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Ártica Soluciones Tecnológicas About us History Spanish software development company, founded in Vision Listen, learn and create. Mission Create open solutions that add value to your business. Values

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Ártica Soluciones Tecnológicas About us History Spanish software development company, founded in Vision Listen, learn and create. Mission Create open solutions that add value to your business. Values Authenticity, Responsability, Transparency, Innovation, Commitment, Alternative 2 Business lines Sale of licenses of our solutions: Pandora FMS: Monitoring. Babel Enterprise: Safety Scorecard. Integria IMS: Managing IT organizations (projects, ticketing, personal) Development: Development of new futures and adaptations to any client. Support Official technical maintenance by the manufacturer Training 3 Training and certification courses for our solutions. Partners Europe: UK, Germany, Denmark, Portugal and Spain Asia: Japan. America: USA, Ecuador, Brasil and Mexico 4 ISO certifications Year 2009 ISO Systems Management Certificate in Information Security, with the number SI-0101/2009. Year 2011 ISO 20000* ongoing 5 *La ISO/IEC es totalmente compatible con la ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), o guía de mejores prácticas para el proceso de GSTI. Clients 6 Software Open Source Why Open Source? Know-how : Sharing the experience of our community to improve continuously the solutions we create. Advantages : Very flexible innovating tool Cost saving Open arquitecture Transparency y Security Professional Services and Support Access to the code Why Open Source? Open Source Philosophy is revolutionary from the instant moment that companies pay for a service and not a license. In the conventional projects, the clients pays one license for a close code software without the posibilities of adaptation or evolution out of the roadmap of a manifacturer. In projects based on Open Source technology the customers pay for support or development as a feature. Open Source projects Pandora FMS is evolved through the continuous development of Ártica ST and all projects done with companies like: Telefónica AENA REE Gestamp Ministerio de Defensa Español. Rantek. Babel Enterprise is evolving doing projects with: REE Serviabertis. Pandora FMS Pandora FMS Pandora FMS is a monitoring software application's most powerful in the market. Pandora FMS can collect data from any source and measure the state of any system or service. Pandora FMS supports, among others, the availability management processes, capacity management and service level management. Pandora FMS The clear diferencial comparing with other tools, Pandora FMS can also be used for areas outside the server monitoring: Business monitoring. Communications monitoring. Environmental monitoring with sensors. WEB transactional monitoring. Application monitoring. Business monitoring We can get answers to questions like: What is current turnover? How many payments are pending? What is the incidence rate in our call center, in real time? Pandora FMS is able to extract information from any source and provide business metrics. Communication monitoring Pandora can manage all types of network devices, it supports all standard SNMP. Due the Open Source architecture, Pandora FMS overcome complex topologies. Pandora's configurable interactive maps, graphs and reports make it ideal for communications environments. Pandora's template system and automatic discovery allows automatic deployment. Sensor monitoring OctoPod: Pandora FMS hardware devices available to measure temperature, smoke, humidity, air flow, flood or power consumption. Pandora FMS can be integrated with any other measuring device that supports SNMP interface, for example: HWGROUP. Web monitoring Pandora can measure the user experience (full-time navigation), starting with the user login, for example: the web of a bank until the transfer is successful. Let you know if the systems are working properly, checking the server's responses (after multiple steps within the application logic). Useful for validating WebServices (eg, APIs from Facebook, Twiter, LinkedIn, Google +, etc). Service Level Management PANDORA GATHER EVENTS FROM ANY SOURCE 18 DATA IS CONSOLIDATED IN A DATABASE AND GENERATES USER REPORTS AND GRAPHS Server monitoring We can get answers to questions like... Am I using my resources properly? How many times have you fallen service this week? How many users are connected to my server? We can act in the moment: Sending an SMS when there is the issue. Resetting service while technicians locate the source of the problem. Helping decision making reports, historical data and trend forecasts. Roadmap 20 Babel Enterprise Babel Enterprise Babel provides a Security Scorcards. Audits the server settings of your company. Measures your adaptedness for the security policy. Saves all the changes that have been made to your system. Multifunctional application audit and document management security. Level assess of compliance with security policies from one company to technical and policy level. Generate reports on the technical and managerial security state of a system. Babel Enterprise 23 Babel Enterprise 24 Babel Enterprise Integria IMS Integria IMS Project managament. Management of staff time. Ticketing / Issues. Inventory. Knowledge Base. Distribution of files. Audit user activity (by agent machine). Integria IMS Integria IMS is a management tool ITIL. Work is focused on multi-user, with different profiles in different departments or companies. It is a 100% web tool. Combines planning with monitoring and allocation of costs in detail. It has its own knowledge management system (Knowledge Base). Other smaller projects proyectos menores Ártica owns other applications that has been developed as open source projects. Tentacle 30 Case Studies Pandora FMS: Case Studies Telefónica (Spain) EMT (Spain) Tuenti (Spain) Gestamp Automoción (Spain) CajaSol (Spain) Grupo ISS (International) Grupo CSC (Chile) pandora FMS: case studies Rantek (Denmark) Godzone (New Zealand) Forensic Tecnology (Canada) R-Works (Japan) RNP (Argentina) G4S (Greece) OnShore (USA) pandora FMS: case studies REE (Red Eléctrica de España) Serviabertis (Grupo Abertis) La caixa Gracias Ártica Soluciones Tecnológicas tel:
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