the vehicle before driving. For your own safety and longer service life of the vehicle, we urge you to follow the instructions and warnings contained in this manual. Ignoring them could result in damage to the vehicle or personal injury to you or others. Vehicle damage caused by failure to follow instructions is not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty. Your vehicle may have some or all of the equipment described in this manual. Therefore, you may find explanations for optional equipment not installed in your vehicle. If you have any questions about the operation of any equipment, your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center will be glad to demonstrate the proper procedures. We continuously strive to improve our product, and ask for your understanding that we reserve the right to make changes in design and equipment. Therefore, information, illustrations, and descriptions in this Operator s Manual might differ from your vehicle. Optional equipment is also described in this manual, including operating instructions wherever necessary. Since they are special-order items, the descriptions and illustrations herein may vary slightly from the actual equipment of your vehicle. If there are any equipment details that are not shown or described in this Operator s Manual, your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center will be glad to inform you of correct care and operating procedures. The Operator s Manual and Service Booklet are important documents and should be kept with the vehicle. Service and warranty information The Service and Warranty Information Booklet contains detailed information about the warranties covering your Mercedes-Benz, including: New Car Limited Warranty, Emission System Warranty, Emission Performance Warranty, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont Emission Control System Warranty (California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont only), State Warranty Enforcement Laws (Lemon Laws). 10 Introduction Operator s Manual Important notice for California retail buyers and lessees of Mercedes-Benz automobiles Under California law you may be entitled to a replacement of your vehicle or a refund of the purchase price or lease price, if Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC and/or its authorized repair or service facilities fail to fix one or more substantial defects or malfunctions in the vehicle that are covered by its express warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts. During the period of 18 months from original delivery of the vehicle or the accumulation of miles (approx km) on the odometer of the vehicle, whichever occurs first, a reasonable number of repair attempts is presumed for a retail buyer or lessee if one or more of the following occurs: (1) the same substantial defect or malfunction results in a condition that is likely to cause death or serious bodily injury if the vehicle is driven, that defect or malfunction has been subject to repair two or more times, and you have directly notified Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC in writing of the need for its repair, (2) the same substantial defect or malfunction of a less serious nature than category (1) has been subject to repair four or more times and you have directly notified us in writing of the need for its repair, or (3) the vehicle is out of service by reason of repair of the same or different substantial defects or malfunctions for a cumulative total of more than 30 calender days. Written notification should be sent to us, not a dealer, at Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC, Customer Assistance Center, One Mercedes Drive, Montvale, NJ Introduction Operator s Manual Maintenance The Service Booklet describes all the necessary maintenance work which should be performed at regular intervals. Always have the Service Booklet with you when you take the vehicle to your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center for service. The service advisor will record each service in the booklet for you. Roadside Assistance The Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance Program provides factory trained technical help in the event of a breakdown. Calls to the toll-free Roadside Assistance number: FOR-MERCedes (in the USA) (in Canada) will be answered by Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Representatives 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For additional information refer to the Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance Program brochure in your glove box. Change of address or ownership If you change your address, be sure to send in the Change of Address Notice found in the Service and Warranty Information Booklet, or simply call the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center (in the USA) at FOR-MERCedes, or Customer Service (in Canada) at It is in your own interest that we can contact you should the need arise. If you sell your Mercedes, please leave all literature with the vehicle to make it available to the next operator. If you bought this vehicle used, be sure to send in the Notice of Purchase of Used Car found in the Service and Warranty Information Booklet, or call the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center (in the USA) at FOR-MERCedes, or Customer Service (in Canada) at Introduction Operator s Manual Operating your vehicle outside the USA or Canada If you plan to operate your vehicle in foreign countries, please be aware that: Service facilities or replacement parts may not be readily available, unleaded gasoline for vehicles with catalytic converters may not be available; the use of leaded fuels will damage the catalysts, gasoline may have a considerably lower octane rating, and improper fuel can cause engine damage. Certain Mercedes-Benz models are available for delivery in Europe under our European Delivery Program. For details, consult an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center or write to: In the USA: Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC European Delivery Department One Mercedes Drive Montvale, NJ In Canada: Mercedes-Benz Canada, Inc. European Delivery Department 98 Vanderhoof Avenue Toronto, Ontario M4 4C9 13 Introduction Where to find it Where to find it This Operator s Manual is designed to provide comprehensive support information for you, the vehicle operator. For you to find information quickly each section has its own reference color: At a glance Here you will find an overview of all the controls that can be operated from the driver s seat. etting started Here you will find all the information you need for your first drive. You should read this section first if this is your first Mercedes-Benz vehicle or if you are renting or borrowing this vehicle. Safety and Security Here you will find descriptions of the safety features in your vehicle. Controls in detail Here you will find detailed information about the equipment installed on your vehicle. This section expands on the etting started section and also describes technical innovations. If you are already familiar with the basic functions of your vehicle, this section will be of particular interest to you. Operation Here you will find all the information you need for the proper operation of your vehicle. Practical hints This section provides fast assistance for dealing with problems you may encounter. Technical data All important technical data for your vehicle can be found in this section. Indexes The glossary provides explanations of the most important technical terms. The table of contents and the index are designed to help you find information quickly and easily. The following publications are part of your vehicle documentation: this Operator s Manual the Service Booklet Separate operating instructions will be provided as required depending on the equipment options installed in your vehicle. 14 Symbols The following symbols are found in this Operator s Manual: * Optional equipment is identified with an asterisk. Since standard equipment varies between models, the descriptions and illustrations in this manual may differ slightly from the actual equipment of your vehicle. Warning notices draw your attention to hazards that may endanger your health or life, or the health or life of others.! Highlights hazards that may result in damage to your vehicle. i Helpful hints or further information you may find useful. Introduction Symbols This symbol points to instructions for you to follow. A number of these symbols appearing in succession indicates a multiple-step procedure. Page This symbol tells you where to look for further information on a topic. This continuation symbol marks an interrupted procedure which will be continued on the next page. - In the glossary of technical terms, this symbol is used to indicate cross-references to term definitions. Display Words appearing in the multifunction display are printed in the type shown here. 15 Introduction Operating safety Operating safety 16 Work improperly carried out on electronic components and associated software could cause them to cease functioning. Because the vehicle s electronic components are interconnected, any modifications made may produce an undesired effect on other systems. Electronic malfunctions could seriously impair the operating safety of your vehicle. See an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center for repairs or modifications to electronic components. Other improper work or modifications on the vehicle could also have a negative impact on the operating safety of the vehicle. Some safety systems only function while the engine is running. You should therefore never turn off the engine while driving. Heavy blows against the vehicle underbody or tires/wheels, for example when running over an obstacle, road debris or a pothole, may cause serious damage and impair the operating safety of your vehicle. If you feel a sudden significant vibration or ride disturbance, or you suspect that damage to your vehicle has occurred, you should turn on your hazard warning flashers, carefully slow down, and drive with caution to an area which is a safe distance from the road. Inspect the vehicle underbody and tires/wheels for possible damage. If the vehicle appears unsafe, have it towed to the nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz Center or other qualified maintenance or repair facility for further inspection or repairs. Proper use of the vehicle Proper use of the vehicle requires that you are familiar with the following information and rules: the safety precautions in this manual the Technical data section in this manual traffic rules and regulations motor vehicle laws and safety standards Warning Various warning labels are attached to your vehicle. These warning labels are intended to make you and others aware of various risks. You should not remove any of these warning labels unless explicitly instructed to do so by information on the label itself. Removal of any of these labels may cause you and others to be unaware of certain risks which may result in an accident and/or personal injury. Problems with your vehicle Introduction Problems with your vehicle If you should experience a problem with your vehicle, particularly one that you believe may affect its safe operation, we urge you to immediately contact an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center to have the problem diagnosed and corrected if required. If the matter is not handled to your satisfaction, please discuss the problem with the Mercedes-Benz Center management, or if necessary contact us at one of the following addresses: In the USA: Customer Assistance Center Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC One Mercedes Drive Montvale, NJ In Canada: Customer Relations Department Mercedes-Benz Canada, Inc. 98 Vanderhoof Avenue Toronto, Ontario M4 4C9 17 Introduction Reporting safety defects Reporting safety defects For the USA only: The following text is published as required of manufacturers under Title 49, Code of U.S. Federal Regulations, Part 575 pursuant to the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of Reporting safety defects If you believe that your vehicle has a defect which could cause a crash or could cause injury or death, you shou
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