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SUBDIVISION APPIICATION Æ* 'À Madison Plan Commission 215 Martin Luther K ng Jr. Blvd; Room [1 100 PO Box 2985; Madlson, Wisconsln 53701 2985 Phone: 608,266.46ã5 Facsimile: 608.? r P ease read

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SUBDIVISION APPIICATION Æ* 'À Madison Plan Commission 215 Martin Luther K ng Jr. Blvd; Room [1 100 PO Box 2985; Madlson, Wisconsln 53701 2985 Phone: 608,266.46ã5 Facsimile: 608.? r P ease read both pâe s of the appllcåtioñ complet ly ãnd flll ln âll requ red fields*' Thls appliratlon form mðy also bb EompleÌèd oîl\.e al www,eiúofmöd son.eoñlolonnln\lnlén.htfi! NOIICE RÉGAnDING tobbying OnþlNÁNCÉr lf vo! ãre seek ng approvål öf t developmeñt that har ovûr 40,000 rq!ðre feet of nori'r iidential spåce or ú r r dentlal development of over 10 dwell ne un ts, of if you are seekfñb silstðnce from the City with s vôlue of S10,OoO (iórllrd,ng gråot5, loan5, TIF or slmllãr sslstance), then you llkely are rultiéct to lvladi on'r lobby ng ord nðn.e lsec, 2.40, MGO). You are requlred to Íe8l3ter nd report your lobbyl 8, Plq re conrultthe City Clert'i Ofi.e for more nforrnat on, F llúre to (omplyw th tho lobby në ord naû.e mãy r sûlt n fìnes. la. Applicatlon Type, n Preliminary Subdivision Plat m Flnöl Subd vjsio n Pfdt tr Land D vis on/certif ed Survey M6t1 (CSM) lf ã Plåt, Propored subdivislon Name: w r orüg ll th. Rêv ew Fees. Make checks pâyablê to Clty Treasurer. Notei New fêes effective May 2012 (ll e For PrelimÍnãry snd/or FIrãt p ats, an ãpplicat on fee of $290, p us S50 per lot or outlot conta ned on the pjîbr. ç0,1 ç o For certlfled survey MaFs, an ãppttcat on fee of $2F0 p/us Sz{r0 per tot ãno *,'fjtri,:trí gi,lå$lyj.,, \ 2, Appl cant lnformat on.! 276cl ñåmeof propeny ownerj f,k, lll.k UarÉ,. tt c, srreetaddrerr; t9lotl*t0(é tþééþ l cry/stðter vlfêorqa, \ l. z\p. F3593 Telephonci 49-Otli Fã& Ema t; TÊt'4{,kp lJalt,f,Í?4 Frrm p/cpr rrns surrry ì ì,(éah $ tl'j$t1 ln fleþre5e tðrive, f nvj dley Jfl ckø are str*er Addre!$: e44õ Þ6!f N(r WIV c q,/srate] Mrooç(ta-rl, {,ff zip: *35Çe Telephooer!bi&L_AÉ_.qlÛL Far; { I ematl: Ëo {,ârlq ÊtC G.û'lEAbllVrlT ÇqM Chëck only ON - ALI Correspoodence on thls appl cation shôuld be sent to: fil Property Owoer, OR fl Survey Ftrm 3a. Project lnformation, Parcel Addresses fnote town lf ldcãted outglde City) råx Pårcer Number(rl 9ÇÇ g.rr r.*rr F.** cjja/ ã7oú - ZtZ- -þ. zontns Ðistr cr(s) óf proppsed [ots; '5È- CX schootdietr cl: l iqà\gþc*k*25å:\âits à Please provide a LeFal Descr pt on oñ your CSM or plõt, NÕte yõur devêlopment schedule in your Letter of lnteñt. 3b, For Properties Located Õutsfde the Madi$ún City [ rflits n the ClVs Extrðterrltor al Jurisdlction: Date of Approval bv Dane County Dðte of Approval by Town: à For an exterritor al request to be schedule4 approval letters from þglh the Town and Oõne County must be submitted. 4, Subd vlslön Ctntents and Þescription. çomplqte table as it peúains to your request, do not complete gray areas..,'..liirìd.usè.?äts Oii,tloli 'Ai.çres Resident al 45 I, T,Wr RetaiY0ff ce lndustr úl Outlots tledicëted to the Públic (Park5, StormwstÈr, otc.) Other {stdte usel: OVER + Required Submittãls. Your application is requ red to nclude the following (check alt that apply): EJ Mâp Copies (prepared by ã BeE stered Land Surveyor):. For Pr,çlim narv plats. efßhteen (18, copies of the draw ng drãwn to scale are required, The drawing ls requ red to provide all information as set forth in Sectlon [7]{à} of the Mâdison General Ord nances. The drawings shall include. but arè nót lim ted to, a descr pt o of existlng site cõnd t ons and natural features, del nëation of all publ c and private utilities that serye the site (denûte field located versus record drawings), the general lãyout of the proposed subdivision, the d mens ons of lots and outlots, w dths of existing and proposed r ghts Õf wåy, topographic nfôrmât on, and äny other information necessðry for the revlew of the proposed subdiv sion. \i/ For Finsl Pl ts. s xteen (161 cóplés of the drawing are required to be subm tted, The fìnal plat shall be drawn to the specificatiòns Òf Sectìon 236,20 of the W scons n Stêtutes.. Fot slxteen f16l Ëopies ôf the dråwing äre required. The draw ngs shall include all of the flformat on set forth in Sections 16,23(7)(â)&(d) of the Madison Gener l ordìnañces, nclud ng exlst ng site conditions, the oature of the proposed divís on and ôny other necessary datä. Utllity data (f eld located or from ut lity maps) may be provided on a separðte map submitted w th applicatirñ. All surveys submitted w th this applicat on ãre réquired to be cqllated, staqleq and folded so írs to fit within an I 1/2 X 14 folder, An 8.y X ll-inch reduction of each shcet shall âlso be sullmined. g Letter of lntent: Twelve (12) copiês of a lettsr describing tho proposed subdivision in detã l rìc.lud nb, but not limlted to: the number nd type/ use of lots prôpôsed with this subdivision; exlstlng conditions and uses of the property; development ãnd phasinb schedule for the projecç ond; the ûames of persons nvolved (coñtrôctor, alchitect, lândscaper, business mänager, etc.). +The lette of intent for a subdivlsion cân be the sãme dûcument as the letter of intert reqult d for a concurrent LËnd Use AppllÉatíon for the samê property. +ta lettêr of lntent ls Ig! requìred for Subdivislon Appllcãt ons for lot comhinåtions or spllt duplexes, Ef Report of Títle änd Support ng Docqmenìs: All plats and ceriified surveys submitted for approval shall include ã Report of Tltle sátisfactory to the Otfice of Real Estate Services äs required in Secrion of the Mádirón Gene al Ordinances, A min mum of lwo lzl cop e$ of a City of Madison stêndsrd 60-year Report of Tìtle shall be obtained trom a tltle insurance cõmpâny. Tltlè insur ncë or ã title commltment pol cy is NOT acceptable (.e. a Freliminary Tltle Report or a flecord lnformation Cert f ÊatÊ). The applicant shall submlt â copy of all doèuments l sted r the ReporÌ of litle for each copy of the report submitted. I For any plät or CSM creet ng common areas to be m3 ntaìned by private arsociatlon: Two (2] coples of proposed devêlopment restrictions snd covenants shall be submitted for clty ãpproval prior to record ng of the survêy instrument, D For Surveys Outs df thé Mãdison Clty l imltsr A cofry of the approvâl letters from Þgllh the Town whe e the property is located nd Dane Couûty must be subm tìèd w rh your request. The city of Madison may nõt consider a suraey w thlí its extratêrritor ãl jur sdiction withôut priör approvðl Town and Dâne County, fj For Survey$ coñveyíng Land to the public: A Fhase I Env ronmentâl liite Assessment Report may be required if any interest in these lands are to be conveyed tr the public, PlÈase contact the C ty's offìc of Real Estðte Se viôes ât for determinatiûn as soèn as poss ble, Ef Electron c Applicatldn Submfttal: All applicants are required to submit ã copy of ìhis cõmplétèd äppl cat on form, and Prellm nãry ând/ér f nal plats or Ce tified Survey MãF ãs individuål Adobe Acrobat PoF files compiled e ther ün a non-returnable CD-ROM to be included with the r åpplìcat on mõteriðls, or in an sent to The transm ittal shall incl$dè the name ófthe projeci and appl cant 6. Applícant Þeclarãtions: The sigrer ãttests that the applicatiþn has been completed accuratefy and all required materialç have beon submittedr Appltcan(sP ntedârome,-) lsie LrooVg.t.É.lr^cK lu,i( stqndture-(. Lþe r I /'l tdg-_ ) rnterest tn propertyo, r,,i Dd n^a^fû,riü,ùr-04 o*' Lþ.þlg Efteçdve May 21, 1012 T.R. MCKENZIE, INC. CONSTRUCTION * DEVELOPMENT * MANAGEMENT January 19, 201ó TRMcKenzie Inc Hawks Ridge Dr, Suite 322 Verona, WI RE: Letter of Intent, The Willows Phase 2 Preliminary Plat Our plan for The Willows Phase 2 Preliminary Plat is to divide the parcel containing acres (net ofstreet and out lot dedications) into 45 single family lots and 1 outlot used for storm water detention. We are proposing two ponds, one near Lot 27 and one near Lots l9 and 20. A diversion swale along Schewe Road would carry offsite water from the north and west storm water contributions, The ponds will be a combination ofdetention and bio-retention and will be dry most of the time. The plat is mostly an east-west piece with the western portion of the plat extending to the nofih. We would like to split Phase II into two sub-phases. Phase IIa would be lots 1-14 and for a fotal of20 lots and Phase IIb would be the remaining lots. The purpose ofthis would be to allow the city to focus efforts on Phase IIa and have lots available to build in the summer of2016 and Phase IIb would be secondary and ready to build in early fall. The land currently vacant and has no improvements on it. The western edge ofthe plat is planted with corn. The people involved include: Engineer: Ron Guthrie, Mead & Hunt Landscaper: Unknown General Contractor for all public improvements will be chosen by a bid process with the assistance of our engineering frrm. The contractor has not been selected as of this date, TRMcKenzie Inc, -t ay: qø-,,) ( Ð1. {$sie Crooks, Mdmber I r;ot,+* rican First American TÉle lnsurance Company 3330 University Avenue, 3 rd Floor P.O. Box 5512 I'ladison, WI Phone: (608)æ Faxr (866)363'109s SUBDIVISION APPROVAL REPORT 3O/60 TITLE SEARCH FOR: TR McKenz e, Inc. Order No: We have examined the records relative to the premises described below for a per od of sixty (60) years and find that as of the date of th s report those parties listed in Part 4 have an interest of Íecord in the described propefty. This property is further subject to mortgagesì liens and other encumbrances set forth in Part ''8 . DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY: Parcel A: Lot Three (3), Certified Su rvey Map No. 6407, recorded in the Office of the Register of Deeds for Dane County, W sconsin on May 21, 1991 in Volume 31 of Cert fied Survey Maps, pages 120, t2l and 122, as Document No , located in the City of Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin, Pa rcel No / t Parcel B: Lot Four (4), Cetif ed Survey Map No. 6407, recorded in the Oflce of the Register of Deeds for Dane County, Wisconsin on May 21, 1991 in Volume 31 of Certified Survey Maps, pages 120, L27 and L22, as Document No , locâted in the Tow of M ddleton, Dane County, Wisconsin. Pa rcel No. 038 / W0-8 Page 1 of 4 PART A Order No.: Names of all ind viduals or companies presently having a recorded nterest in the property included with n the s arch. Search covers a thirty (30) year period from date of report: Parcel A: *xx TRMcKenz e, Inc., according to Trustee's Deed recorded July 31, 2013 as Document No Parcel B: *** George R. Machian and Judith L. Machian, according to Warranty Deed recorded November 30, 1995 as Document No Existing land contracts, notices of land contracts, leases, notice of lis pendens, includ ng holders of such documents and recording data: Easements and Restrictions recorded dur ng the past sixty (60) years from the date hereof and recording data: 1. Public or private rights in such portion of the subject prem ses as may be presently used, laid out or dedicated n any manner whatsoever, for street, highway, and/or alley purposes. 2, Right of way for dra nage ditches, feeders, laterals, and underground drain tile or pipes, if any. 3. Reservations fot easements, building setback lines and all other notes and matters shown on the recorded certified survey map of the subject property referred to in Schedule A herein. 4. Easement for Ingress and Egress as disclosed in Warranty Deed recorded March 16, 1993 as Document No (encumbers Parcel B; benefits Parcel A and other propefty). 5. Private Sewage System Maintenance Agreement Covenant recorded February 23, L994 as Document No (affects Parcel A only). 6. Pr vate Sewage System Maintenance Agreement Covenant recorded September 1, 1994 as Document No (affects Parcel A only). 7. Rights of tenants, if any, in possession under unrecorded leases. Covenants, condltions or restrictions indicating a preference, limitation or discriminat on based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national or gin are hereby deleted to the extent such covenants, conditions or restrictions violate 42 usc 3604(c). Page 2 of 4 PART 8 Order No.: Outstanding mortgages/assignments of mortgages and names of ind viduals or companies hold ng mortgages covering a thirty (30) year per od from the date of report: Unpaid real estate taxes up to and ncluding those for 2014, deferred real estate taxes, deferred and unpaid special assessments as set out in the City of Mad son Special Æsessments Status Report only (no search is made for special assessments outside of the City of Madison): Net taxes for the year 2013 n the amount of $7,529.23, including specials or charges in the amount of $ and after application of the Lottery Tax credit in the amount of $ and the F rst Dollar Credit of $71.15, are paid n full, as to Parcel A - underlying Parcel No. OTOB-272-8s00-3. Net taxes for the year 2013 in the amount of $78,45 have been paid, as to Parcel B Special Assessment for Pr vate Septic Maintenance in the pr ncipal sum of $8.67, as to Pârcel A. Construction or mechan cs liens for the past two (2) years and recording data: Unsatisfìed money judgments, State of Wiscons n delinquent tax warrants, or federal tax liens, and pending bankruptcy proceed ngs against the pafties hav ng an interest in the propedy for the past ten (10) years and recording data: Other: We have exam ned the records relative to the premises described heíe n and hereby cert fy the forego ng as to those matters of record in the Dane County Register of Deeds Off ce, Clerk of Clrcuit Court, Register in Probate, U,S. District Court/ County Treasurer and Off ce of the Treasurer of the C ty of Madison, Th s repori does not represent an opinion of title to the above descr bed premises. An abstract cert fied from government entry to date or ã title insurance commitment should be obtained to determine legal or merchantable title. Page 3 of 4 IMPORTANT - READ CAREFULLY: THIS REPORT IS NOT AN INSURED PRODUCT OR SERVICE OR A REPRESENTATON OF THE CONDMON OF TITLE TO REAL PROPERTY, IT IS NOT AN ABSTRACT, LEGAL OPINION, OPINION OF TITLE, TITLE INSURANCE CO 4MITMENT OR PRELIMINARY REPORT, OR ANY FORM OF TITLE INSURANCE OR GUARANry. THIS REPORT IS ISSUED EXCLUSNELY FOR THE BENEFTT OF THE APPLICANT THEREFOR, AND MAY NOT BE USED OR RELIED UPON BY ANY OTHER PERSON. THiS REPORT MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED IN ANY MANNER WITHOUT FIRST AMERICAN'S PRIOR WRTTEN CONSENT. FIRST AMERICAN DOES NOT REPRESENT OR WARRANT THAT THE INFORMATION HEREIN IS COMPLETE OR FREE FROM ERRO& AND THE INFORMATION HEREIN IS PROVIDED WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, AS-IS, AND WITH ALL FAULTS. AS A MATERIAL PART OF THE CONSIDERATION GIVEN IN EXCHANGE FOR THE ISSUANCE OF THIS REPORT, RECIPIENT AGREES THAT FIRST AMERICAN'S SOLE LIABILITY FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE CAUSED BY AN ERROR OR OMISSION DUE TO INACCURATE INFORMATION OR NEGUGENCE IN PREPARING THIS REPORT SHALL BE LIN4ITED TO THE FEE CHARGED FOR THE REPORT. RECIPIENT ACCEPTS THIS REPORT WITH THIS UMIIATION AND AGREES THAT FIRST AMERICAN WOULD NOT HAVE ISSUED THIS REPORT BUT FOR THE UMITATION OF LIABIUTY DESCRIBED ABOVE. FIRST AMERICAN MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY AS TO THE LEGALIry OR PROPRIETY OF RECIPIENT'S USE OF THE INFORMATION HEREIN. The informat on contained herein is NOT intended to be used for due diligence nquiry under CERCLA or other federal or state environmental legisfation. Dated: October 31, 2014 at 7:00 o'clock A,M, F rst Ame cdn T tle Insurdnce Company Lorra ne A. Flem ng Senior Title Examiner Page 4 of 4
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