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Quintana Ingenieros, S.A. de C.V., has been in business since 1977, as an electrical contractor providing a complete range of construction and technical services to the industrial and commercial sectors,

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Quintana Ingenieros, S.A. de C.V., has been in business since 1977, as an electrical contractor providing a complete range of construction and technical services to the industrial and commercial sectors, including the selection and installation of equipment, power supply and distribution network design and construction. In providing these services, we focus on maximum return of investment for our clients. We seek to provide trustworthy, continuing usefulness, complete safety, highly efficient operation, and simple maintenance, all at a competitive cost. Equally important is a timely delivery: on the date scheduled, the installation a/o equipment will be fully completed, tested and ready for start-up. The cumulative experience of more than 20 years has allowed us to create a project development scheme which has proven to yield benefits for our customers, as well as an efficient work schedule. From the information provided and a preliminary inspection, we proceed to meet with the client in order to define the scope of work clearly and in detail, focusing on critical issues such as deadlines and time periods available to us, wherein we shall interfere as little as possible with the client s normal activities. Once this has been settled, we go on to preliminary design, analyzing energy availability, existing equipment capabilities, and protection, as well as compliance with all applicable safety and operation standards. At the client s request our proposal can be aimed at providing an integrated, long-term solution, in stages and giving consideration to future growth. We are proud to remark that our clients come back to us. This is our best introductory note. Over the years, our development has been strongly linked to the growth and progress of our clients, who seek our services again for expansions, new projects, and have in many occasions been the connection with other companies through their kind recommendations. ~ 1 ~ Our experience includes work in the following industries: - Automotive (Facilities, Power and Field Wiring) - Chemical - Petrochemical - Food processing - Siderurgical - Plastics: casting, painting, and chrome-plating facilities - Automobile and car parts - Glass production - Textile - Paper - Leisure facilities - Shopping centers We consider that a key ingredient to our success has been and continues to be the training of our own workforce. Because in our trade workmanship is essential and safety is the top priority for working crews, we strive to give workers top-of-the-line instruction, both on the job and through classroom instruction. This ensures that, in a world of rapid technological developments and globalization, we continue to be the best option, and our workers remain upto-date and acquire new, job-specific skills, as well as useful knowledge such as the use of the English language. In closing, the following is a more complete listing of the services we offer: Electrical Engineering Design for: - Power substations up to 10,000 KVA and 34.5 kv. - High- and Low-voltage distribution systems (up to 15,000 kva). - Electrical protection systems - No-break and emergency back-up systems - Grounding systems -Measurement, analysis and elimination of harmonic feedback - Equipment specification and purchasing - Installation, testing and startup of all kinds of electrical equipment - Lighting Systems - Voice and Data transmission - QPS - Proceedings for government approval and certification of compliance with industry standards. ~ 2 ~ In order to expand our customer-service oriented policy, Quintana Ingenieros created a sister company named Internacional de Servicios Técnicos, located in the city of San Luis Potosí, in the State of SLP, aimed to cover Central and Northern Mexico from this strategical geographical point, providing electrical contractor services. Internacional de Servicios Técnicos, S.A, de C.V. Tel. (01 444) Partial Clients list: RONCELLI DE MEXICO S. DE R.L. DE C.V. - GMM Toluca Engine Plant Phase 2 Expansions. - Increase Capacity GMM SLP Phase 2 CUC. - Increase Capacity GMM SLP Phase 1 CUC. GIFFIN INDUSTRIES S. DE R.L. DE C.V. - GMM SLP Paint Shop Expansion. - GMM SLP Paint Shop. HERMOSILLO Y ASOCIADOS ARQUITECTOS, S.C. - Complementary Electrical Installation at GMM SLP. BARTON MALOW COMPANY/ECSAR DE MEXICO, S. DE R.L. DE C.V. - GMM SLP Assembly Plant. HASKELL DE MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V. - Pepsico, Bakery Innovation Center, Monterrey. - Procter & Gamble Mariscala Complex. - Goodrich Aerospace Mexicali Complex. - Honeywell Autolite Mexicali Complex. - Honeywell Aerospace Mexicali Complex. - Procter & Gamble Venezuela Complex (Design). - L'Oreal SLP Complex (Design). - Cone Denim Nicaragua (Design). CONSTRUCTORA MIDWEST S.A. DE C.V. - Chrysler of Mexico Toluca Complex. Stamping Plan Expansion. CMA Expansion. New CCM. - Ford Hermosillo Demolition and Relocation of Operator, Station at Assembly Plant. ~ 3 ~ - Cerillera La Central. Machinery Relocation to new Plant. New Building Construction. - Mezzanines Lighting at Ford Cuautitlán Complex. - Conveyors EMS JATCO Aguascalientes Complex. HERDEZ S.A. DE C.V. - Mc. Cormick Zumpango Plant. - Del Fuerte Los Mochis Complex. - San Luis Potosi Plant (Industries). - Duque de Herdez Complex. Mc. Cormick. Barilla. Distribution Center. CONSTRUCCIONES ARQUI-MEXICANAS S.A. DE C.V. (CAMSA) - Engine plant 5 Bays Expansion at GMM SILAO Complex. - Station Relocate at GMM SLP Assembly Plant. - Tank Farm and EMS Implementation at GMM SLP Complex. CUSHMAN &WAKEFIELD MEXICO - Electrical and mechanical engineering, for the L'Oreal Xochimilco to L'Oreal SLP transfer. - Electrical / HVAC and Special Systems engineering for new MAYPO distribution center. SAIC ENERGY ENVIRONMENT & INFRASTRUCTURE, LLC/ LEIDOS. - EMS Implementation in CUC Phase 1 and 2 Expansion. - Capacity Increase in WWPT at GMM Toluca Complex. - Utilities control and monitoring at Ford Hermosillo Complex. DEARBORN MID-WEST CONVEYORS Co. - General Motors Ramos Arizpe Complex. Assembly plant Skillet System Paint Shop Conveyor System. - Ford Hermosillo Complex. Paint Shop Conveyor System Body Shop plan Conveyor. Assembly plant Conveyor. ~ 4 ~ FATA AUTOMATION DE MEXICO S.A DE C.V - Chrysler of Mexico. Body Shop Conveyors at Ducato, Complex. - General Motors San Luis Potosí Complex. Paint Shop Conveyor. Assembly plant Conveyor. - General Motors Silao Complex. Body Shop plan Conveyor. - General Motors Ramos Arizpe Complex. Body Shop plan Conveyor. FATA ALUMINUM - General Motors Toluca Complex. 3 Tons sand Reclaim System. 9 Tons sand Reclaim System. ECSAR DE MEXICO, S. DE R.L. DE C.V. - Substation and power distribution Electrical Installation for Gestamp II plant at Puebla. - Pumping Control system for Chrysler Toluca Complex. DSI - Monitoring system Implementation. Chrysler Toluca Complex. GMM Ramos Arizpe Complex. AETECH S. DE R.L. DE C.V. - Power and control Electrical Installation for the WWPT, at Salamanca, Guanajuato. COMMERCIAL CONTRACTING DE MEXICO S. DE R.L. DE C.V. (CCM) - Power control and monitoring system for the Body Shop Tooling at Ford Hermosillo Complex. - Power control and monitoring system for the Body Shop conveyors GMM Ramos Arizpe Complex. ATLAS INSTALADOR DE MAQUINARIA INDUSTRIAL, S. DE R.L. DE C.V. - Electrical power, control and monitoring for: Tooling Navistar plant, Escobedo N. L. VDL S Chrysler Toluca Mexico Complex. ~ 5 ~ For more information on our services and works visit: ~ 6 ~
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